Thursday, December 29, 2011

He didn't say that! Did he? Your Christmas idiot on the loose

Holding a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, as a published scientist of things such as hot springs dwellers, having heard lectures by quite a few Nobel Prizes (received or received post conference), even if I am long retired from the field I get easily infuriated by the like of creationist idiots or totally unscientifically aberrant characters like Chavez today.  They both do the same thing, twist science out of recognition to sponsor their political agenda.  Today Chavez "suggested" that the odds were too high for 4 South American presidents to be stricken with cancer in the same span of time.  Must we believe that the CIA now stands for Cancer Inducing Agency?

In the video below Chavez does indeed do more than merely suggesting that the cancers of Lula, Roussef, Lugo, his own and as of this week Kirchner have no real natural cause and that maybe in 50 years from now we will find out that they were caused by Obama of all people.

First, as a Molecular Biologist by trade I wish we had reached such capabilities of some mystery targeted cancer producing agent (Bruni has an excellent post on how much BS is that Chavez accusation so I am not getting onto the details).

Second, even with current science, it will not take 50 years to find out whether such a thing could have effectively happened. (starts at 2:50 min)

Third, Chavez shows us that in addition of being an adept to crazed conspiracy theories (starts at sec 34), he has no knowledge of statistical odds and probalilities which clearly go a long way into allowing us to undertand how bad Venezuela has become in recent years. (starts at 12 sec, with a peak at 3:24)

And fourth, for now, he claims that he has the freedom and right to speculate in such things (starts at 3:58) when he does not allow people to speculate on Venezuelan matters.  Ask Uson who spent years in jail because he speculated on the burnt soldiers of Fort Mara or Alvarez Paz who speculated on drug traffic and is facing a dubious trial.  Maybe the US could send Chavez way an arrest warrant for speculating on things he has no fucking idea about?  You know, kind of fashion police type of warrant....

But you know something, really it is not that we have such an inflated idiot ignoramus ego ruling over Venezuela, it is that so many people are putting up with it and even taking him seriously.  We are going to pay for that so dearly....

PS: it is as good a time as any to remind folks that Chavez said that the fall of Tripoli was staged in Qatar, that Martian life was erased by capitalism and that the human species has been around for 2,500 years approximately.  Just the shinniest pearls of his infinite wisdom ....


  1. Obviously Paranoia does not require scientific back up for its allegations, nor logic, nor common sense, not even consensus.

    and it is contagious.

    there will be people out there who believe and there will be others who find it plausible.

    this is just more of the same ole stuff.

  2. Anonymous5:05 AM

    The only connection that Chavez has to science is the fact that he's the best experimental proof for the old proverb "The fool speaks, the wise man listens".

  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    ¡Upa! las metástasis corren y suben
    Que pena sentimos los venezolanos, pena ajena por esta clase de discursos, que verguenza frente al mundo. La Maga Lee

  4. 1979 Boat People7:38 AM

    Good, it works.

    Now the US needs to find a new way to give stronger doses to Fidel.

    And don't be surprised if Chavez accuses US of developing the heart attack causing agents (Hot Dog and Hamberger) which caused Kim Jung il(sick)dead.

  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I decided to play a game with yesterday's Headlines from Noticias 24 here it is.

    1.Chávez: “¿Sería extraño que hubieran desarrollado una tecnología para inducir el cáncer y no se sepa?”

    Translation: US is behind all the cancer cases for Lat American presidents.

    2. Ramírez anuncia el cumplimiento del 82% de la meta de entrega de viviendas para 2011.

    Translation: Even with unlimited funds, resources and expropriations of half built housing complexes all over venezuela….the government is still only running at 80% efficiency and they openly admit it.

    3.”La economía venezolana no está acabada, eso está demostrado científicamente”, aseguró Chávez

    Translation: Although the entire economic community knows the truth of the actual state of our economy…one of my 86 ministers has told me we are ok.

    4. Chávez: “Es imposible que la oposición logre llegar a Miraflores por la vía electoral”

    Translation: No way I will accept the results of an election…you want it, you will have to take it by force.

    5.Chávez: “El sistema electoral venezolano es el mejor del mundo. Aquí es imposible hacer fraude”

    Translation: We are going to commit fraud and there is no way you can prove it!

    6. Chávez entregó casas y vehículos a oficiales de la Fanb. “Tienen precios y créditos socialistas”

    Translation: I just handed over cars and houses for free to the military to keep them on my side!

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    If Evo doesn't get Cancer, it means that either the CIA had nothing to do with this, or that the coca leaves have good preventive properties (the last statement is scientifically unsubstantiated). If Evo does get it, it means that the pava from Chavez is stronger than the CIA and coca leaves combined.


  7. What amazes me the most is not the clown we have as president. Is the people sitting around him listening to him seriously. I would be laughing my butt off on his face.
    Is the people that truly believe what he says, and I bet you, they would become echo of it.
    Chavez is embarrassing, but the laissez-faire of the average venezuelan seems to be worse.

  8. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Anónimo que traduce las blablas de Chavez, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con la traducción, es literal y perfecta. La Maga Lee

  9. Boludo Tejano5:18 PM

    Thugo's blathering has been given some international exposure.

  10. Boludo Tejano5:50 PM

    Sin nombre @ 8:07 a.m.
    5.Chávez: “El sistema electoral venezolano es el mejor del mundo. Aquí es imposible hacer fraude”

    Translation: We are going to commit fraud and there is no way you can prove it!

    Actually, electoral fraud has been instituted into the system, in the drawing up of electoral districts. Very easy to prove. I do not know if sin nombre is aware of this, so I will repeat what I previously wrote.

