Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Chavez really, really going to go the violent way? Puerto Cabello indicates a yes...

To Puerto Cabello by the sea, as it should be?
We have to wonder if Chavez and at least part of his acolytes have decided already that if violence is needed for them to stay in office, violence will be used.  Besides multiple threats of civil war, coups, and what not, this mornign we got yet a new escalation in electoral violence when at Puerto Cabello welcoming party for Capriles was attacked by a chavista mob, all in red shirts.

You can read a possible objective account in Associated Press, in English.  but let's look first at the dissociation of Venezuelan official news agency. In it we can read clearly that chavista militants feel it is normal to hold a barrage to a visit by Capriles in Puerto Cabello. Puerto Cabello is red and simply, in the mind of  Mariely Almao, the opposition cannot come there to pretend that they are a majority. A majority where?  In the country? Puerto Cabello? I have put at the end the full ABN news because I think they may erase it or edit it, so outrageous that thing is....

Now let's look at the AP report, which indeed states that both sides hurled stones at each other, but also the damages where all in the pro Capriles camp, in particular a campaign vehicle burnt down. ABN of course does not mention that. Only savages caprilistas attacking poor defenseless chavistas.  We also have a sense that chavismo prepared well the action: 1) the Nazional Guard, which is in charge of all Venezuelan airports was apparently absent and came AFTER the fact to reestablish order and 2) a couple of hundred chavista came, all in uniform, knowing that the welcoming party was not going to be very numerous since the main Capriles activity was going to be elsewhere, just a reception committee not expecting such an onslaught.

Now let's look at other local news source. In El Universal we read that the 200 chavistas came with official vehicle and blocked the airport exit. In fact they did so almost in front the Nazional Guard quarters and these did not go out to stop violence, which is their duty and obligation. In other words they had orders to stay inside.  the opposition counts 4 injured.

El Nacional is telling us that the Nazional Guard is doing nothing to allow people inside the airport to get out.

We do not know whether Capriles managed to make it to the airport. Probably not since Globovision says that no matter what happened at the airport Capriles still made it to Puerto Cabello, more fittingly in a small boat. Confirmed by El Universal also, which takes the opportunity to tells us that so far Capriles has visited 233 towns during his campaign (a sharp contrast to Chavez couple dozen at best).

But I saved the best for last, the tale of the AFP photographer who has been attacked, hurt, stolen his camera and run around by armed chavistas, in the purest fascist manner one can think.  It is interesting to note that Noticias 24 tries to put the best spin, even mentions that Chavez is leading in the polls as if it had anything to do with the AFP guy aggression...

So, what to think?

Clearly, that attack was planned, was meant, just as the attack in La Pastora this week end was prepared though did not take place Capriles preferring to avoid a uselss confrontation.  It is now clear that chavismo is feeling it is losing ground and is starting violence.  Why? To prepare us to accept an electoral coup in October? To mobilize its base by reminding them who is the boss and that only chavista can perpetrate unpunished crimes?

Time to start worrying?

PS, a couple of videos.  they are not great but I am afraid that is all we have to go for now. But you can see clearly that the high aggression is red shirted, no question.

Video 1
Video 2
Más de 25 heridos por simpatizantes de derecha en Puerto Cabello
Puerto Cabello, 12 Sep. AVN.-
Simpatizantes del candidato de la derecha, Henrique Capriles Radonski, y funcionarios de Policarabobo agredieron este miércoles a militantes del Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PUSV) en Puerto Cabello, estado Carabobo, durante una visita del abanderado opositor a esta entidad.

Se contabilizan más 25 simpatizantes socialistas heridos. En su mayoría fueron atendidos en el CDI El Portuario, donde recibieron atención primaria.

Una de las personas heridas, Mariely Almao, denunció que ellos se encontraban realizando actividades a favor del candidato Hugo Chávez y en rechazo a la visita de Capriles, cuando los opositores iniciaron el ataque con piedras, botellas, bombas molotov, cohetes y perdigonazos.

Rechazó esta postura violenta de los sectores que apoyan a Capriles y aseveró que por estas conductas "más nunca volverán a ser gobierno".

Asimismo dijo que las personas que se movilizaban con Capriles no pertenecen a este municipio.

"Puerto Cabello es rojo rojito, no vamos a permitir que traigan gente de afuera para hacer creer que ellos son mayoría. Eso no es así, el pueblo venezolano es chavista", enfatizó.


  1. Scorched Earth policy

  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I think it's about time everyone explicitly acknowledges that chavismo is a cancer. And that it should be treated EXACTLY like a cancer.

  3. galloglass12:26 AM

    The AVN article reads like something from Soviet era Pravda. The only things missing are references to the "bourgeoisie" and "gangster hooliganism".

    1. Anonymous8:10 PM

      It is a very perfect comparison that I even missed already to read here about this propaganda. If one compares that with the typical Eastern Bloc propaganda, one finds many analogies. Already the whole diction is mostly like the "Pravda" was (or all the other communist papers at this time), and how still the cuban papers mostly are nowadays. But who is Chavez' best friend...? Any questions...?

