Monday, January 23, 2012

A 23 de Enero with a new breeze

Today we commemorate January 23 1958 date we threw out or one before last dictator.  Yes, I consider now Chavez a dictator even if he has been elected at some point So the opposition Unidad decided to use the date to offer the governmental program for the next elected president of the opposition.  Assuming we will win....  Still, it was a nice ceremony that I attended courtesy of my contacts with X.  I did a live twittering of the whole thing with some picture (not too good, my zoom stopped working for some mystery reason not solved yet).  Nice, simple ceremony with the 6 candidates on state listening the presentation and not declaring anything.

Yet, there was a small problem we heard later: Arria refused to sign, which probably will do him in, with the "Unidad" spirit prevalent these days for better or for worse.  He may have a point, that promising stuff is almost idiotic since we have no idea in which state the new president will receive the country.  We all know that, but we better keep silent about it.  Then again, if polls are not good, a "por ahora" moment is desperately sought.

Chavistas of course dismissed the whole thing, without even reading it since it came up on line sometime after the ceremony.  But then again, they should say so since they have no program but their master's voice.....

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  1. Douglas11:21 AM

    Diego Arria tweeted that he ended up signing, in spite of some misgivings, to foster unity. Can you verify this Daniel?


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