Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coming back? Not coming back?


Argenis Chavez, brother of Hugo, and holder of a plum job through which a lot of money flows (electric utilities, that show no sign of real improvement) told the AP today that Chavez could be back mid February.

A few hours later he said that no, that he was misunderstood, that he never said that, tagadabadu....  and added insult to injury by stating that it was to the government to speak of Hugo's health, not his family. Plop! Can you say reprimand by some Cuban officer?

To make things even more surrealist, today illegal foreign minister Jaua flew to Havana to consult with Chavez on foreign policy matters for an oncoming summit. He says that he chatted amiably with Chavez,  that this one explained to him what to do at that summit.  This, for a president that in over a month has not been able to even give a brief phone call to Venezuelan state TV. Yeah, right.....

I do not know about you, but after having lied for so long about Chavez situation the new post Chavez regime seems enmeshed in quite a toxic web of its own making.  Not to mention that they are using the health of Chavez shamelessly for political purposes in Venezuela. They will unplug him when he is no longer of use.  Oh well...


  1. Charly7:13 AM

    What Jaua forgot to mention is that he communicated with Chavez through a Ouija board

  2. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Chavez is the people. The people are Chavez. Everyone is Chavez. Fidel and Raul are Chavez..... and so forth and so on.

  3. Think he's brain dead? They keep mentioning his heart/spirit/blah blah blah and now 'joking and laughing but he can't manage one tweet and they don't say 'he told jokes' or anything. Never about what he said, all the stuff about giving instructions etc could be him just nodding his head.

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Weekend at Bernie's?

  5. Ronaldo3:15 PM

    I can understand no photos. Chavez most likely cannot walk, looks pale, emaciated, full of bandages, and hooked to tubes to drain his abdomen, drain urine, give oxygen, nourishment, and pain killers. This actual image is not the heroic military leader the Chavistas want to portray.

    But why not a letter, a tweet, a recording, a daily print-out of his vital signs, a fingerprint on today's newspaper, a prescription, or even just a photo of his hospital room?

    If Chavez suddenly found himself dying on the street in some vicino de ranchos, you can be sure he would communicate.

  6. Ronaldo, I doubt we will see another unretouched image of HCF in current time. If we do it will be deathbed shot. They have a lot of spinning to do

  7. HCF was locked out by twitter account owner Izarrita. Reasons include the cabinet demotion and U.S. ambassadorship denial (he told foreign press pals). The campaign video of Maduro and Izarrita another clue. Nothing to do with Chavez' health except that Izarrita is pulling this off. If Chavez was healthy, izarrita would not do this.

  8. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Coma once if yes.


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