Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shorn Goldilocks: the Sequel

So Chavez completed his threat and started bringing back the Venezuelan gold reserves safely stored in several banks so as to put all of them together in a Venezuelan location where he will be able to dip as needed, without any control or record.  Safety is now gone. There is nothing new on this topic on what we already discussed when announced.  However I will invite you to visit the link of the mains state VTV on the procession today when the first shipment arrived.  Even if you do not read Spanish the pictures will tell you it all "people's jubilee  for the return to the fatherland of the first shipment of gold to the coffers of the BCV".  I kid you not, this is the translated title.  Nobody in the VTV article seems to find it odd that the liberated gold was actually available for repatriation without any trouble.  That is, it was Venezuelan......  the manipulation of the whole story apparently even missed the unself-conscious Chavez sycophants.


  1. snook725:31 AM

    I would like to see the it. As far as we know those trucks are empty and the gold took a wrong turn somewhere else...maybe China or Russia to pay off or guarantee all these loans and arms purchases. Crooks...all of them.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Island Canuck12:47 PM

    The first step in the route to a stolen election.

    With the gold here the rest of the world will not be able to embargo it when Chavez manipulates the election results.

  3. Jeffry House3:51 PM

    The gold will be safe in Venezuela because there is no crime there. tampoco corruption.

  4. Glenn4:01 PM

    I truly believe this is the Qaddafi effect plus opening another front for theft. Chavez wants to reduce his exposure to sanctions while opening up another source of theft and corruption, vote buying, funding under the radar. When it's all said and done and Venezuela lies in complete ruin, those coffers will be empty.

  5. Anonymous4:15 PM

    The insanity here boggles the mind. Hugo Chavez is moving all of the country's assets behind 'Fortress Venezuela.' The amount of gold is "only" worth about 11 billion dollars. Hugo p'sses away that amount every given year through theft and economic ignorance. The economic connections between Europe/North America will shortly be cut. From henceforth China, a free-wheeling capitalistic country run by communist dictators, will be Venezuela's primary trading partner. They will have no other choice. Venezuela seems doomed.

  6. Boludo Tejano2:15 AM

    Move the gold to the crime and murder capital. Good move. Well, I suppose El Salvador would have been less secure. Menos mal.

    How soon do we have to wait for an attempt to steal the gold? It is a tempting target, both for outsiders with guns, and for insiders with keys.

  7. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Maybe already fake gold plated tungsten. Virtually impossible to tell the difference unless of course the bars are cut in half, or drilled in... Not that it hasn't happened before:

    Somewhat OT:

    As time goes by, I am coming evermore to the conclusion that Venezuela and it's people, with a small minority exception, deserve every minute of Chavez.

    Case in point, some relatives and friends came by from Venezuela for Black Friday (Thanksgiving? hahahaha! - zero interest). They are more sifrinos than ever, have lost all basic values and behavioural standards and ethics.

    Why? Because the first things the 6 couples wanted (minutes after arrival at my place) was the passkey to my wi-fi router. Once everybody had it in their respective Blackberries, at any given time during the rest of the evening of snacks and drinks, I'd say at least 5 (randomly) were texting ALL THE TIME. A nice conversation among everybody was totally impossible and converstations between sub-groups were constantly interrupted because one of the damned Fuckberries announcing the arrival of a new text message that had to be answered.

    As a matter of fact, particularly with the women (sorry, don't even try to label me a chauvinist) it felt like they weren't even here. Btw, then come to find out through the grapewine, that the (larger) female group of them in Venezuela, are known as and call themselves "las Divas" (of course they have through their husband’s businesses come into some money) when they have their daily pm reunion drunkfest in their Venezuelan elite clubs, out of sheer boredom.

    I am at the point of becoming a pop-corn observer, laugh my ass off when the shelfs in the supermarket are completely empty and when then, Chavez, blaming that the Imperio is hoarding food, and in the name of fainess for el pueblo finally makes his dream come true: THE FOOD RATIONING CARD.I


  8. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Of course this was one of the most annoying evenings in my lifetime. And people tell me that this is standard procedure in Venezuela now, at Fiestas and Reuniones...

    Please somebody tell me it isn't so...

    Thanks, Mike

  9. Anon,

    Re: Venezuelan rudeness with texting while in a social setting.

    I couldn't agree more.

  10. The main point is that now, the existence of these gold reserves is no longer verifiable. Bond holders, take note!


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