Sunday, March 10, 2013

Visiting the Chavez mummy (or whatever it is they are doing with the body)

The S.O. went today to inspect the surrounding areas of Los Proceres, the ceremonial avenue that leads to the military installations where Chavez body is on display  He could not access the inner sanctum even for some photos only: for that you need to make the whole line, that starts from the bus station of La Bandera and snakes through Los Proceres until the end. So he told me he will try tomorrow morning early. Meanwhile we get quite a few scenes....

We start with a "panoramic" of three pictures of the line, about half a mile still from Chavez. Note that it is a dry, dry season and the trees have few leaves to offer shade.

After they pass that gate, people are sort of free to roam until they reach another area where the proper line to see Chavez forms. The picture above is the decorated marching grounds of the Venezuelan army, the half a mile or so left to walk to see Chavez.

The "triumphal" monolith bedecked with the flag, and on the left a giant screen TV which transmits all the activities around the casket, that is, electoral campaign. there are several of these large screens.
The lines after that entry are supposedly more formal but the pictures below are like those for any marches in Venezuela, with the appropriate sellers of junk. Chavez did not escape that. By the way, the weak grass during the dry season has been quite trampled beyond recovery, I was told.

bolivarian souvenirs in red.

No respect for anything, a tank is simply something to climb on. It is of course empty, just there for display  with its first graffiti already on it.

A lot of red but a lot of organized groups from the hinterlands. Care to guess who paid for the trips?

Selling flags from the truck.

Some slogans, of course. We do not know yet for sure what slogans are inside....

T shirts, of course.......

One more large screen for one more line view.

These are old murals from the hated 4th republic where the "punto fijo tyranny" then paid for leftist artists to decorate murals. Ask yourself today if the current regime would pay for dissidence art.......

And for the end, a seller of framed recent pictures of Chavez ordeal.......
Es que todo eso se cuenta y no se cree.......


  1. As usual, it's all about $$$$$$$$$$. Selling stuff, making a buck, getting a bribe, or a fishy new job, anything the vultures can get. Even from abroad, international vultures fly by, see what they can get..

    1. Sledge,

      Even in Belarus they are making money on Chavez by selling matrioskas ( wooden dolls within dolls) of Chavez.!


  2. miamol: cambiale ese 'gasket' a 'casket' ("..a giant screen TV which transmits all the activities around the gasket,..")

    1. mi sueño.... eso pasa por hacel postes a media noche y confial en el spellerchquer.

  3. Dr. Faustus5:07 PM

    After viewing the above photographs I feel it necessary to go against the convential wisdom. I WANT Capriles to win on April 14th. Sorry. I know that sounds crazy. I know that there will be widespread chaos as a result. I know there will be bloodshed. It will be bad, no doubt. But someone has to stop the Chavista-controlled Venezuelan media from instigating such human insanity as seen in the photographs. He was just a poltician! He's no different than any other human corpse that one can view in a Caracas morgue after another bloody weekend. We are ALL equally human. Stop the nonsense, stop the madness! Stop the media from creating a cult of personality about a man who was once accurately described as possessing an 'encyclopedic ignorance' on most matters. I want Capriles to win for only one reason, to bring fairness and sanity back to the Venezuelan media. How dare they turn the dissemination of basic information into a Goebbels-like propaganda machine. It's crazy. Look at the photo's. View the swearing-in ceremony of the Vice President. Normal human beings should look at something like that and be shocked, outraged. All those so-called journalists of the Venezuelan media should be thrown out on their ears. Stop them! Don't the 44% have political views as well? It's the one outstanding reason why Capriles should be voted into office on April 14th, to put an end to the media madness.

  4. Dr. F, not only the media is mad.... el pueblo! My goodness, I feel for them.

  5. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Of the thousands of tearful, beret-wearing lemmings who followed the empty casket through the streets, let's remember that at least 20,000 of them will be shot dead this year.
    When the oil money runs out they will be in Cuba 2. Socialismo o muerte! (es muerte)


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