Monday, March 04, 2013

SIBCI (Seebcee), rhymes with wheeeee!

The latest creation of the regime is a centralized portal to make sure that they all toe the line, stay in tune, and have the message reach all. Portable loud speakers are included in the deal.

I am not going to go much into this nincompoopery (in particular the loud speakers, they better not wake me up on Sunday AM). I am just going to underline what is obvious: that the regime centralizes all, cannot accept even slight variations in its media, and that is why it is failing so badly in the ratings wars.

However I will comment on the admission by the regime that indeed they control the bulk of the media in Venezuela. If you look at the bottom of the SIBCI page you will see what I put in the pictures below.

I circled in red all the media, from radio to TV to paper, ALREADY under governmental control. That is, financed by the state, at tax payer expense, to promote Chavez because  let's face it, the only paid advertisement that goes there is from public sector "companies". Note the second circle that includes the papers and some local TV.

Now, do not come back to me to discuss the monopoly of private TV in Venezuela.....

The next one is just for fun. I went to the page to register as a "comunicador de calle", those people that are going to harass you with the good news, probably making you miss the Jehovah Witness and Mormons knocking at your door.... You can see circled in orange that people using loudspeakers, or doing graffiti, or posting placards (samizdaters?) can register with their specialty and receive stuff including, I assume, some form of payment for their effort.....  So the regime is going to pay disgusting grafitters to dirty even more the walls of our cities....  A tax payer expense of course.  Wheeeeeeee.........


  1. AMAZING- so unreal! opciones "grafitos, megafonos".. all sounds like science fiction, but unfortunately it is REAL! and RIDICULOUS!If I did not see your pastes of the web site pages, it would be hard to believe! How much crazier can it get?

  2. Daniel, then only thing that comes to mind is: que bolas! And pardon my french....

  3. those people that are going to harass you with the good news, probably making you miss the Jehovah Witness and Mormons knocking at your door....

    I rarely LOL, but here I did, I rolled on the floor like a reptile.

  4. NorskeDiv1:31 AM

    So outrageously fascistic, an explicitly government site which advertises which media tow its line and runs a smear campaign against the opposition. About what I'd expect from the Bolivarian fascists.

  5. So THIS is the reason behind those hundreds of delightful graffiti of Chavez face, and delightful slogans like "obrero que piensa bota la fábrica", plus a lot of street art with a very jalet... I mean, Bolivariano Mesmo slant.


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