Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Plop! Chavez will not be in Caracas on Thursday

As just seen on TV Diosdado Cabello has announced that Chavez will not be here for his constitutional swearing in next Thursday 10. Diosdado officially announced that article 231 will be invoked and that the high court, TSJ, will swear in Chavez at his earliest convenience.

This is of course illegal as the intent of article 231 is meant to allow a new president to be sworn in on January 10, not at his convenience because he had previous engagement. The question is now will they dare send a TSJ delegation to Havana or will they swear in Diosdado Cabello, or do nothing for that matter, that is, not swear anything and wait for Godot.

And my computer just died. Replop. Typing on my Realbook with bad Internet connection sucks.


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Just... "make it up", do whatever you need to do.

  2. They will do nothing. I don't know why you are surprised.
    They won't send these people to Havanna, I think. Chávez doesn't look any good.

  3. Nothing will happen.There is not enough anger to fuel the fire.

    Business as usual , following the road of least resistance.

    Eventually they will think of something at their own convenience, because there is nobody there to call them into account.


  4. Nonsense7:59 PM

    OK, let's follow the checklist:

    1. The AN is dominated by Chavistas; ergo, any attempt to generate action on behalf of the opposition is useless.

    2. Maduro is the annointed; ergo, despite that Cabello is supposed to take temporary control over the presidency, he's not going to step outside of the boundaries set by his current Master: The Cubans.

    3. TSJ is Chavista; ergo, the Justices will never, ever, ever rule in favor of the law, much less in favor of the opposition.

    4. Over 50% of the country is Chavista; ergo, starting a revolution is not practical. Particularly when Venezuelans are not known as fighters and Chavistas have shown a lot more aggresiveness and willingness to die for their "caudillo."

    What's left?

    A. Leave nature take its own path; that is, life expectancy for someone dependent on a mechanical respirator for such a long time and whose immune system is severely compromised is very short.

    B. Let Chavistas' power struggle to deepen the party's emerging divisions. You see, Chavez was Chavismo - no Chavez, Chavismo will not last that long.

  5. ...i swear double "PLOP"/"FLOP"...!

  6. Charly10:24 PM

    Daniel, out of order, but I am currently in Doral and a good friend of mine, jeweler by profession finalized a mount for a 31 carat diamond bought by a Chavista female who was so pleased with the results that she just ordered another one 24 carats. The clients were naive enough to explain the reason; when the shit hits the fan, at least they will have something liquid, not property or other iffy iffy assets, just cash. Rats are leaving the ship.

    A couple of days ago, I saw a blog on Caracas Chronicles about the Maduro doctrine. I personally abide more by the Suharto doctrine, very simple, a dead commie is a good commie, it worked wonders, I was there in those days, hope I will be here when they apply the doctrine in Venezuela. Radical? You bet. I am of the opinion that when Chavez dies and after they bury him, we should dig him out and kill him all over again, to make sure that the beast will never come back.

    1. Maduro doctrine? Surely it was a joke post.

    2. And by the way, chavismo has been long buying jewelry. I saw my first shoppers in Panama 6 years ago......

  7. Why they don't simply wait until Chavez reincarnate and have 30 years again and comeback to sworn in as President. It is much much more simple.

    Meanwhile the problems of the country are not being solved.


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