Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is post 3,500; and hopefully counting

Just to underline that, without forgetting to underline also that even if not all posts are from me, more than 3,000 are, over ten years. That is, almost a post a day, for soon ten years.

Now, in spite of allegations that I am paid for that, allegations regularly coming from chavistas, through comments in this blog to the staff of Jose Vicente Rangel himself, no money in the world could have compensated me. A blog like this is a labor of love, with a drive, a statement of ethics and principles in front of adversity and degradation.

Only one person holds such consistency, Miguel.  Quico occasionally self combusted and Alek sort of gave up, not to demerit them at all, not to question their drive or motivation, but as a mere statement of fact.  They may beat me in the end, in years and/or #posts but they need me to quit first.  The thing is that we were all 4 pioneers and we have written at the very least an historical footnote that I doubt exists elsewhere worthy of comparison  And none of us would have accomplished what we did if it were not for the existence of the other three, and those who we involved along the long road

As for those who are supposed to hold the true ideal, who work for humanity's communist or socialist XXI redemption, who have found in Chavez and Castro their reason to live, not a single one of them was able to take on us, even when lavishly paid.  All are gone, sometime to other sponsors, without having had the courage to admit that maybe they had make a mistake, at least with Chavez. They were the real mercenaries, we are the right stuff.


  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Congrats and my deepest thanks. People like you (and the other bloggers you mention) give one a reason to hope that things will improve in Venezuela one day. Another reason is the Venezuelans I know and work with here in the USA.

  2. Oi, what do you mean by me sort of giving up?

    The four musketeers we were, and, fortunately, others have joined along the way. I will admit that my periodicity has gone down, but I still write, and most certainly I am still getting all sort of crap from chavistas taking my sites down or accusing me of copyright violations in an attempt to silence me.

    In any case, vcrisis will be 10 years old end of October, and in my blog's archive, which is where I published these days, there are 350+, in addition to the thousands of vcrisis...

    Read the other day that mastering any subject takes, at least, 10 years of doing. I guess we can say with confidence, all 4 of us, that we have mastered the Venezuelan political topic, and there are very few people in the world who can claim they've done that out of pure commitment to the welfare and freedom of their country. It also puts us in the very unique position of being over-informed, over-educated little indians -in the topic at hand- who can no longer suffer fools, and PSFs, and useful idiots.

    We are indeed, my dear fellow blogger, the right stuff. We were right all along.

    1. That is what "sort of" mean. You are not quite gone but you are not quite here ;)

      And note that there are some that do not suffer us besides assorted PSF: some current local oppo/journo "celebrities" that do not like it when they realize that indeed we know better......

  3. Island Canuck3:22 PM

    Congratulations Daniel. You are always right on top of the elections as well as many other topics.

    Did you actually sit down & count them all? :-)

    1. No, blogger does the count for me. I just need to notice it. I knew it was coming and was looking forward this milestne of sorts. Note, I could have chosen 3,000 or 3,333, or even 3,666... But 3,500 had a nice ring for me :)

  4. kernel_panic3:35 PM

    And counting!! :)

  5. Congratulations Daniel,

    I know how difficult it is to be as consistent as you are, day in and day out. There is no money in the world that would pay the work that you do.

    I take the liberty to state my preferences: the electoral analysis. Nobody can beat this blog in that area. You understand Venezuela, venezuelan politics and venezuelan voters like none else.

    Since you mentioned other blogs, I must say that there is one that is even more consistent than the four mosqueteers. Without talking much or having any comments he is there day in and day out. He (I am assuming he is a "he", he does not sound too feminine) has written a post every day but only since 2009: Esteban Dido, from Venepirámides. Check it out!

    1. And yet those posts are the ones that require the most work and often do not receive a single comment......

      Thanks Bruni.

    2. Island Canuck4:55 PM

      Yes, he does excellent investigative & analysis work.

  6. the electoral analysis. Nobody can beat this blog in that area. You understand Venezuela, venezuelan politics and venezuelan voters like none else.

