Friday, October 05, 2012

Reminder VN&V mini CNE

Although not yet a rousing success the offers received are interesting enough that I am launching the operation anyway.  That is, I have several tables in the 50-50 zone to make any early result we may get meaningful.

So, if you are in a voting station or if you know people that are in a voting station and are willing to communicate to you the results of their tables and anecdotes during election day, please, get in touch with me to add you to the project danielinyaracuy (at) gmail . com. "applications" are received until Saturday afternoon.  Get moving!


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    You need results of a table, or the total voting center? I have a co-worker who will be 'suplente' on sunday and could provide me with the info. The thing is that the center has more than 10 tables, and getting the total results could be complicated.

    1. it is OK if s/he can provide a couple of tables only, as long as I can track them in the CNE data base for past voting record.

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Daniel, How will you manage re-structured centers/tables

    Isn't the comparable hypothesis not going to hold ?

    1. I do not intend to predict the result on a couple of dozen voting centers. but i trust that i can see a trend. so far the centers i received have been the same in 2006 and 2010 so i am good. if there is a doubtful center i will simply not use it.

    2. Anonymous6:38 PM

      Makes sense ... hope you make it.

      Sorry I can't offer to provide data as I am voting out of Venezuela.

  3. kernel_panic5:49 AM

    Daniel, I can't promise anything, but I'll try to get you the totalization results of two centers in Maracaibo:

    Don Bosco, parish Olegario Villalobos
    Results for that parish (as per
    2006: 26.7% pro-government, 61212 registered voters
    2010: 18.9% pro-government, 64386 registered voters
    2011-primary: turnout: 40%, registered voters 63950

    La pastora, parish Cecilio acosta
    Results for that parish (as per
    2006: 42.5% pro-government, 37485 registered voters
    2010: 32.4% pro-government, 40305 registered voters
    2011-primary: turnout: 29%, registered voters 40547

    If/when I manage to do so, I'll send you an email with the name of the center, any info I might get on it, and the results.

    I really hope to get that info and that it'll be useful :p


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