Friday, October 05, 2012

New poll

The first poll, reserved to those voting in the election (I hope you respected that) went well and is still up, I have added another poll for all, voting or not.  Enjoy.


  1. NY Times : " How Hugo Chávez Became Irrelevant "

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Voting in Australia should be starting right now... so, technically the election has begun.

  3. Anonymous11:35 PM

    Please, what time are the polls to officially open in Venezuela? What time are they supposed to close assuming the Chavestias think they have all the people to the polls? Is there a legal time the CNE is supposed to announce the results? Go Capriles! Don’t want to be an anonymous but never done this before. Bill

    1. Island Canuck12:57 AM

      Polls open at 6 AM & close at 6 PM (Venezuela time) if there is nobody in line.
      They will stay open indefinitely as long as there are people in line.

      The CNE has said that they will announce the winner once the trend is irreversible. Three hours was given as a possible time after the last table is closed.

      HOWEVER, if the race is close then there could be delays. Most people think that it will be after midnight. During the referendum that Chavez lost the results came at 2 AM only after the armed forces threatened him to release the numbers.

      If Capriles is an undisputed big winner the results could come fairly early.

    2. kernel_panic2:42 AM

      And overseas votes will NOT be counted until the CNE announces that "the trend is irreversible" once the national votes are counted. Nice...

      I think the best indication that capriles is winning is that close to midnight, someone from the MUD (Leopoldo?) will appear at TV with the actas in hand, just like last time, saying "we have the actas, we have the results, so, what are you waiting to announce them?"

      If by 2am, still nothing, I think something much more serious is happening backstage...

  4. Dr. Faustus12:13 AM

    Re: "NY Times : " How Hugo Chávez Became Irrelevant "

    Yes, I too read that excellent article. Francisco Toro (over at Caracas Chronicles) has a first rate intellect and is thoroughly enjoyable to read. However, now that Capriles actually has a shot at winning this thing in a few hours, one needs to step back for a moment and give pause. What Toro wrote is somewhat disheartening. He points to Brazil as being 'the' model for South American governments, especially considering their economic models. Yes, in some respects he is right. Brazil under Lula (da Silva) and Dilma has not undergone any of the radical economics of Chavez, Fernandez and Ortega. No confiscations or stacks of legal documents over at ICSID. They've been fairly steady in their economic policies, middle-of-the-road stuff. For that they should be praised. But Brazil is still a mess. Surely they could do much better. Look at Petrobras! They're sitting on one of the world's largest oil fields Off the coast of Rio), yet they appear similar to PDVSA in being unable to move forward and increase oil production. State oil companies are like that. Sorry, Francisco, Brazil is not, should not, be the country Venezuela should aspire to. The best advice for Capriles when he wins the election in a few hours (!), would be to unshackle government control of the economy. Liberty. Freedom. Let the ingenuity of the Venezuelan people fix the everyday problems of the economy. Give 'them' control. Give 'them' power. What will happen will surprise everyone, even the Brazilians. People given such powers tend to overcome all sorts of obstacles. Francisco Toro should support small governments in South America as a solution to economic problems, not Brazil. They've got enough enough problems with their monstrous government in Brasilia to begin with. Think small!

    1. I am glad to see that I am not the only one in disagreement, sometimes deep, with Toro.

  5. Bernie12:34 AM

    I am still concerned about the bogus ballot that has a pictre of Capriles, but the vote will go to someone else. That is a travesty and I can't believe more hasn't been made of that. I remember the Florida vote between Bush and Gore and how a butterfly ballot in West Palm Beach had many votes intended for Gore go for Buchanan. Thatin essence decided to election for Bush

  6. Anonymous2:30 AM

    Thank you Sir you are a blessing. I'm in Zulia and my wife is in Anaco to vote.


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