Monday, April 15, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Capriles challenges Maduro and the CNE

Capriles just spoke and threw down the gauntlet  He will not recognize the result unless some simple conditions are met, including actual counting of ballots.

He said that if the CNE dares proclaim officially Maduro today he will not be a legitimate president with all the consequences that this carries.

In addition he accuses that 1) the army is already "moving" ballot boxes that cannot be moved yet 2) that some army personnel that wanted to enforce the rules were arrested. And hinted at a few more charges.

He came back on Maduro words last night as lies and manipulation of a message that he sent to avoid a political crisis. in short, he says that the regime has sought deliberately a major political crisis.

He wonders who is in charge there. Apparently Maduro told him he needed to "consult". {To whom?  I add: the Castros?}

Marches and protests are planned and can be stopped very simply by Maduro and the CNE accepting to count the votes. {I am not too keen on his asked for "cacerolazo": that NEVER works in San Felipe, even if my table voted 88% for Capriles}

I will put the video when up.

UPDATE: in front a silly journalist question Capriles dared to find a single incident where the opposition was at fault yesterday in front of the 3000+ incidents already reported from chavista supporters. He also reported on the amazing number of 500 voting machines breaking down in apparently suspicious areas.


  1. Island Canuck2:46 PM

    This is not going to end well.

    The machismo of the government will not allow them to bend to Capriles demands.

    Maduro will be inaugurated today as scheduled.
    Once that happens only open revolt will change things if at all.

    There will be violence - it's unavoidable.
    We've reached the abyss.

    1. What else did you expect? Hasn't this blog said over and over again that thugs do not surrender power without a struggle?

      I get an A on that prediction.........

    2. Anonymous4:24 PM

      With all the suspected fraud, how on earth did they only manage to "win" by such a short marging? Come on, even their election rigging is a disaster!

  2. Charly3:11 PM

    Daniel, my answer to a friend asking me if I won my elections (Sorry for the others it is in French)

    Le fascisme pur et dur ne se sort pas aux votes mais à coups de fusil. Et que personne ne s'y trompe, je n'utilise pas le terme "fascisme" à la légère, un terme malheureusement devenu une insulte popularisée par les communistes, frères de route des fascistes, en fait leurs compétiteurs directs pour soumettre en esclavage les masses dépourvues de matière grise. Après avoir été éradiqué en Europe, il prend maintenant un déguisement créole certainement plus folklorique mais tout aussi détestable et qui je croie devrait se terminer de la même manière. Pas d’omelettes sans casser les œufs.

    Contre-révolutionnairement vôtre


  3. Milonga3:14 PM

    Praying... that's probably all we can do being so far away. As to Capriles, they didn't leave him another option, did they? What else can he do except call civil disobedience? When I listened to Maduro´s speech last night, I knew things were going to get ugly. It was actually funny, that speech, seemed coming from a surrealist Monty Python comedy. Things must be really bad when even Insulza is backing the count. Insulza, who has genuflected to Chavez in the past without shame. And then there is Mujica and Cristina who are running to the inauguration, and making me very, very ashamed of being rioplatense. God bless!

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    In this phrase, the only truth i hear from a chavista was: "El poder no se gana, el poder se arrebata". Capriles has won the initiative in the venezuelan Chess. I think it may be enough to get the power Now, but also later. He can sign the times after his win yesterday. The Dynamic of the next hours will show how sudden a power change will take place or be postponed. The weekness of the enemy was never to obvious as today. It is el momento flaco... I think.

  5. Daniel tienes informacion sobre Tibisay Lucena que aparentemente se fue del pais??? tambien sobre Globovision supuestamente esta tomado y censurado y no muestra las manifestaciones del pueblo en la calle???

    1. Anonymous5:01 PM

      Falso, Globovision transmite, y Lucena esta presente proclamando a Nicolas

  6. I want to know about the general feelings of the country. Is there stuff going on in the streets. Was Muduro sworn in at 2?

  7. kernel_panic5:26 PM

    Daniel, I posted this over CC, but I want to leave it here as well. What's your take on this?

    if capriles doesn’t have HARD evidence that he actually won, then this is lopez obrador, no point discussing this alternative.

    if capriles does have HARD evidence that he actually won, then, why is he asking for a recount instead of showing said evidence of fraud? One could say that it’s because that by doing so, then the fraud will be evident because the different tallies won’t match, thus proving fraud.

    now, maduro is being proclaimed, obviosly CNE will avoid the requested 100% audit. what’s next? that’s my question. If the requested audit does not take place then will capriles make public whatever HARD,”irreversible”, evidence he has, exposing maduro as a fraud?

    You guys (CaracasChronicles) are saying that slow and steady wins the race… no problem with that, but, what could be the next step?

    On a side note, did you notice that there are extra new voters on the REP? Supposedly, for this election, the same electoral registry from 7-O was going to be used, so, please explain this to me. How come?

    This are the numbers DIRECTLY from the CNE website:

    Número de Electores escrutados. 18.854.935
    Número Total de Votantes que votaron realmente. 15.176.253
    Participación. 80,48 %
    Número de Votos Escrutados. 15.160.289
    Número total de Votos Válidos. 98,1 % 14.872.739
    Número total de Votos Nulos. 1,89 % 287.550
    Número de Actas Procesadas. 39.233

    Ficha Técnica
    VOTOS ESCRUTADOS 14.961.701
    VOTOS VÁLIDOS 99,55 % 14.895.107
    VOTOS NULOS 0,44 % 66.594
    ACTAS TOTALES 39.376
    ACTAS ESCRUTADAS 98,71 % 38.869

    1. Michel Garcia7:52 PM

      The idea of now showing the proof is simple. Considering every side has the actas, and that according to the CNE all ballots MUST reflect what the actas say, and considering that the electoral material have been continuously destroyed right after midnight, then the CNE NEEDS THE BALLOTS to actually back-up their position.

  8. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Gran cacerolazo en el Oeste de Caracas (donde yo vivo) durante la cadena de Tibisay... una vergüenza para las mujeres venezolanas. Me dicen que fue en toda Caracas.

  9. Charly6:14 PM

    It is obvious by now there was a monumental fraud last night. I saw pictures of the military burning a significant amount of CNE boxes. There goes the evidence. There were lots of predictions over the last few days. Let me just forward one of my own; Maduro has become an instant political corpse, he lost 700,000 voters, he will never regain them and because he is a jelly fish he will loose more and the military will eventually shit on his head, this dude is the perfect scapegoat, he will pay for Chavez's sins. Sit back, relax, pass the popcorn, stay out of the way when the reds start shooting each other.

  10. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Repeated: Those pictures of soldiers burning CNE boxes are old. Look for "cne incinerar material electoral" in Google images


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