Monday, October 01, 2012

The biggest electoral march / rally / event in the history of the Americas

The official Reuters picture of the Bolivar avenue, from the back. The stand is far in the horizon. On the right is the stream arriving from the East of Caracas, all the way through Plaza Venezuela, Solano and Miranda avenues

As I put in a tweet that has been re-tweeted a few times, I dare anyone to prove me wrong  that there has not been in the electoral history of the Americas a event of such amplitude. I am not quite ready to put "political event" since some confused revolutions can bring boatloads of people in the streets. I can assure you of one thing, from past experience in Venezuela, today Capriles has put AT LEAST a million and a half people in the streets of Caracas. What you see in the opening picture is the Bolivar avenue which can contain if absolutely full, like today, about 150,000 folks. But those are the ones that came early, for hours people tried to come and go, or just walk a portion of the different set routes. The Libertador, the Solano, the Miranda, the San Martin avenues were full, and more. For hours.

Below some of the pictures sent by readers, for your enjoyment. Internet in San Felipe has been EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW today so I had to give up on some edit and maybe have not received all the pics I was supposed to receive. Update later as needed. I only identify readers with initials. IF you want your name complete, put it in the comments :)

JM sends a view from the rear, below Reuters. Sorry, for some reason I cannot straighten the picture...

This view from PD is more to the right and gives you the perspective... They were waiting for Capriles without even having ways to know whether he was on stage. Devotion, ain't it?

AE sends us a view from the entrance of Los Caobos.

AE also illustrates how the main slogan of Chabez, "corazon de Venezuela" was trounced by the Capriles campaign.

ES tells us how far and crappy is the regime's propaganda reaching, probably along a Mision Vivienda crappy construction.....

ES also regales us of a little street scene as El Pueblo needs some sustain for the long march.

PD saw the Venevision crew watching the march. Through Globo signal? And since it was so big, the crowd also stopped to watch itself......

SH sends a TV news view picked on Internet, at Chacaito


  1. Anonymous2:52 AM

    I have been keeping up with it all day. Absolutely amazing! I have never seen such a crowd! All of them willingly there because they want a better country!

    OT: Have you heard the recording of Cisneros offering money to capriles father yet? I heard it in the comments section of one of the latest post on caracac chronicles. Can it be used against capriles?

  2. Live in hope...we've seen crowds before, now they all need to vote.

  3. With capitalism, man exploits his fellow man. With Socialism, the opposite is true.


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