Monday, March 04, 2013

Of white ass cheeks and Capriles: looking everywhere for Chavez

When arguments fail, anything is a raft
The regime is managing to reach new lows of ridicule on a daily basis. Today it reached two, TWO.

The first one is from the ex-interior/security minister, noted failure at his job, now governor of Aragua against any logic. Well, he called the student protesting in front of a dependency of the High Court "nalgas blancas", white ass cheeks. El Aissami was talking at a counter rally with chavista "students". Now, in addition of the diverse insults hurled at the opposition students protesting, we need to underscore that El Aissami has in all likelihood very white ass-cheeks  unless he is adept at nude sunbathing. Because he is as white as they come for all of his chavista love.

I suppose his intent was to paint the opposition students as white, appealing to the racial card. Besides noting the totally disgusting nature of such a fascist argument we must also note that the students publicly protesting in Chacao as to where the hell is Chavez are not white, "niche" looking we could almost say. I do not know whether the organizers are careful to put colored students as a façade, but one thing is certain, El Aissami was one of the least indicated chavista to emit such a slur. Heck, I wonder if Chavez would have even gone that slippery road.  Of course, Twitter is having a field day at the expense of idiot El Aissami #nalgas.

But this is merely an indication at how out of arguments chavismo has become now that it is bereft of ideas. I do not know for sure how big the Chacao rally was today, but it is irrelevant. What is relevant is that it is becoming more and more difficult for the regime to explain why Chavez has not given any real proof of existence in now soon three months. Maybe there were only 1,000 today in Chacao, but yesterday they were 100 and tomorrow they will be 10,000.

So now, while the regime pretends that Chavez will be cured and that there will be no elections any time soon, the regime takes the precaution to besmirch as much as possible the possible opposition candidate, Capriles. He is in the US these days. I have no idea why but I am sure that on his agenda there is a search for funds for an eventual presidential bid. No arm there because the Venezuela Constitution forbids public financing of political parties and even though chavismo digs deep and deeper in the state coffers for its campaign it is pretending that it is a crime to give money for the opposition campaign. Yes, the chavismo double standard applies everywhere and even Representative are threatened with law suits because they accepted small money for their campaigns...

Thus we can see tonight for example that state TV, VTV, devotes one of its web pages to pictures of "luxurious" building from where Capriles has been going in and out and where he supposedly would have bought a 5 million dollar apartment. Though we do not know according to the article if the most offensive part of it is that Capriles should have asked permission to travel. To whom?

Let's have some fun with that one.

First, if Capriles can indeed afford a 5 million apartment in New York, including the charges, what the heck is he doing waist deep in shit when there are floods in Miranda? You know what, I am stopping here, this is like shooting fish in a barrel because next I am going to start discussing all the chavista real estate outside of Venezuela.......

At any rate, I hope my point is well taken, the regime is in an overdrive mode of inanity. Draw your own conclusions....

PS: the NYT speedily investigated. Capriles sister lives there. She bought this apartment for 4. The Capriles are rich, from more than one generation. Her husband probably is also rich. Big deal. Let's talk chavista real estate now, from La Lagunita to Madrid, via Miami and New York. At least Capriles inherited.....


  1. Talk about complexes!
    What a pathetic intellectual vortex for a country.

    Btw, Chávez did, indeed, use the race card, when he remarked in a not-so-private encounter with his son in law, "tú si que eres blanco, chico."

    1. True, but at least he had "context". But El Assinine has none.

    2. Anonymous3:41 PM

      It appears that a mooning contest is in order. The students deserve more info on Chavez health. In turn, El Assinine is demanding info on opposition culo de color. He is one sick man. Imagine how low Chavistas are going if this is mentioned at all.

  2. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Le queda mal a El Aissami hablar de nalgas blancas, él es un arabe blanco, a que viene este señor a hablar de razas o colores. Ya se cansa uno de ser insultados por estos chavistas que no tienen educación, no saben hablar y quieren copiar y endiosar a su jefe Hugo, como lo hace el que llamo Usurpador

  3. Charly8:16 AM

    My reliable sources tell me that Chavez has reached his final destination and , since it is in his nature, is preparing a coup against Lucifer He has a lot of backup from the damned because a Bolivarian hell will be such an improvement over existing conditions. You see, one day there won't be any coal, the next day no matches to lit the fire, the third day, the devil in charge of managing the fire won't show up because he will either be "enratonado" or will have to go to a march to support the new Prince of Darkness. Uh Ah!

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      The Castros kicked Chavez out of Cuba because of the strong sulfur smell. Now it is coming from the militar hospital.

  4. Yesterday Julio Borges had a press conference where he showed a picture of who Capriles was conspiring with in NY.

    His 2 nephews.

  5. Is he saying that if you are black, you are not smart enough to wonder where the President is and what he is physically capable of?

  6. Sometimes you have to just laugh or go insane.
    Charly I think you got something there, you could run with that and make it into a short story or even a cartoon...there is plenty of ammo...think of the Castros who soon will be joining in, the dammed who however evil did not anticipated Hell under new management, and on and on...
    thanks for the reprieve...Orlando

    1. Charly5:19 PM

      Yes Orlando, they could eventually make an infernal trinity, Fidel the Father, Hugo the son and Raul the Holy Ghost, Tascon, William Lara, Lina Ron and the rest as los diablitos.

  7. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Chavistaism hit bottom but they keep on digging.

    "Is he saying that if you are black, you are not smart enough to wonder where the President is and what he is physically capable of?"

    That is an apt interpretation.


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