Saturday, November 26, 2011

When everything else fails try a little bit of class war

Chavez's drugs must be working, at least good enough to give him the energy to remind us that he is the big honcho around.  But what to do?  No governmental plan is working, unless you believe the propaganda claims that 100,000 houses have been built and that the jobless rate of Venezuela dropped nothing less than 0,8%.  Take that capitalism!

Fortunately there is something that always tickles the lumpen hoi polloi: confiscate goods and give them away at "popular markets".  The hoi polloi does not care whether these are state stolen goods, they are now used to help themselves by ransacking trucks stopped in traffic jams.  The hoi polloi does not care whether these seized goods are a retribution to hoarders: the hoi polloi has learned long ago to pillage and hoard their loot to resell it at good price to their neighbors.  After all, we have no news of anyone looting a truck of goods being punished for that. Why should they not keep pillaging, or even better, applaud Chavez when he does that for them?

Thus this is how we must understand the "initiatives" led by your average corrupt military yesterday to seize milk and corn flour.  You may note the coincidence with the new law of absolute price control, as if it were not for Chavez private enterprise would hoard for months if necessary until they can sell food at gold price....  That Polar, whose corn flour was stolen yesterday, was inspected 2,200 times in 2011 alone does not seem to matter.....  think about that for a second, Empresas Polar who have about 100 facilities around the country was inspected 2,200 times this year.  That is, every manufacturer, redistribution center, office, of Polar had to have been "inspected" by bureaucratic goons at least a dozen times since January 1st 2011.  And yet they still can hoard?  Gimme a break!!!!!

Unfortunately in the dismal nature of Venezuelan press not even El Universal would do the kind of detailed statistics I just gave you on inspecting Polar.  So, as a public service to make sure that you all understand that the regime has ABSOLUTELY NO CASE I will do some more arithmetic.  Not math, plain good ole' arithmetic.

For the sake of the argument let's assume that indeed Polar was hoarding 66,5 tons of corn flour, Harina PAN, in Coro.  Heck,. let's round it up to 70 tons!

Let's also take at face value the population of the state of Falcon, capital Coro, at Wikipedia: 950,057 (!?).  Since the region of Tucacas is probably served by distribution centers in Puerto Cabello we can safely state that the Coro Polar center is designed to serve no more than 800,000 people.  Note: the population is certainly greater but I am trying, desperately, to make the case for Chavez.

Since this is inland Venezuela, away from more "sophisticated" areas such as Caracas or Valencia, we can assume that the consumption of Harina PAN is 1 kilo per day per family of, say, 5.  Let's say that 300,000 Falconians do not eat arepa at all for a variety of reasons, we are still left with 500,000 people eating an average of 200 grams of Harina Pan a day.

The result is a daily consumption of 0,2 X 500,000 =  100,000 Kilos a day, or 100 tons.

If I am right, then the "hoarding" seized yesterday corresponds to not even 1 fucking day of consumption!!!!!!

But let's say that I am dead wrong, that only 100,000 Falconians are poor enough that they eat nothing less but 150 grams of Harina Pan a day.

0,15 X 100,000 = 15,000 kilos a day, or 15 tons.  The hoard was a whopping 5 days of consumer needs.....

Same calculation for the milk seized at Parmalat in El Vigia (controlled by its workers, not the bankrupt Italian concern).  By the way, Parmalat El Vigia claims today that the milk seized was in fact a joint project with the government, raising the interesting possibility that Chavez stole himself....

Here the seized amount is 210 tons of milk.  El Vigia serves the Andes region which is, rounding it, about 3 million people.  Let's make that 2 million.

The consumption of powdered milk in Venezuela is mostly for the bottom half of the country, and for children and coffee.  So in the Andes we can say safely say that a family of 5 eats half a kilo of powdered milk a week.  0, 1 kilo per week for 1 million people.  Or 0,1 X 1.000.000 = 100,000 kilos a week, or 100 tons a week.

The 200 tons stolen by the regime yesterday represent the supply for the month of December that Parmalat was preparing since it is an established fact that the country reaches a standstill of sorts by December 15 and there is a need to have all of your customers well stocked by December 15 so they can last until early January when the country starts producing again.

So there, do you doubt that the "spectacular" measures of yesterday are nothing else but a lie, a robbery and an attempt at firing up class war?

And another equally important question: why is no one in the press or even those companies, showing up this kind of arithmetic?  Are they so afraid to prove that Chavez is a liar?

To make sure you all know that this is a Chavez policy, wanted by him, directed by him, for class war purposes, I am giving you this closing video so you can hear Chavez own words on that effect:

Chávez advierte con expropiar negocios que... por Globovision

I am not going to bother translating: the tone and the facies are enough for you to get the point. After all it is a whole bunch of lies such as "following the Constitution", the blue book, which guarantees the right of due process and private property, both now so violated that it is not even a joke. And yes, his bloatedness is pretending to be the most legal thug in the world....

PS: as I finished typing this entry I just received word that the Harina PAN in Coro was returned to Polar for its normal distribution.  But guess what?  What is the image that will stay in the mind of the lumpen hoi polloi?  Chavez giving them Harina PAN or the idiots in Coro returning discretely the goods to Polar?  There is an image we know for sure we will not see: Chavez apologizing.


  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Anoche tuve pesadillas feas, veía a chacumbele quitandome la ropa y todo lo que tenía, eso fué causado por ponerme a escuchar y ver VTV cuando habla por teléfono, horrible fué y amenazando a dotos. Sus súbditos jalamecatechupamediasguardiasnacionales no esperaban sino sus palabras para desvalijar la harina pan, la leche en polvo y quién sabe que más. En fin se le acaba el tiempo y ya no sabe por donde pegar. La Maga Lee

  2. snook729:32 PM

    Who stole it? and do we know who gave it back and why?

    The whole thing stinks...I know why they took it....but who would return it?


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