Thursday, November 03, 2011

Maria Corina Machado and COPEI set a milestone

Something old
No, this post is not about COPEI endorsing Maria Corina Machado.  They did not do it, instead going the way to endorse Pablo Perez as expected.  And we can even read in Entorno Inteligente that this places Pablo Perez with 2.940.440 votes.  Mind you, not "around 3 million" or almost 3 million" or "a solid 2.5 million".  No, in all confidence PP has 2.940.440, in sharp contrast with yours truly that gives him a potential of 2 million at best....  Entorno does not seem that Inteligente if you ask me.

The big news in today's Unidad politics is that the race has become "old time politics" versus "renewal".  The old time politics come form that final endorsement of PP by COPEI, rounding up around him all the old parties, and presumably all the old ways to settle scores.  We cannot wait for the small last dinosaur, MAS, to endorse PP and make the caricature whole (after all, Petkoff and Tal Cual seem to have endorsed PP).  For the other candidates all the new parties (PrVzl is, after all, barely a decade older than PJ already almost a decade older than VP...).  Suddenly and unexpectedly  the primary election is becoming truly a generational change.  Either it is the last chance for COPEI and AD to revive or for the new political world will emerge once and for all (including chavista transfuges like PODEMOS).  Let's note that this is fraught with danger because a trashing of PP could make many AD and COPEI stay home in October 2012, if you ask me.

If the support to PP of COPEI was today THE symbol of one side of the race, the interview of Maria Corina Machado on Globovision was the other side of the coin, the new language that the other candidates are fermenting slowly, but already bubbling in MCM.  She came across as forceful, precise, with a message of a clarity that we have not heard in years in this country.  In fact, I do not recall any politician being as clear as she was tonight.  Maybe it will cost her votes because she might scare people expecting promises as usual, maybe she will start climbing in polls (I think she will), but that is not the point.  Tonight MCM was the expression of a new Venezuela emerging, with Leopoldo and Enrique.  And apparently not with Pablo.

What do you know folks?  The primary election has become way more important than we already expected.

Something new por Globovision


  1. As I said yesterday at Miguel, MCM is the only frontal and sincere candidate, who is expressing very precisely indeed what Venezuelans truly are.

    She won't win, but she's got my vote.

  2. A. Barreda4:35 AM

    Wow. So far, this is the best speech I've heard from the candidates. I've been a bit skeptic about her, first, because I thought that she was not "folksy" enough to get the popular vote, and second, because I didn't like her diva attitude in the congress. But I have to tell you: if she sticks to this message, I will not only give my vote to her, but I will campaign for her.
    Why did she choose "capitalismo popular" instead of capitalismo social"

  3. Capitalismo IS popular in Venezuela, A. Barreda.

    Capitalism is, apart from language, about THE ONLY thing Venezuelans have in common.

    It is difficult to find a people more materialistic than Venezuelans.

    In practice, there's no socialism in Venezuela, there's never been. It's all hypocritical, ignorant, PC talk. It's all "let's pretend we are all socialists while we desperately try to make a killing legally or illegally."

    MCM is the only one speaking the truth, and she's absolutely nailed it.

    I would also lend my support to her, if she ever needs it.

  4. Alexander8:06 AM

    Its very interesting that people says, "I will vote for her, but she won't win". Being a follower of MCM I hope that all the people that thinks that way, actually does vote for her, and you will be surprised by her winning the nomination next February 12.
    All the intelligent middle-class voters like her speech, but feel that she lacks the popular connection to get the poor class vote. The same happened last year when she won the nomination in the lower class areas, while loosing in the richest parts of the city. What a paradox, for somebody perceived as an oligarch.

  5. Esta mujer las tiene bien puestas, as my dad would say...

    I think she won't win, but this campaign will serve her as practice; she could run again in the coming years. She's young enough and will gain the needed experience.

  6. I love MCM, she is brave, just,measured, forthright, open and forceful which is worth 10 times any experience.Many people have experience and never learn.

    Besides, her experience in Human Rights is perfect for the job of cleaning up Venezuela of lacra!

    Without someone like her we are doomed to repeat the old patterns of injustice, lies, fear, and the old buddy system if you know what I mean.

    Just observe get interested in her voice and message whereas the other politicians sound feigned and insipid.

    Observe the members of the panel and their reactions to her.They are impressed, and that is how it should be.

  7. Island Canuck11:39 AM

    "Just observe get interested in her voice and message whereas the other politicians sound feigned and insipid."

    I must say I was pretty impressed with LL last week when I heard him speaking on the same program.

    The 2 of them would make a great team & I'm sure that if we get an oppo government they will have a part in it.

    My big fear right now is that Chavez is going to go all out to destroy what's left of the economy of the country. His pronouncements in the last few days have been direct - he is going to push his "socialist" ways even harder.

    This does not bode well for 2012 especially if he is indeed sicker than he lets on.

  8. alexander

    all is possible and she could win. but i do not think that after 12 years of chavista savagery the country is ready for someone like MCM. the more so if she has no party behind her, something quite crucial for a primary election.

    now, three months of campaign are left and history books are littered with front runners ending with the endpack.

    however, if she manages to win the primary, then she will win the general election. the chavista attacks on her make us realize that after LL she is the one candidate they are the most afraid of. surely they know she is unto something, not tripe maybe, but on its way.

