Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UCV: the results are in

In spite of all the trouble of last Friday the Central University of Venezuela finished counting the student votes.  And chavismo was trashed, TRASHED!  Amusing details next.

First, the trashing.  The non chavista groups run three lists  and each one at the very least doubled the lone chavista list led by the now ineffable Kevin Avila.  First, the participation was a high 45% (in other instances the student body may vote as low as 20%).  Right there you can read that the latest attacks and maneuvers against the UCV, using creeps like Avila, badly backfired.  With a 45% participation and such a victory, the best thing for the regime is to drop the issue for the time being and seek how to replace Kevin boy.

The three list had respectively 4411 + 3171 + 3006 = 10 588 against the meager 1019 of the Avila list.  A 10 to 1 trashing if you will.

Second, the chavista reaction.  Kevin Avila is an idiot.  I have put at the end a video where you can find some of the stuff he said and I will address next.  And watching the video, even if you do not speak Spanish, you will wonder whether you would vote for someone as uneducated as he is.  I mean, we are not voting trade unions here where roughness of style and grammatical with vocabulary mistakes are expected, we are voting student body where it is expected that the student representative is articulated enough to hold his stand in any circumstances against these nasty faculties trying to screw up students.

Of course Kevin screams fraud.  What he seems totally unaware of is that the argumentation he advances is the same as the ones advanced by the opposition against the CNE, who never obliges.  Unfortunately for him the UCV already decided to go beyond vote recounting and repeat the vote in the two faculties that were trashed by Kevin's little buddies.  It is to be expected that the anti Chavez vote might be even more mobilized this time around aggravating the actual trashing of Avila.  another beauty is that Kevin states, without even batting an eye, that there were more voters than people registered when the UCV electoral body recognizes a 45% participation.  Kevin the parrot, truly.....  If those are the best and the brightest chavismo has to offer us, well, we are in deep, deep trouble.  I am already missing Robert Serra.....

Third, about Diego Scharifker.  Even the brightest of the opposition manage to make really bad moves.  Diego was elected last year with a big score.  The very articulate and very promising Diego wanted to repeat his hold on office for one more year until he graduates, forgetting that the tendency now is to step aside after one term, setting the example.  Yet he had merits to try out.  But Diego has decided to throw his lot with UNT.  Nothing wrong with that but compromising enough that it explains why he lost his reelection bid with the 3171 reported above, 25% less than the winning list of a certain Requesens.  I used to follow Scharifker on Twitter but then his tweets became a series of activities to promote Pablo Perez.  So I "unfollowed" becasue I was more interested in his activities to defend the UCV.  If I want to know about Perez I will follow his tweets as I follow those of Lopez, Arria and Machado......  Apparently I am not the only one that decided to "unfollow" Diego.


  1. As posted on Twiter tonight:
    Amalio Belmonte: Secuestrada la decana de Trabajo Social de la UCV para obligarla a suspender las elecciones. >

  2. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Lo que hizo el "hijo de puta" Kevin y sus compinches chabestias en la UCV no tiene nombre! Deberian llevarlo al Avila y colgarlo de las bolas!

    Im sorry for the bad words pero what they did really PISSED me off. Y todavia despues de todo la Gran Plasta de M de Presidente tiene las santas bolas de defender lo indefendible. Asco es lo que da este gobierno ROBOLUCIONARIO y SUCIOLISTA!

    Abajo de que piedra, o que hueco, se iran a esconder cuando se les acabe la fiesta macabre que tienen con Venezuela. Ni todos los santos Ni babalaos los va salvar de la maldicion que les va caer. Ojala, dios los perdone, porque donde los agarren mal parados se los lleva la PELONA!


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