  4. Milonga4:08 AM

    He managed to go by boat? He's my hero! He definitely proved that "there's a way" #HayUnCamino - that's what hundreds of tweets were saying today during the day, meaning that all Chavez's violence probably literally backfired. The crowd that was waiting for him was definitely a proof that something different is going on. Or so we hope. Keeping our fingers crossed, anyway, just in case!

  5. Javier5:11 AM

    Daniel, you mentioned Noticias24. This is one of the media outlets where chavismo needed to be very active, according to the filtered document for the last 30 days of dirty campaign

  6. Island Canuck2:03 PM

    We were watching the events on GloboVision news at mid-day with the video of what was going on. During a commercial we switched over to VTV to see whether they were covering the incident.

    Ha, ha! It was surreal.

    The fault was 100% the opposition people who had gone to the airport to receive their candidate. They had a red shirted participant who had supposedly been hit be a rock saying that they were attacked by the Capriles followers.

    There was no explanation as to what 200 red shirted thugs were doing at the airport. There was not 1 second of video of a red shirted person throwing a rock or burning a vehicle.

    Later that evening we turned VTV on again to see what else was happening. The program "Cayendo y Coriendo" was on. The host was going on & on about facismo, terroristas, etc., etc. all referring to Capriles & his followers. The level of hate & venom was scary. This is what the cult members watch for hours each day. We have 2 family members who do just that & believe every word that spews from VTV.

    This is going to be a real culture shock for them when the programming changes to include all Venezuelans. This is also going to be a problem in the 3 months following the election. If Capriles wins they need to shut down this hatred.

    1. Anonymous8:34 PM

      This will be a shock for them, comparable to the "Stunde 0" (0 hour) in Germany at the end of World War II in May 1945, as the fervent supporters among the germans perceived it then, when they had to get opened their eyes. For them, it was partly as if the world broke into pieces, especially the young ones, who were raised and had grown up all their (still short) life within and surrounded by this ideology. - Of course, it is important to distinguish: Chavez and his guys have never tried or announced to conquer any country, like the Nazis did, but in terms of ideology and the idiots who follow, one actually doesn't know if to laugh or cry out sometimes, since it's always the same, it seems: The follower idiots of an ideology want to establish the paradise on earth, and believe they're doing so by following the propaganda, and most or all of what it says, but eventually they take a stick to beat down everybody (or try so) who has a different oppinion, as soon as they are told by their "boss", or let's rather say: "god".
      Oh PS., I forgot something important: As experience tells us, LATER, when all is over and spook is past, mostly these people "didn't know about the crime", can't remember what their role was, claiming they "had no choice", or simply say "I just did what I was obliged and told to do"

    2. Auto-analysis is not an easy concept for most people, especially for those who have grown up spewing and believing lies, fantasies, or a little of both.

      Imagine how difficult it must be for these people to admit, after years, that they were brainwashed and manipulated, that they could not think for themselves. Hence, their efforts to maintain face and feign ignorance, when the wake-up call arrives.

  7. Anonymous2:04 PM

    Thank you Daniel, for addressing the important subjects of this campaign. I admire that you consistently choose to shed light on what is vital to advance the cause of democracy in our country. It is sorely needed in a somewhat rarified and detached blogosphere.


  8. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Daniel,please be very careful i have a very bad feeling if chavez feels he is about to lose he and his bootlickers will go on a killing spree!! I pray that doesn't happen!! I also worry about those thousands of cuban military poeple go to be concern about them!!

  9. Island Canuck3:55 PM

    Latest poll from Datos Interdata.

    Interviewed 18.803 registered voters in 23 states - 1 al 12 de septiembre.
    Capriles - 52%
    Chavez - 48%

    Projection of votes with 25% abstention
    Capriles - 7.309.208
    Chavez - 6.804.056
    Difference - 505,152 for Capriles

    This is super news when you take into account the "fear" factor.
    I still will stick to my prediction of more than 1 million votes difference for Capriles.

    Hay un camino!
    Se ve, se siente, Capriles Presidente!

  10. Chavismo will undoubtedly use violence whenever it sees fit.
    Chavismo is a movement led by psychopaths. The extreme left and the military are per definition going to use any dirty method to try to remain in power.

    The question is how to react.

  11. I hope people prove me wrong but as long as people have jobs etc .I don't see your average Venezuelan ready to stand up, and stay up and face losses in the case of a difficult situation."God" grant me the ability to hope.

    Just today I got an email from a friend who is a musician in Caracas complaining about his hourly wage which is 4 times what a music teacher makes here, and I am talking about musicians here who are FAR more qualified than those I know in Caracas.I guess that is why some of my friends stay there instead of returning to the US where they have no idea how to support themselves.

    A lot of the daily precios are comparable to here when I looked at his list of monthly however is super super high there, as is I suppose housing, and minimum wages of course are less than half....but it appears that teachers are charging fortunes so there must be quite a few with extra money to pay :)

    But in the end I am not trying to make a monetary comparison here-
    but rather stress the point that i perceive an attitude that is more about money than about the political situation,and other intangible factors.

    This makes me pessimistic for Venezuelans ability to risk, and fight. I keep hearing these stories about money repeated.



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