Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Capriles wakes up, stops the bullshit

Staring down into the abyss?
And not a moment too soon. Though admittedly talking earlier might not have been very useful. but it is Tuesday, most of the world is now back at world and the bulk of his message was directed at those powers that try to meddle in Venezuelan affairs to keep milking the cow.  It does not hurt either that even in Venezuela today is really the first day that the country recovers a semblant of activity.  Normally we really do not go back to work until January 15 but this year....

We can start with El Clarin of Buenos Aires coverage of Capriles press conference today.  Over there they heard it loud and clear, with names named. For them Capriles told Cristina, Dilma and Evo to stay put, not to support the pre constitutional violation that chavismo is preparing. El Clarin also reports on the opposition MUD letter to the OAS, even using a [sic] to our peculiar use of Spanish in the word juramentacion. They read it all, and they got it.  Or at least they got the message better than the PSUV does....

In Venezuela Tal Cual prefers to highlight that it would be a disgrace that Cabello takes office Thursday  but that is what should happen according to Capriles  In other words, Cabello knows now that he is not the favorite inside the opposition. Though admittedly this is probably more the opinion of Capriles than the whole MUD. Details, details...

More interestingly for us, Capriles demanded that the TYJ, high court, decide whatever it is going to decide, in a clear allusion on the mounting evidence that the regime is indeed adrift and that it is high time they put their shit together. It is also to be noted that El Universal makes its front with the picture of Capriles and Falcon together during that press conference, as a clear sign that the opposition leadership at least is more united on these issues than chavismo pretends to be.  El Universal covers all aspects of Cpariels press conference, from the accusations that it is chavismo that is trying to create turmoil to create the necessary chaos to perform its coup by justifying it, to the warnings overseas.

In short, Capriles stood up in the name of the opposition in front of the country and to international opinion, clearly saying that the opposition will not object on anything that chavismo decided to do as long as it is legal and done in proper order. It is a direct implication that disorder in Venezuela will come at the hands of chavismo and those who suck on Venezuela through chavismo. Strong words, my friends. And about time he sounded presidential!

The immediate hysterical reactions of Diosdado and other tells you that for once the message hit bull's eye...


  1. Using the same Chavista interpretation of the constitution I would Argue that Capriles should take the oath if Chavez is not here on Jan 10th or is death.

    Well, let’s start a “lo que es bueno pal pavo es bueno pa la pava” exercise: As per Cilia Flores, we should preserve the Intention of the people on election day, therefore he should continue to be president, because the people spoke that day, and the oath is a pure formality, that we should not pay too much attention to. However the Intention of the People was to have Chavez as President, and not Maduro, nor Diosdado.

    OK, let’s use the same criteria, and continue the analysis. Chavez, does not take oath, but continues being president because he Won the election, but once Chavez dies, then we go back to the election day and do the same analysis and see that Capriless, got 2nd place, therefore the People’s intention was to have Chaves as a first choice and Capriles as a second choice. Therefore once Chaves Dies, Capriles should take the presidency, to preserve the intention of the People on Election Day.

    Sorry I didn’t take in to account the Constitution for this analysis, but since Cilia didn’t take it in to account either, we are ok… I guess..???

  2. Sorry, I meant Chavez, and Chavez....

  3. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Beto, nice analysis, I agree with you. Just like in Miss Universe, if the winner for some reason can not fulfill her duties then the first runner up will take her place.

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Miss Universe is something Venezuelans can relate to easily. You may be onto something.


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