Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winds of change?

You know that things are changing in Venezuela when a new site like appears.

They came up this month and among other things have the widely circulated pictures of the charred bodies of Amuay, carried like dead cattle; or detailed reports about how the bolibourgeois are trying to cleanse their image by supporting the Capriles campaign.  With names and all. But of course, they are anonymous, with an overlong explanation as to why so.  Interesting....


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I would not consider them very seriously. Their first title was:

    "Mientras Amuay estalla en pedazos a Rafael Ramírez le preocupan sus “perritos de linaje alemán puro”

    (While Amuay blows up in pieces Rafael Ramirez worries about pure german dogs)

    They claim that they have two emails written from RR to Bernard Mommer and publish them (how did they got them?). They are from June 2nd and June 4, respectively, whereas the Amuay accident happened on August 27.

    Clearly, the title is misleading and false. So the content is probably false as well.

    1. Could be, but it is kind of zeitgeisty, no?

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Horror of horrors! The picture of the humans
    burned and dead in the back of a truck really
    sickened me. That is not right. Forgive me for
    comparing but that looked like holocaust photo...I am sorry. Heartbreaking.
    And to think- there may be 40-50, someone says
    150+ unaccounted for outside the compound and
    40-50 inside unaccounted for -because chavistas
    controll all information and reports??
    Anonimo #5


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