Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Election funnies: for 200k you can buy your own political party

One old political tradition in Venezuela, lost since 1998, was for small inconsequential political "movements" to switch sides close to the end. They could go one way or the other, without regard to the putative winner. And it certainly included some cash transfer or promise of a governmental job. All very funny , very traditional.

I have good news, that tradition has been revived this week. David de Lima, failed ex chavista governor of Anzoategui, the man responsible to some of the worse sucking up to Chavez we ever witnessed, ex opposition member when he was trying to pass his corruption investigation as a political prosecution, back now with chavismo, has announced that political allies of Capriles are deserting him.

True, but they are insignificant. One is the PIEDRA of Benjamin Rausseo, comedian candidate of 2006, who was smarter than some blogger who supported him and should remain nameless, by abandoning his own party. The leader of Piedra complained to justify his switch that Capriles guys never paid attention to him, never consulted. Poor Piedra, who I think did not even get 0.1% of votes cast at the February primary.

The other even less significant guys justification for leaving? It does not matter really because today we learned that de Lima is receiving in his hotel room and offering 200,000 dollars and up to whomever announces publicly his defection from Capriles. Drop me a note David, let's talk.....

Of course Chavez today in his unique brand of Meet the Press where this one is met with an endless flow of nonsense, each question requiring an hour to be replied, took no credit for these desertions. For him it is a mark of the sorry state of Capriles campaign.

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