Sunday, October 07, 2012

The future of Venezuela News and Views

I should write my plans for the blog before the result comes in tonight. There are two scenarios, one with a sub scenario.

Chavez wins.

By winning I mean Capriles recognizes Chavez victory. If this is the case my work is done here. I have written for ten years against the bastard, starting when hardly a few suspected his fascist nature. If after 14 years the Venezuelan people do not get it, if they prefer subsidy at the price of much degraded living conditions, so be it. I cannot waste any more time blogging, I do not have that many years before retirement and that is now my priority, becoming a bolibourgeois if needed. You want it? Have it! I cannot keep caring and fighting anymore. If what you want is to be screwed, I‘ll try my best.

But there is another reason why I would stop blogging as I did. If Chavez is reelected the loot is going to keep shrinking and soon enough there is not going enough to spread where it needs to be spread. Civil unrest/war will come, starting from inside chavismo and I really do not want to become a Syrian blogger soon after the death of Chavez, if not before. The blog was started to educate intelligent folks outside the country. This has been done successfully. Others will write the downfall.

The blog will not die, I will keep writing because I have the virus in me, but the topics will be of a different nature, to be decided at some point.

Capriles wins

There are two scenarios here. The first one is if chavismo tries to steal his victory. Then there is going to be frenetic blogging until the situation solves one way or another.

The second one is if Capriles victory is recognized. Then I will blog as now until he is sworn in which will coincide with my ten years anniversary as a blogger. But then I cannot keep up. I have become too good at panning Chavez disgrace and it would take quite a while to reinvent myself. I can do it, but I do not have the time, as explained above, if Chavez wins. I have never blogged for a living, never accepted an ad for this blog. This has taken a toll on my finances by postponing a lot of stuff I should have done.

I suppose the blog may become like a weekly newsletter supplemented on personal stuff that I never have time to write about, such as reviews of posadas or restaurants for those foreigners that slowly will start coming back to Venezuela for visits, once Capriles starts controlling crime a little bit. Blogging will become truly fun, a leisurely self-indulgent wandering.

It is the nature of things, ten years have been a long time. I do not regret a thing because as a history buff I have been given the chance to write about history in the making, being aware that I was living it in full. Few with my passion are allowed such a privilege, to go from history books to real history as unappealing as that one may be. And maybe return to books, perhaps writing my own one, now that Internet allows self-publications of selected pieces and commentary. Believe it or not, in French I have written a brief Venezuelan history that covers until 2004 but that I have yet to publish on line. Maybe the time has come.

Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu’on m’a fait, ni le mal
Tout ça m’est bien égal.


  1. Anonymous12:49 AM

    hmm... you don't sound very optimistic daniel... I hope the second scenario (capriles victory) is the one you have to plan for... wait is killing me

  2. Whatever the outcome, it's been a pleasure reading your blog since 2003, Daniel.

  3. Anonymous12:55 AM


    This is one Canadian regular that hopes you keep on bloggin'!

  4. Anonymous1:01 AM


    It's been a pleasure reading your blog since the very beginning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Hope you keep bloggin in some capacity!!!!!

  5. Island Canuck1:04 AM

    You'll be around.

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  6. I agree. Daniel should keep going regardless of the outcome. There will be much to write about either way. If Chavez loses, he won't go down without a fight. If he wins, others will still go on, and try to keep him in check, and the one thing that is sure about dictators is that they don't live forever.

  7. Dirichlet1:43 AM


    I found your blog only a couple of weeks ago and I have enjoyed both the information and analysis you provide. I agree with the other posters here that you should continue writing regardless.


  8. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Blog is fine from out-of-Venezuela.

    For people in Venezuela I suggest you try a proxy server.

  9. Daniel, we meet again on your blog in a night of lots of tension and nerv moments. I have followed your blog since 2004 when I came across it during the referendum. I too share your thoughts regarding your first scenarios.

    So with that said, I want to thank you for your passion and your love for our country. I do hope that you continue to blog, education is still very important and win or lose, I believe that your contributions, even in a weekly basis, is as important.

    My best to you, and my prayers for all of us Venezuelans and for our great Nation. There is a way, and we will continue to strive to make this country great! God Bless Venezuela! And thank you for your contributions.

  10. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Daniel...your insight has been a lifesaver for me. My daughter lives in Venezuela and I have struggled to understand what is happening there. She is now desperate for Capriles to win today. I have no idea what will happen if he loses...all of her hopes are pinned on him. I'm praying for Venezuela to release itself from this tyrant and return to the beautiful, prosperous country it used to be. Thank you so much for dedicating so much of your life to keeping the rest of us informed. You are a Godsend! Good Luck. Susan

  11. This piece is the best thing you've ever written. Please remain firm in your resolution.

    1. Of course our resident chavista commenter would love this post. After some many chavista blogs having failed your only hope is retirement. Do not hold hour breath: my new avatar may be even worse for your side.


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