Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Duty calls, a migraine will not stop me from reporting on the fascist coup going on in Venezuela

Barquisimeto today
I suffer from occasional crippling migraines and today I got one. On and off I tried to read my tablet, or watch at very low volume TV but soon enough I had to stop and slumber again. Yet, all hands on deck and even if incomplete I need write up some stuff.

On the live-news I can tell you that today there was a significant rally in front of San Felipe CNE. I had to go to work for half an hour at least so I saw the end of it when I came back home, seeing walking next to my car San Felipe's ex mayor and our representative who in normal times are political adversaries. Times have changed.

Also tonight the cacerolazo was stronger than last night even though I did not participate all lights off in my house, pillows around my head....  Certainly the news of the day would have made anyone upset enough to regain energies for massive pot banging again.

What happened today defies any understanding, defies any norms of democracy.

First, there are 7 death reported in public disorder. I have not inquired into it for obvious reasons indicated above. However I did get enough energy to watch Capriles declarations this late afternoon, of course rudely interrupted by Maduro's third cadena of the day. Which already goes leagues into illustrating the regime's nervousness.

Capriles today did three things: he recalled his supporters home to wait for his further instructions; he accused the regime to create the violence and "infiltrate" its agents to create such violence; and he said that he won the election. This in front the international press, who he also instructed on all the many voting irregardless that have been documented so far, which question at the very least a million of the votes cast. That is, there should be enough voting centers that should repeat the vote of last Sunday, needless to say more than likely in Capriles favor.  I am not going into details but I am referring to what I already wrote quickly Monday morning on the different ways to fraud, for those who think that counting little papers is enough.  by the way, I was distressed by some of the near stupid questions of the press in a time like this which can only indicate to me that the press department of Capriles is not doing a good job at information.

So what is the regime doing while this take place, besides doing cadenas? Well, if anyone visiting Venezuela had any doubts about the nature of the regime, those doubts should have been lifted: we are in a fascist regime.

Maduro in his cadenas threatened Capriles with jail, asked for an investigation into promoting public disorders, did not recognize him as governor of Miranda because this one does not recognize him as president and simply said that he was not going to send any more funds to Miranda, regardless of what the budget laws say. The perfect mix of spoiled brat tantrum and classical Castro propaganda and modus operandi.  To this you can ad the presentation of the country's prosecutor chiming on clue, and other officials that also want to jail Leopoldo Lopez and what not.

Representative Davila, agressed by chavistas at the
Nazional Assembly, bloodied, attended by
Maria Corina Machado
But the best fascist moment was going to come from our dear Diosdado Cabello, long rather silent who today overdid himself. As the president of the National Assembly he turned it singlehandedly back into a Nazional Assembly as before 2010. He decided that any opposition Representative that does not recognize Maduro will be deprived of speech in the Assembly as long as he is in office.  Interestingly he looked so fat and so hysterical that I immediately thought of the pigs at Animal Farm.

So there you go, the regime is in full coup mode, threatening a massive repression. But can the regime do it?  If Capriles is right, if at least the single voting act had been fair, would Maduro have crossed the 50% line?

PS: as I am winding down this post I am seen on TV didoes of chavista bikers shooting at protestants on foot.  Fascism, again......

"we are not going to allow vote counting"


  1. Anonymous6:04 AM

    How appropriate, as I read your report I am listening to Buena Vista Social Club. Get used to the Cuban music, if Maduro retains power.

    I listened today when Maduro called the opposition Fascists. El burro hablando de orejas. I had a slight laugh, unpleasantly ironic though it was. I pray the Venezuelans can rise up and send a strong message for the international community to see the disapproval and rejection of CNE's election results pronouncement. God forbid anyone further should die, but if so it is all on the hands of Maduro and his co-conspirators. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow since Capriles asked his followers not to protest in response to Maduro's threats.

  2. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Good stuff Daniel, do you have any info on the (real) foreign vote totals?

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM

    Esta foto es astante discreta comparado con otras de mucho más maltrato a la gente por parte de los militares ue no respectan nada, que son unos animales, espero que las ONG que se ocupan de los deredhos humanos tomen cartas en el asunto, La Maga Lee

  4. Charly12:20 PM

    I would say the beast is mortally wounded, Maduro himself is already a political corpse, just a matter of time before a colonel gets the smart idea of sending these idiots to feed the crabs and back to square one in the history of LatAm. Not a dull moment though. Obviously the PSUV is decaying fast, In my own block, die hard chavistas voted against Maduro. They told me themselves. , especially that now money is insufficient to satisfy everyone. These people will not come back. Mane, tekel phares. Let us not forget that Venezuela is not Cuba. Cuba is an island.

  5. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Funny, I thought Cabello looked more like Baron Harkonnen, of Frank Herber's DUNE than Orwell's Napoleon..... scary nonetheless

    abrax Mon cher

  6. Sorry you are sick.Hope you have a speedy recovery.

    I think we need to come up with new adjectives to describe these people.I prefer 'gangsters'.Gangsters from the PSUV are the same as gangsters from the mafia.

