Monday, September 17, 2012

Capriles campaign in Caracas and Petare this week end

Since this a video week end, why not end with a video from one of the popular district inhabitants of Petare watching as the Capriles march went under his window? Another awesome video, from an area that should be a chavista stronghold and that seems now lost for good for chavismo, in spite of the kitchen sink that they threw in the campaign....

I mean this is big. A US equivalent would be a triumphal march of Romney in San Francico Castro District or Obama in Provo.
Hat tip: Reporte confidencial

Capriles en Petare, pa'que agarren los chavistas


  1. Island Canuck5:37 AM

    Just incredible to watch this video considering where it is happening.

    Capriles will win & win big.

    Even he now agrees with me that he will win with more than 1 million votes.

    He was so forceful yesterday with his "Who will cry for the mothers of Venezuela?" speech. Really moving!

  2. I am saving this one for posterity, when the same idiots who think Michael Moore makes honest films come out of the woodwork, and tell us Chavez is still overwhelmingly popular with the poor, and they will, they will.

    -People who don't see how the world actually works, but rather how they want it to work.

    - and for people like Michael Moore and Sean Penn it's not about what a system creates in the real world; it's about whether they feel better about themselves for supporting it.

    It warms my heart so to see this.

    Thanks for posting!!!!!!

    1. oh, and not to mention that Chavez, Sean Penn, and Michael Moore most curiously seem to be part of the 1 % ;)


  3. Dr. Faustus10:40 AM

    " lost for good for chavismo, in spite of the kitchen sink that they threw in the campaign...."

    The kitchen sink has yet to be thrown. We have less than three weeks to go. What do you think is going-on in the mind of Daniel Ortega? His entire economy is dependant on free Venezuelan oil. How about Raul and Fidel Castro? What do you think they're talking about over the dinner table? Let me give you a hint, "If Chavez loses, we're cooked." What do you think all of those DGI agents are doing in Venezuela? Sitting on their collective butts? You've got a vast undercurrent of nervousness throughout Central and South America over these elections. They're watching closely all developments. They haven't thrown-in the kitchen sink. It's still down the list of things to come. Three weeks is a long time. Be careful.

    1. They threw the kitchen sink already. They may throw the bathroom commode too, or the "batea" but at this point the efficacy is dubious. Hey, they threw voluminous Escarra this morning, the one that allowed chavismo to win in the parlatino by a hair breath. And yet?

  4. "What do you think all of those DGI agents are doing in Venezuela?"

    I'm thinking some of them are ready to ask for asylum.

  5. Anonymous2:01 PM

    That video has made my day, It makes me proud to see the venezuelan people doing there best to overcome this phoney robolucion, in the face of everything thats been thrown at them so far, including the sink :P


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