Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tensions flare

Nazional Guard happily tear gazing
I was busy this afternoon (more on that later) and there was/is a cadena for the proclamation of Maduro as the winner. Of course, in the purest fascistic-repressive tradition of April 11 2002, during the cadena repression had started at Plaza Altamira in Caracas as the two pictures shown in this post (lifted from Twitter). I personally think it is a mistake to start such street riots so soon when Capriles is calling for peace and quiet and to wait for his directions while looking very combative   But the sensation of electoral fraud is just too big, people are too upset and the regime is deliberately stoking those flames to get a reaction and justify more repression.

Nazional Guard blocking highway at rush hour
But protests are going on elsewhere. In San Felipe the afternoon has not been as peaceful as it was this morning. I live not too far from the local CNE headquarters and there were protests since around noon. This afternoon I heard honking caravans and the like. And the pattern is repeating in many places around the country even though Capriles wants everyone quiet at least until tonight 8 PM.

Based on the little bit of the Cadena this afternoon I could watch, chavismo is hardening its position  The 4 chavista agents in the CNE received Maduro to proclaim him the winner, and their affectionate display were, well, embarrassing. At least the 5th CNE director did not attend, refusing to sign such a rushed proclamation. It almost looks like the CNE witches and chavismo have reached a "I do not give a f..." attitude.

But things internationally are not looking good for Maduro and Co. as democracies kind of like that all electoral legal positions are at least preserved in public. Ex-president of Colombia Pastrana, who already did not want to attend the election as he considered the CNE board too partial. Today he went ahead and send the letter below asking Santos to not recognize a Maduro too fast.
Straight, sorry, no time for translation
It is just starting........


  1. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Soldiers were photographed burning ballots to prevent a recount. Chavista tricks.

  2. kernel_panic7:23 AM

    Gunshots at students camping outseide CNE office in maracaibo at midgnight!

    Supposedly, a group of chavistas started firing at them and the national guard, students got caught up in the crossfire. I live nearby and heard the detonations.

    Also, they did that at the "Plaza de la republica" too.

    Tensions flaring indeed!

    1. kernel_panic7:30 AM

      UPDATE: confirmed by local deputy Lester Toledo

      Lester Toledo ‏@LesterToledo 13min

      Confirmo lo ocurrido en el CNE-Zulia: Tupamaros armados llegaron a golpear estudiantes, la GN los defendió y mato a 2. hay 6 chamos heridos.

      This is also coming up on twitter:


      If the rumors are right, the PSUV is self attacking itself as to blame the opposition and have excuses to do whatever they want. If this is true, we're up for some NASTY sh!t


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