  9. Island Canuck,

    Yeah, LL does have some backbone.

    If MCM doesn't win maybe they can make her Minister of the Interior to put some of her anti corruption ideas to work.

  10. MCM is certainly more pleasant to look at and listen to than most politicians. Even if somehow she could become president, who can stop or even alleviate the massive corruption in Vzla? We have always had a culture of "cuanto hay p'a eso?" or "como quedo yo ahi?" "t'a fino ese guiso".. Remember Caldera? The guy was certainly honest, but his own sons and the rest of the government were all crooks, as always. To get anywhere in politics in Vzla, you must at least turn a blind eye. Most ministers, alcaldes or "funcionarios publicos" are corrupted to some extent. Have always been, especially since the oil boom in the 70's.

  11. So, here is another one that speaks the truth (a little tacky at times, but the truth nevertheless):

  12. She has my support Daniel. She has been terrific in the NA, and the ONLY opposition leader assuming her role.

    As I said in my last post..Chávez wished he had her as an opponent and I recall the English saying
    "beware of what you wish because you may get it".

  13. andrea p3:57 AM

    Love Maria Corina!! Brava!!!

  14. Without party backing, who is financing her campaign?

    Quién está por detrás?

  15. Syd:

    I wonder if there's any Aceite Diana greasing the wheels as it were.

  16. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I'm somewhat surprised that Diego Arria's name isn't mentioned on any of the 'big three' Venezuelan blogs.

    From what I hear he out MCM's MCM when it comes to "speaking truth to power (and the people)".

    Is he such a dark horse in this race that he gets no ink at all?

    Just curious.

    Mike Nelson

  17. CharlesC7:41 PM

    Nothing would please me more right now -if suddenly say
    25% of the country decided they liked very much and
    were interested in Maria Corina Machado’s message!
    I would be inspired that there is strong hope and it is
    very much alive- even if she doesn’t win- just a significant
    showing and a large amount of respect….It would restore
    my faith in the people of Venezuela

  18. Juan Cristóbal7:51 AM

    Thanks for highlighting this, Daniel. I would love it if MCM caught fire somehow and took some of the thunder from the other candidates. Hers is a voice that needs to be heard. And no, I don't agree with those that say she couldn't beat Chavez. She could definitely beat him.

  19. CharlesC8:59 AM

    I am certainly not an economist, however, Chavez is not an economist either.
    In my opinion, Chavez never really understand where the Venezuelan economy was(nor what it was)nor does he know where it is going-and after 12 years,Chavez cannot see where it is going either?
    Tell me, why "el pueblo" cannot see where the country is going economically? Chavez keeps dangling some "communist utopian
    carrot" out to the masses.
    Would you not agree that Chavez is even further from reality than 12 years ago?
    I believe Maria Corina Machado brings a realism-her eyes are open and she sees and hears what is really happening in Venezuela and
    will turn the economy around.

  20. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Surrealista esta primaria...

    Increíble ver a quienes hace menos de dos anos se sentaban al lado de chavez y nos llamaba de escoria pa abajo, que representábamos (la oposición) a los intereses del imperio, que eramos la contra, de la cuarta... que ellos eran los elegidos, los recién llegados a este mundo, los duenos de la verdad... ahora sentados no al lado de chavez, ahora al lado de capriles... otra vez llamándonos, escoria, pitiyankies, la contra, la cuarta... y por casualidad de la vida, de nuevo con el mensaje que ellos son los elegidos para la nueva venezuela, los recién llegados, que ninguno tiene relación con la cuarta, con los adecos, los copeyanos, los que destruyeron el país durante 40 anos, y los últimos 10 que también todo lo malo es nuestra culpa... etc....

    Es que no tiene precio ver ayer, a los caprilistas y chavistas en sync acusando a pablo perez de borracho y violento... en twitter, facebook etc... toda una campana de montajes que cualquiera que no sabe de este país pensaría vendría del mismo partido o grupo de gente....eso no tiene precio.

    Ahora esa misma gente, que dice ser oposicion ( a pesar de que se disfrazan de chavez) piensa tener mi voto el 12 de febrero si su candidato Hugo Caprilers Friadonski llega a ganar las primarias el 12 de febrero... Pues no cuenten con eso...

    Lamentable, no soy el único que piensa así (muchos amigos y conocidos piensan igual que yo) pero de llegar a ganar ese tipo... yo me abstengo y finalmente luego de calarme 12 anos de este infierno me largare de este país... no pienso dar mi voto a un tipo y a una gente que pretende conseguir mi voto a fuerza de insultos y prepotencia... YO NO ME CALO TENER A UN TIPO COMO ISMAEL GARCÍA INSULTÁNDOME POR HABERME OPUESTO A CHAVEZ DESDE EL 98 LLAMÁNDOME CUARTO REPUBLICANO, ESCORIA ETC... por militar en un partido al q el no apoya...
    NO ME CALO tener a los del PPT aqui en el zulia... salir de atacar a pablo perez y a UNT (ergo todos los que estamos con ese partido) mientras estaba en el chavismo (robando plata como loco de seguro por que chavista es chavista hasta que se le acaban los cobres)... A tenerlos ahora atacando a Pablo Perez y a todo quien milite en UNT pero estando ahora con capriles en vez de chavez,.... NO ME LO CALO y si eso es a lo que vamos a llegar despues de salir de chavez, prefiero tener a chavez y que siga el desastre hasta que el cancer lo carcoma y después ver como solucionar el país que entregárselo a los chavistas sin chavez...

