Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perez at El Ciudadano

Tonight the second Unidad candidate, Pablo Perez, took the stand at El Ciudadano.  Takign the stand may be a tad strong since both El Ciudadano and Pablo Perez are from Zulia state and no matter how hard they tried the atmosphere was more relaxed than during the first of the series, the visit of Capriles last Monday.  this caveat being advanced it still was a real interview, a one hour chance to say to the country why Perez wants to be president.

The good news is that the format is definitely better and that hard questioning by El Ciudadano (making us try to forget the usually inane question of his side kick Peñaloza) gave us a better image of Perez than this blogger had.  A much better image actually.  The bad news is that I still cannot erase from my mind that him like Capriles would benefit of another 4 years at the head of their state before becoming president.  There is that je ne sais quoi missing still.  And yet that cannot stop me from writing that the opposition has the luxury to be able to pick between several great candidates, unlike the GOP in the US who seems unable to embrace the lone serious candidate they have as Moises Naïm has reported in El Pais.  But I digress.

Since I did not promise objectivity but at best trying to be fair I will not go into his low points.  After all, not only you cannot define a je ne sais quoi, but he really did not get any hard ball question that he could not find an elegant way to dodge (even the inevitable question about all of those dinosaurs supporting him, going as far as admitting that Ramos Allup is one of his main advisers).  Teflon he ain't made of, but it still slides somewhat.

Fortunately for him as I write this review he made a few strong points.  For example, in one that is sure to send many hard core opposition raving, he said he was not afraid of the CNE and that he would not allow them to wait until the wee hours to publish their results.  What was notable in that statement was not the phrasing itself but the assurance he displayed.  He may have been rehearsing that really well or indeed he is ready to fight for our rights.  And I am afraid that it is the latter because on other points he showed a strength of character that I am afraid to say Capriles did not have in contrast.  He seemed to be someone that you would actually follow in a protest march.  Note: Capriles has been tear gassed, but he does not play on it whereas as far as I know Perez never was gassed.  But in politics all is about perception and tonight Perez showed that the comeflor candidate was not going to be him.

Another point that came across and that he seems determined to play is that he is not form Caracas, contrary to ALL OTHER candidates.  That gave him the assurance not to talk or even be questioned about recent polls.  The guy knows that once people outside of Zulia realize that he is not from Caracas they will be more willing to listen to him.  His electoral strategy is long run and he seems very comfortable being in second position right now.  For example he made a point to name small states and saying that these should also be considered because they are also Venezuelans.  He also extended his protective hand to the Llanos.  On this respect he scored yet another point against Capriles who cannot seem to escape his Caracas aura even though he is campaigning strongly all around.

Speaking of protective, he is playing on his natural physical bulk trying to look protective.  His shirt, contrary to Capriles, was the blue of UNT but with a fashionable little blue alligator on the side (in Venezuela there is no copyright so that the alligator is freely stolen, no one is fooled).  But the shirt fit him better and credibly.  We can trust more a father figures if he plays the part, you know...

In short, Perez came out as a no-nonsense social democrat and that did him a lot of good.  Thus my conclusion for the time being: 1) Perez and 2) Capriles, with 4 more to go.

Reader Syd pointed out that Globovision has already a partial video with its report.  I should have known better and wait a few more minutes before posting to wait for the video.  Here it is.

Pablo Pérez en Aló Ciudadano por Globovision


  1. I am opening the comment section because I want to remind folks that I am trying to follow a series of Unidad candidates interviews by the top ranking talk show in Venezuela. I have my favorites but I am trying to evaluate the different interviews as fairly as possible even if my favorites look bad or those that I do care less for do better.

    In other words, I have not decided who to vote for yet for sure and that I am enjoying this great privileges of having really good people trying to gain my vote in February.

    So, if you are for HCR or PP or whomever do not be upset, this series of posts have a limited scope and are not designed whatsoever to convince you to vote for one or the other, but rather to reassure you that no matter who wins in February there will be reasons to support him or her for October.

  2. This partial video might be helpful.

    PP has lifted the "equipo" idea from HCR.

    His Dudamel reference was a nice touch.

    I agree with a number of points you raise, Daniel.

    PP leaves the other comeflores in the dust.

  3. CharlesC4:39 AM

    Perez is too full of himself.
    I do not mean to offend anyone, but I seriously question his intelligence. A lot of "hot air"
    big talk.Seems dominating, controlling, says he's listening but is mostly very loud...
    Maybe I am grasping at straws?
    And, what is there to like about his ropas tonight?Did you notice
    more makeup? Darker?