    Hugo Chávez and his minions feel no obligation to draw up voting districts with more or less equal populations, in spite of what the Venezuelan Constitution says about proportional representation. "I am the law," Hugo says.

    The Venezuelan Constitution, in Article 293 10) states:
    “Electoral Power organs shall guarantee the equality, impartiality, transparency and efficiency of electoral processes, as well as implementation of the personalization of suffrage and proportional representation.

    This is from the Constitution the Hugo wrote. He sees no need to follow it. Proof follows.

    An examination of the number of registered voters in voting districts shows how Chavez and his minions structured electoral fraud into the system. A more egregious example follows. You can click on Miranda-3 and Miranda-7 to find out the number of registered voters. We find out that in Miranda-3, which went oppo, there are 321,909 registered voters. We find out that in Miranda-7, which went Chavista, there are 137,843 registered voters.

    On the state level, Miranda and Carabobo states show the extent of Chavista Gerrymandering.The Circunscripción circuitos/voting districts that went for PSUV /Chavista candidates had on average about 30% fewer registered voters/Assembly seat than those that went for Oppo candidates.

    Registered voters/Assembly seat
    Broken down by victors in Circuitos/Circunscripciones/voting districts, not for statewide winners.

    Oppo 255,104
    Chavista 170,144

    Oppo 267,524
    Chavista 179,382

    That is how you get 64% of the Assembly seats with only 48% of the vote. All votes are equal, but some votes are more equal than others.

    Eection results are from links from the Election Results Main Page. Click on Miranda and on Carabobo for results for those states. [M.P.J. is oppo. P.S.U.V. is Chavista. In other states, there were other oppo-coalition parties running, such as Acción Democrática.]

    So, Thugo and electoral fraud go together like corn and arepas. Very easy to prove, as in the above. Anyone who claims there is no fraud is either an ignorant fool or a mendacious jerk. Or a Chavista. Or all three. Take your pick.

  11. Boludo Tejano,

    Chavez is probably not limiting himself to just one method of voting theft.

    In addition to stacking the deck from the start, like you describe, he has other cards up his sleeve like phantom votes,multiple voting, scare tactics,stuffing ballots in the interior and messing with the computers.
    He just makes sure these other tactics can't be proven in a definite way...and you know how hard that is...even some people in the opposition will say there is no definite proof.
    I know it's insane but the opposition tries not to talk about it that much.

  12. Thanks for the link Daniel.

    I think that you pointed out to the problem: the twisting of science to make it believable, that is the most dangerous part of Chávez speech.

  13. Bruni

    His twisting of science is not what is most remains science....

    what is more dangerous is the power his paranoia has over the minds of a significant portion of the population...and those who are not totally convinced are at least afraid because of doubt.

  14. Anonymous8:49 PM

    I would especulate using the same arguments, that maybe Hugo is retarded in terms of the logical part of his brain.

  15. Stephanie9:55 PM

    Yes Chavez, you have caught onto our plan. While you were throwing the first pitch at that Yankee Baseball game in 2001, we gave you cancer. We also made you stupid. We hope you enjoy your 10 year delayed Christmas gift.

    Love, Former President of the United States, George W. Bush

  16. Boludo Tejano9:56 PM

    Firepiggette, no disagreement from me about multiple methods of voting frauds.

    I remember reading years ago about how some experimenters had proven that votes on the Smartmatic machine could be used to track how people voted. Wish I had preserved the link somewhere.

  17. CharlesC11:42 PM

    Sort of O/T-only hours left in this year.
    Attention opposition!!Time to
    "shake the tree", "strike a blow",
    a 2011 sendofff volley of darts
    thrown an Jugo and his loons.
    Bring it!!!Tell everyone how you
    really feel-one more time!!!!
    Ready to "double-down" in 2012.
    The gloves are coming off!!
    Rah! Rah! (Cheerleaders here!)

  18. Boludo tejano...I wish you had preserved it too...if you think of it, let us know.

  19. Anonymous2:37 AM

    This is my second time today posting this message. Hope it can be posted this time?

    'Must we believe that the CIA now stands for Cancer Inducing Agency?'

    BESt line of the year Daniel!

  20. oso negro2:37 AM

    Come on! You still don't get it? Chavez says this stuff to plant a seed doubt in his followers. 1/2 the population in Venezuela are ignorant enough or actually stupid enough to actually believe this shit. He plays them like a violin. He plays all of Venezuela like a violin. I get so frustrated living here because people can't see the obvious or don't care to see it.

  21. I blame the hot springs dwellers...and the CIA.

  22. concerned4:06 AM

    If enough people vote to vote him out, it doesn't matter if they can be tracked. There is only that hint of fear if he remains in office. That threat doesn't carry as much weight now because how much worse could it get?

    I would be more concerned with the phantom votes now that the cubans are integrated into the cne voting registries. Everyone knows about the multiple votes using different forms of ID in different voting stations, sometimes in the same station. The purple pinkys are a farce. Going to vote, but you can't because someone has already voted with you cedula number (you know that vote wasn't against chavez). And more corpses up and out of the graves than an episode of the Walking Dead, all casting their votes.

    And to get testicular cancer, you would first need to have a set.

  23. Boludo Tejano10:40 PM

    One more article on Thugo's rant:
    Chavez Falls Off The Edge of the World, courtesy of Instapundit

    My only regret is that the CIA didn't give him cancer 10 years ago. :)

  24. You know what surprises me most about this? That rather than launching a totally baseless accusation, he simply speculates. Maybe it's a fine line, but it's a step in the opposite direction of what I would expect. It's not like Hugo to retreat.


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