Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your Christmas present to yourself

I have a suggestion for your Christmas this year, at least if you live in Venezuela.  Do yourself a favor and get this strange compilation "Navidades Venezolanas".  Apparently somebody had the good idea to get the copyrights (buy? steal? we are in Venezuela after all) of some of the best known Venezuelan Christmas music.  The real stuff for us, no Silent Night or Jingle bells here!  The version chosen might not be the best ones (I question at least one medley) but the overall result is very, very satisfying (including the Nancy Ramos version of Guanaguanare).

You get Burrito Sabanero, El Niño Jesus Llanero, Corre Caballito (one of the greatest Xmas song ever if you ask me, by the unmatched and unmatchable Serenata Guayanesa), the now classical Niño Lindo, etc...

And of course, as you shop get the Christmas album El Cuarteto en NocheBuena of a few years ago.  THE BEST Xmas album in any country.  OK, I am prejudiced but try to prove me wrong. (already reviewed here in 2004).

Ref: ICRecords PALACIO, 2011, CD-66720, FD-260-2011-648 Aeromusica barcode 7 591476 113224


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Except that Serenata Guyanesa sold out to Chavez. I used to love them until I listened to a concert they gave in New York in 2008 (sponsored by CITGO and the Venezuelan embassy). It's on YouTube.

    I have been to many concerts, from classical music to Heavy Metal and anything in between. The band / group ALWAYS praises the city they are playing in, ALWAYS.

    Not Serenata Guyanesa. They presented some song about New York where they trashed the city and "El Norte" like in the most despicable way only Chavez could have also done had he been on stage. But, I am sure they got a great chunk of money, yet sold their soul to the devil.

    A unique group of musicians indeed, with a style unique in the world, who were "good" people, as far as I heard from people who knew them personally, devoured by chavismo.
    Sorry, they don't exist anymore, as far as I am concerned.

  2. Thanks Daniel for letting us know..I love all those songs because they bring back memories of my children growing up....nothing can replace them, not even the songs when I grew up- which I also love.

  3. ps I also love Corre Cabbalito and I often send it to some friends at Xmas...because there is a youtube version ....the song is sweet and innocent....adorable and even danceable!

  4. anonymous

    i am going to reply to your comment in a post of its own, stay tuned.

  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    A response to the other anonymous:

    El Note es una Quimera is a traditional Venezuelan song that pokes a bit of Fun at Venezuelan's who Emigrated and tell grandiose stories of how important and better off they are in other places. As such it is a wink to the Venezuelan's search for social recognition and relevance even if what ever is based on is a complete fabrication.

    New York just gets the Kudos for been the symbol of the most Cosmopolitan and Relevant city in the world.

    Sorry you dint get it


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