Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why they want to be president

Not to bring a discordant note but with now more than month of primary campaign there are only three candidates that came out clearly as to why they want to be president.  Interestingly they are still the same three that were clear on that matter in October and still my three favorites: Maria Corina Machado, Diego Arria and Leopoldo Lopez.  You may disagree with their vision of the country and the future but you cannot deny them that they have at least a vision for something greater.

There are at least two other candidates that I would love to hear from them something as clear and concise as the three named above.  You know who you are.


  1. Sometimes there is a tradeoff between clarity and electability. In Nicaragua, Mrs. Chamorro defeated the Sandinista government handily, by promising peace, a better economy, and an end to divisiveness.

  2. Jeffrey

    Tue, in part, but AFTER february 12.

    We need to pick first someone that will be able to take on Chavez. Chavez is all about clarity even if he is also all about lies.

    I wish I'd give my vote to Capriles or Perez in October for a better reason than just because they are the Unidad candidate.

  3. "clearly ass" freudian slip? :-)

  4. Daniel, I got the pieces written by MCM and DA but I am not sure that there is something as clear for Lopez.

    Are you talking about the video?

  5. Bruni

    Yes, the video.

    When an ad is good, it is as good as an OpEd piece.


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