    We cannot have a situation where the opposition cries " fascist" while officialism does the same.The word has lost all meaning, like most over-used and/or wrongly used political terms. firepigette

  7. In Merida the armed motororized militias oppressed peaceful protesters with the grace of the national guard and police. Critical situation here in Merida. I ask all users to please inform the general public of all oppression tactics perceived

  8. Marco, Mi amor!!! No puedo decir mi nombre ( soy anonymous), pero soy yo( tu segunda madre), here in NC....mama de " Coco" :)

    Que bueno verte por aqui....besos

    ps Marco I appreciate all of your efforts.

  9. And now What?? ABC is reporting of an arrest warrant for HCR and other members of MUD.
    Why Spain recognized maduro? Why hasn't anybody in the international community (read countries) come out openly to repudiate what is going on in Venezuela. It is not as if we have never seen this before. We all have seen this "movie" before throughout history. We know how it ends...can we for once stop it before it plays out??

    1. kernel_panic6:21 PM

      Because they have much to lose if Maduro goes bananas on them, I'll reply with two spanish sayings:

      1) Es mas facil pedir perdon que pedir permiso
      2) Si ya te lo metieron, lo que te queda es menearlo

      This problem must be solved in venezuela, by venezuelans, as if the whole universe was venezuela. We're on our own.

    2. k_p,

      Exactly! Also, when Venezuelans step up and put their own house in order, then they will be accorded the respect of the International Community. If Venezuela fails to solve this problem itself, it will not be taken seriously for a long, long time.

      Venezuela can consider this crisis to be a sort of Rite of Adulthood that it must pass.

    3. I very much disagree boys.

      The problem with International reporting is legend and the influential BBC is one of the main culprits.

      Reporters should not be reporting on what they are not sufficiently knowledgeable on and this should have nothing to do with 'if a country deserves respect or not'.

      And yes, pressure from the International community CAN make a difference, which is why diplomacy exists .

      Should Venezuela bear the brunt of the responsibility? Of course ....but that does not take away from the responsibility of the International community with informing themselves of the reality of the situation and reporting honestly...Something it fails to do quite often.


    4. kernel_panic8:18 PM

      Elías Pino Iturrieta ‏@eliaspino 1h
      ¿Por qué España reconoce a Nicolás? Amenazaron con la nacionalización del Banco Provincial y Movistar. El PP accedió de inmediato.

    5. kernel_panic11:44 PM're being too naive.

  10. 1979 Boat People5:50 PM

    Will Venezuela be undered military dictatorship headed by Cabello soon?

  11. kernel_panic7:04 PM

    Wow, Luisa Estela Morales, head of the supreme court has just said that: "there is no such thing as a manual recount"!

    Quoting lapatilla (
    Morales indicó que en el país existe un sistema automatizado de votos por lo que un reconteo de votos sería inviable. “Lo que se puede producir es una auditoría del sistema”, destacó que si existe alguna inconformidad por parte de quienes participaron en el proceso pueden hacer la solicitud por vía legal a la Sala Constitucional del TSJ que es la encargada de atender las solicitudes de ese tipo. “Hasta el momento no han recurrido hasta los órganos correspondientes para solicitar auditoría”, destacó.

  12. this situation is rapidly descending into straight up civil war. I have already seen multiple fotos and videos of Chavistas passing out oposition jerseys and hats and making molotov bombs in back yards.

    It is clear to me that someone high ranking is orquestrating all of this from the back ground. This smells and reaks of Cabello's doing. I beleive he is acting behind Maduro's back. He absolutely wants the Cubans out asap probably even more so than the Opo does.

    Now i see why Chavez did not leave him in charge. He would have no problem commiting mass murder or allowing it to happen. I think Chavez knew this. I think this was the only best way he could have kept the Cubans in control. A sort of counter balance to Cabello's power so that there would be some semblance of civility.

    I fear all that has gone out the door with a real 50/50 split in the elections Cabello is seizing the moment and taking advantage. He causes chaos. Maduro is weakened. The perfect situation for a Perez Jimenez style neo-coup of sorts.

    I know this. If they try to apprehend either Capriles or Leopoldo it will be an all out civil war and Maduro and his ppl know this. This is something he cannot afford right now. Cabello on the other hand he so badly wants this you can see it in his eyes. In his demeanor. He can taste the victory and all consuming power.

    May god have mercy on Venezuela.

    1. I have already seen multiple fotos and videos of Chavistas passing out oposition jerseys and hats and making molotov bombs in back yards.

      Can you give us some links?

  13. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Cabello is a sneaky piece of shit for sure, but he strikes me as one who likes to pull the strings from behind the curtain and not center stage. It is clear that he is not trusted within chavismo, but for now he is serving a purpose for the cuban puppetmasters. His immediate threat is the opposition, but he has no future in the revolution either. He is cornered and threatened and that makes him dangerous. He will be held accountable for his past and present actions, along with a long list of other "revolutionaries".


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