    Y buehh... puede ser que ustedes los caprilistas puedan llegar a ganar las primarias, es posible.... lo que si es imposible es que Ganen el 7 de Octubre sin los votos de nosotros... los que ustedes llaman cuarto-republicanos... Ja... good lock with that.... y por el rumbo que van es muy posible que ustedes consigan el apoyo de los nini, pero en el camino han hecho que nosotros... (los que ustedes llaman cuarto-republicanos,aunque tenga 30 y casi la mitad de mi vida y la totalidad de mi adultes la haya vivido bajo el regimen de chavez) nos bajemos del bus... TREMENDA CAMPANA SIGAN ASÍ... ya los veo ganándole a chavez sin AD_COPEI y UNT (por que una cosa es lo que dice la mud y los dirigentes de los partidos... otra muy distinta es lo que pensamos los que estamos abajo... en la base... con la gente..y no hay nada mas arrecho que el orgullo Zuliano o el Orgullo adeco) PREFIERO AL CHAVISMO CON UN CHAVES CON CANCER que UN CHAVISMO VIVITO Y COLEANDO PERO SIN CHAVEZ....

    Así que... aquí estas tu.. proclamando que votaras el 12 de feb por cualquier candidato menos PP ... pues aquí esta otro, que ha votado en contra de chavez en todas las elecciones que han habido desde 1998... diciéndote que si tu candidato gana las primarias... la oposición tiene un voto menos (posiblemente muchisimos mas) .


  21. Does anyone actually believe 2/3 of Nicaraguans voted for scumbag Daniel Ortega?

  22. el anonimo mas cercano

    eres un idiota, ademas de no saber leer. vete con tu reconcomio a otra parte. este blog tarta de ser serio y si critica a pablo perez tambien ha dicho en varias oportunidades que quien sea que gane la primaria tendrá el voto del autor el 7 de octubre.

    las primarias son PARA ESCOGER. ponte eso en la mente y aprende.

    y de paso, no tengo lecciones a recibir de nadie en cuanto a opositor. no solamente soy anti chavista desde 1992 pero me he quemado las pestañas escribiendo este voluminosos blog que ha tenido su influencia en desvelar la realidad del chavismo fuera del pais, incluyendo amenazas. si hasta ahora he sobrevivido amenazas e injuriaas de chavistas no va a ser un adeco amargado como tu que me va a asustar.

    grow up!

    PS: y no me vengas con mariqueras de pachotadas de PP de las cuales yo no hable porque de lo que hablo es solo de lo serio. si no me crees pregunta a le gente de capriles que ya me las critique por las pendejadas de capriles en twitter.

  23. CharlesC8:13 PM

    Anonymous-whoever you are.
    Seek a doctor soon.
    How disgusting to even talk
    and think that way-what
    a huge mess..(Haven't seen anything
    like this in a while here.)
    Daniel, you cannot "talk sense" to this
    fellow, I believe.

  24. charles

    i suspect this is some guy from zulia who thinks that the whole world is an anti UNT conspiracy.

    since it was not the first time, i snapped.

  25. von verster


    not that it matters but convergencia has endorsed a few weeks ago PP.

  26. CharlesC10:50 PM

    "Does anyone actually believe 2/3 of Nicaraguans voted for scumbag Daniel Ortega?"
    From Fausta Wertz:
    "Ten days from the election, Ortega announced a number of financial incentives from Venezuela, including 1,700 stoves with gas tanks to be distributed to families, a $30 payroll bonus to 130,000 public employees, and building materials for 25,000 homes.
    This means that Chávez, at the last moment, sent Ortega at least $3,900,000 - and this amount doesn't include the cost of purchasing and transporting the stoves and the unspecified "building materials" - if they even exist."
    --More criminal acts by Chavez.

  27. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Este blog es, fue y será siempre una mierda envuelta en papel periódico, haciéndose pasar por un regalito. Llevan años con esta proquería, y no han avanzado ni un ápice. Manga de fracasados, mientras el mundo se levanta en contra del neoliberalismo y el capitalismo moribundo, pero igualmente dañino, ustedes siguen soñando con volver al poder en Venezuela. Sigan soñando, que soñar no cuesta nada... aunque me pregunto cuánto gasta el Departamento de Estado para mantener este blog inservible... bueno, adios cretinos.

  28. anonimo

    te vas? es verdad tanta dicha?

  29. Ni siquiera un nombre para saber de quien despedirnos. Y como sabremos cuando cambie de idea y vuelva? Que cretino.


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