    Agree. You are the champ in this domain. And when you produce these types of posts, the "meat" on the bones is such that there's nothing much to comment. You say it all.

  7. torres7:03 PM

    "often do not receive a single comment" In my case, it's because those awesome posts, in particular, leave me speechless.

    Aside from that, right stuff, indeed.


  8. Great job Daniel.

    I think Gustavo Coronel should also be mentioned.

    Most assuredly your election posts are the best out there, however they are not my favorite of your posts.

    I especially love reading your analyses on Chavez's role in International politics, particularly in LA, and your views from the interior.

    Your sense of humor also helps!

    1. I do not forget Gustavo but he does not apply. He started after us and writes mostly in Spanish. He is in a categoría by himself.

  9. My congratulations, too. The Three or Four Musketeers of Veneblogging really have done the world a great service. I do want to make one non-negotiable demand, though: No quitting until Venezuela is once again a democracy!

  10. 1979 Boat People1:17 AM

    I have learned so much about Venezuela through reading your posts, those recommended blogs listed in your blog and the regular commenters.

    Many Thanks to you Daniel, other bloggers and the regular commenters.

  11. Thanks for taking the time, Daniel.

    It is one of the things I look forward to, everyday.

    Your work is very much appreciated!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this. I know you have your own internal motivation for this, but it is definitely appreciated, especially since I am out of Venezuela for some time and have no expectations to return any time soon. I would feel in the dark having to depend on regular news for the latest.

    I'm glad you mentioned the other three - this is my favorite of the four, but I definitely appreciate the others. I can see exactly what you mean when you say you have made each other better, so I hope you all keep at it, too (less frequent, as in Alek's case, is better than done).

    And I wonder if I should offer another guest piece, to keep up my 0.1% contribution rate (you couldn't have reached 3500 without least not just yet). Haven't the faintest idea what that would be, though...

  13. Let me join the others in thanks and praise for your continuous commitment to blogging the fake revolution. Thanks much!

  14. Milonga10:22 AM

    You have certainly brought a lot of sanity in this maze of insanity brought by Chávez to Venezuela. We have learnt a lot. It takes courage to read you, Dano. Most don't want to see what punches you in the face. Thank for being there. You know I'm an admirer! In some way we have learnt to antipate in our countries what these pseudo-leftist and populist "leaders" were going to bring - their script is very similar, written mostly by Fidel when he was able to do it. Now we are hoping Venezuela will teach our countries how to get rid of these caudillos in time. Congratulations!

  15. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Alles Gute und Danke!

  16. Oh my dear Daniel, this is a milestone!

    You know that now I'm so busy that I hardly comment, but for sure I do read your posts almost every day.

    Felicitaciones y gracias miles por tu duro trabajo, un abrazo.

  17. AIO is right Daniel,

    where is my real y medio? How many of those 3500 posts belong to the most distinguished ghost there has been in the Venezuelan blogosphere...except of course Katy, but she ended up not being a she but a he and not being Katy but Juan..all very confusing. So I guess in the end I deserve the title.


    1. Remind me again: why did I hire people like you guys? And more importantly, why did you accept because it sure was not the real y medio I promised....

    2. A real y medio? Daniel offered me a plain arepa, payable next time I was in Yaracuy...

  18. Daniel, first of all, I want you to know that I feel so fortunate to have "stumbled" upon your blog just a few (3, maybe?) years ago. My quest was searching out all the possible connections that what's his face (HCF) had with the country of my birth (Nicaragua), and why the hell he was interfering so much, not just there, but in so many other LA countries. After discovering your site, as well as Miguel's, Alek's, Gustavo's and Caracas Chronicles' blogs, as well as Caracas Gringo's, I decided that in order for me to be as informed as I thought I should be, I needed to read all of the above. Each and every one of these sites has offered so much, for which I am so grateful. You, however, seem to impart so much more of a personal touch. Thank you, and congratulations for reaching this milestone!

  19. clobber3:14 PM

    Really appreciate your blog and many thanks for taking the time to research and write them. Please keep them coming!


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