Sunday, December 16, 2012

Electoral note 2: cheating and less abstention

Did I not tell you that electoral cheating would be brought up a notch today?  Coming back from voting I learned through twitter and the web that the vicious Vice held a "press conference" which had to be condemned by the lone CNE ranger still with some ethical positions.  Maduro stopped his TV apparition but we are told that maybe there will be a communique from Havana in a few minutes.  Now the dead not only vote but call to vote for them....

On other matters. I went to vote, THE LAST one of my close family, including those who are now in Maiquetia waiting for their flight and went early this morning to vote. Then again I wanted to go late to see what was up with the local participation  I am pleased to tell you that in my voting center, perhaps the most anti Chavez of Yaracuy, participation was reaching 50% and people were still trickling in. This is actually "normal" and proven that the abstention talk is mostly a parlor game of the idiots in Caracas.  Let's hope I am proved right.


  1. Milonga1:00 AM

    Hell, Dano! Back to dreaming again... Fingers crossed!

  2. I guess you will just have to weep when you see PSUV sweeps all but 3 or fewer states. Following that, Hugo Chavez will come back cured from Cuba and rule for years to come, insuring plenty of time to transition to a totally grass roots based movement, the revolution is here to stay!

    1. I'd ask your doctor to check on the dosage of psychotropic drugs you're taking.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. would should i weep since i have always said that the opposition could not do well? do you ever bother reading my posts? and judylinn, really.... to the extent you will go to pretend to be an impartial pro chavez commenter....

    4. Charly3:21 AM Huuummm! So-called progressives, in realities being whose brain is directly connected to their digestive tract.


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