  4. syd

    thank you. i will add the video. the prob elm is that i wrote fresh from the TV and usually there is no video posted yet. then again, there are readers helping along :)

  5. Here you can see PP answering - or dodging - a couple of tough questions:

    I liked the interviews broadcasted by Globovision early in the morning (Aymara Lorenzo was in charge, I think).

    With the exception of the "debates", I like how our candidates talk and what they say. Even Capriles, who I didn't like at the beginning, looks like a good choice right now. Yes, they might need some experience, but they're more seasoned than Chavez was in 1998.

    You're right about Capriles: he looks soft, but this humbleness thing might work in his favor. Regarding Perez's moxy, I don't know what to believe. We all thought that Rosales iba a cobrar, and that never happened. On the other hand, he has other positive traits: he looks like a huge bonachon kid, but one who can show his maracucho/arrecho side too.

  6. Anonymous1:36 PM


    Like I mentioned before in other post....oppo will win in a fair and transparent election. The candidate and the masses need to be ready to defend their vote. Do whatever it takes. I like that PP already mentioned that he is not scared of the CNE. That is very reassuring and almost makes me believe that they may have a plan in place but rather keep it to themselves for now. Remember Rosales...fight for your vote and he was the first one out. This cannot happen again and the candidates need to reassure the country that it will not.

    It is rather encouraging to see so many good long has it been? A change is coming!!!!

  7. Barreda, I, too, like Capriles' humility. And much like you, I find that he comes across as too soft/young to lead a nation that has undergone such a violent transformation in the last 13 years.

    My problem is with Capriles' eyes. For me, he exibits what I have often seen in the eyes of 'beatos': given to the mystical (read: passive) realm.

    Since the eyes are the windows of the soul, so related to the mind, I think that HCR's mystical mind often overtakes his more rational side. That is not a helpful trait for a potential leader of a socially complex nation.

    As Quico said recently, I like my politicians to be more cynical. I agree. Eyes have to focus -- sharply. HCR's do not. Repeatedly.

  8. Personally I find PP scarey....I didn't want to say it but you seem to be asking for a bit of honesty so here it is:

    His body language is aggressive, but the kind of aggressive that doesn't look like it is coming from inward strength.I don't trust people like that.It reminds me of Chavez.Chavez is aggressive without inner strength.

    Aggression, when unaccompanied by healthy inward resources, can end up causing others a lot of problems; because a lot of the time the aggression is a cover up for great fear: it is often counter-phobic.

    I cannot say I dislike the man, I don't know him at all...I am just giving you my honest reaction to the video.

    I sincerely hope he is not our candidate...though of course I still stand by my original: anyone but Chavez motto.

  9. Two countries, both with presidents who are up for reelection while losing popularity. In one country, there pops up a slate of positive candidates, worthy of support, the only question is which to support most. In the other country, you get a bunch of clowns, who seem to be racing to the bottom.

    How is it that the clowns are in what is arguably the most mature democracy in the world, while the good candidates are in the country where the president has been actively trying to undermine his opposition (yea, democracy itself) at every turn? Something about this does not compute...

  10. The clowns are on view in the US because it is usually a bad bet to run against a sitting President; better candidates are waiting till 2012.

    Venezuela has a system in which the incumbent runs till he dies. So no single election is more favorable than any other. There is also the possibility that no further elections will be held, since Chavez' legitimacy flows from his mystical--therefore unmeasurable--bond with The People. Or so he claims.

  11. Syd,

    You are sounding more and more like Firepigette with those rumblings about the eyes and mysticism and force...I could visualize the stones and the incense

  12. CharlesC5:20 PM

    I agree with Firepigette,it's the same "gut feeling".100%
    As to Caprilles being soft, yes, but he seems to always be quickly convincing and I get a good feeling
    from his words. I know these are just vague emotions...

  13. Yeah, I don't like this PP guy either. Sounds phony, somehow, too ambitious and probably corrupt, thirsty for either money or power, or both.

  14. concerned9:56 PM

    What some people forget is that chavez is popular in part because of his aggressive speaches and the way he comes across to the people. The difference is that 100% of what chavez says is BS. For me, PP has always been the one to make the transition, in part because of his stature, and for how he has survived and shielded Zulia from chavez's aggression. Imagine what he can do for the whole country with access to the means.


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