Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Venezuelans are idiots

So pollster Oscar Shemmel of Hinterlaces made a rare appearance in VTV to expose his latest poll findings, with a twist in their interpretation.  My conclusion?  If what he says is true then we are a country of idiots and we deserve what is happening.

In short, 50 % of Venezuelans want an change in direction.  Yet 60% approve of Chavez handling of the country and yet between 60 to 70 % disapprove of Chavez management on specific points of importance.

Go figure!

This in a country which just today offers us this, and just on the medical ethics of medicine:
  • Mandatory organ donor status for all.  That is, if you do not want to be an organ donor you need to state it while you are alive.  Otherwise Venezuela will probably become an organ exporting country considering the excessive murder rate we suffer...  and considering how the legal system works here go and stop organ harvesting from your loved ones.
  • Cuban half trained medics to work as if they were fully trained doctors.  That is right, from now on the doctors trained in less than 5 years in Cuba will have the same rank in front of the law as surgeons and fully trained doctors who require at the very least 7 years of studies, AND TRAINING; which is more or less missing from the Cuban trained medics who at best make a stay in some hospital emptying bed pans and such shit.  True, they are trained for Barrio Adentro but still... (A post on that coming soon)
  • Chavez gets full treatment in Cuba for his ailments, all expense paid, including his court.  But in Venezuela if you are a political prisoner you get to rot in jail with your cancer.
But poor Chavez, he is so charismatic, he looks more like a colorful relative than the president, so in spite of it all we love him!  And give him 60% appreciation!  I shmell something rotten.....

F..k us!


  1. I understand that the pollster Alfredo Keller has a different take on all of this which does not show Chavez with majority approval.

  2. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Those numbers are fishy, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were accurate. It has to be said: Venezuelans are mightily stupid. Zero capacity for analysis. Zero critical thinking abilities. And an opposition talking about a Venezuela "linda y bonita." Go figure! What a lame people. They will never amount to anything of worth in this planet.

    1. Anonymous5:08 PM

      excellent! i have lived here for 40 years and not a day passes without aother proof of their profound ignorance and stupidity.

    2. Anonymous1:51 AM

      What are you sayin ??? we are not stupid respect my people and my country venezuela se respeta maricon !!! this country have great and brillant people the problem is the idiot ones rule and the poor were promised a lot of things they didnt do at the end .. we will amount great things once we get out of the mess chaves did and cuba did also because they are the ones behind it all .. the most of our population is poor and believed in all the lies chaves told them but when we get out of this a lot of things will change and when we rule again and get to revert all the damage then some day this country will progress .But in this country are smart People that knows the great potential this country have Venezuela have everything to be a great country is a country blessed by nature ;and we have to deal with the poor and give them more culture if we dont want another chaves in some years .But we have great aspirations for Venezuela some of us know how great it could be. it could offer us everything we need if we had a good administration of our resources. Dont speak and disrespect a country you dont know because you havent gone there and dont know our realities .you think we like being ruled by cuba ?? Or see our young people being killed in the streets by an army than should be with us and instead of that betrayed us !! .or have to wait long hours to get basic goods when we have one of the richest countries of latín america with the biggest oil reserves of the world . We are not stupid we just are living the worst period in the history of our country something that we didnt thought could happen not even in our worst nightmares . Do you think most Venezuelans dont want this to end and make maduro and chavistas pay for all that they did to us ; chaves took advantage of the ignorance and needs people had to deliver the country to cuba and make it go broke they have done disasters since 1998 ..

  3. I wonder what the venezuelan-Muslim community has to say about the mandatory organ "take" (if it's mandatory, is not a donation, isn't it?).

    Also, each time I think about organ donation, I remember that Monty Python episode where the doctors show up at a guy's place saying they were needing his kidneys and that, because he signed a document, they were there to take they killed him.

    Let the people decide for once! Design a campaign encouraging to donate or something like that! Geeezzz....

  4. torres8:10 PM

    Daniel, I know of an uneducated, unprepared girl that wanted a job. The son of a corporate honcho offered to help her. He spoke to his father who offered that she go speak to the general manager of one of his companies. Not to worry, but the interview process was required. Her reply was:

    "That kid has no power, at all. Neither does his dad. They just claim to want to help people like me just to feel powerful. That's not power. Power is if he can get me a job without me having to interview."

    It is my understanding that the interview was a mere formality, that the job was a given. But what was striking was her interpretation of "power".

    When I look at chavismo, and his following, I see much of that girl in what moves the gears. It doesn't matter that he does things right or wrong, just that he be the one with most power. So long as he keeps demonstrating that anything he says goes, and that his glance in your direction may imply a job at his whim, is all it takes to want to "arrimarse a ese arbol". Honestly, I don't see that much charisma or political know how in chavez. All I see is constant demonstrations of power, untouchability, or disrespect against those with power and untouchability as a means of seeming more powerful, relatively.


  5. Anonymous8:50 PM

    It isn't so much that Venezuelans are idiots (which is true), but that people in general aren't very good at answering subjective, non-specific questions.

    Ask any man to judge a woman's looks in a scale of one to ten and you'll get an answer. Ask him to judge specific aspects of the same woman (e.g., her eyes, hair, teeth, personality) in the same scale, and you'll get seemingly contradictory responses from the same man judging the same woman.

    Subjective judgments are, well, subjective. They're not the result of thinking or analyzing or anything where the intellect is employed in any way. They're just the result of people's feelings. So polls with subjective, non-specific questions are utterly useless.

    The one and only question that matters in a poll is who are you planning to vote for. Period.

  6. The one and only question that matters in a poll is who are you planning to vote for.

    And that question should not really be answered. After all, there's a reason why casting a vote is also called a secret ballot.

    A person's vote is really a private and personal matter. It should not comply with a direct polling question. And it should never, ever comply with attempted suasion to cast a vote one way or another.

  7. charly11:12 PM

    Daniel, at last you hit the nail right on the head, it is not Chavez, no, the nonsense goes deeper. And when it comes to the Chiguire Supremo, the more time passes, the more we have to love him, he is making us a big favor with all his ailments, we should be grateful, I am.

  8. "The one and only question that matters in a poll is who are you planning to vote for. Period."

    And never mind, Syd and Anonymous from the quote, that many Venezuelans will answer either what they think the pollster wants to hear, or an answer that DOES NOT reflect what they really think for reasons such as Syd posited, or "because Chavez can tell what they're thinking through the DIRECTV box" or whatever other stupid reason they believe.

  9. he looks more like a colorful relative than the president

    And there you have it. The Hugo phase of Chavismo is over.... onward!

  10. OT: COPEI goes for Pablo Perez.

  11. The Gremlin4:30 AM

    " if you do not ant to be an organ donor you need to state it while you are alive"

    That's not mandatory Daniel, that's called "opt-in".

  12. Island Canuck5:11 PM

    "That's not mandatory Daniel, that's called "opt-in"."

    Actually as Daniel explains it is "opt-out"

  13. island

    i suspect he meant the typo, but even the typo did not change the meaning as you well point out. then again typos have a way to short synapses....

  14. The Gremlin10:49 PM

    You're right Island Canuck. I stand corrected.


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