Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fascism keeps forward

I am sorry, but I cannot come with a better header when I read Luisa Estela words today.  But before I go into it I need to calm down readers: my surprise is that she waited until today to say that there is no "ballot counting" in the Venezuelan legal system.

First, I am going to dispatch her statement with the absurd: if there are printed ballots and we cannot count them, then why do we have printed ballots in the first place?

But you cannot expect anything from a woman who has put herself squarely in the service of the executive power, who has accepted that the High Court of Justice in Venezuela, TSJ, is a mere validation office of all the legal decisions that the regime needs.  I will remind you of the ex-justice Aponte Aponte who had to flee the country and who told us that the regime, often with Maduro himself, had regular meetings with the TSJ to decide how the different sentences should go. This is a woman that never had ANY credibility, but how so much hate and power to harm people!

I cannot think of a clearer demonstration that of fascism in Venezuela: even if today were mere words, they reveal all that you need to know about the mind set of Luisa Estela Moralaes Lamuño.

I suppose that now it is a time as good as any to remind folks that Luisa Estela started on January 9 a coup of which we are witnessing the crowning moment.


  1. Charly7:12 PM

    Any idea when the CIA will start inoculating cancer to that bitch?

    1. A vision of Bush inoculatiing cancer to Chávez can be seen here:

      Let's hope they use that gun again on Luisa Estela and Diosdado.

  2. i love Charly's answer there.

  3. Anonymous7:26 PM

    I am just surprised to realize how much Maduro aka The Birdman resembles Saddam Hussein.

    A mob of Chavistas murdered one of their own yesterday, the chauffeur of the Vice Minister of PDVSA who was driving a rich Cuban national advisor who is sub-assistant minister home. It is a nice condo building, the vehicle was a recent model Mercedes. Perhaps they assumed the driver was an esqualido? Neighbors saw the mob, which included National Police and Guards, and some Bolivarian Militia in uniform.The driver was from a poor area, was a Chavista, his family came to the scene to grieve.These groups are wandering the city under orders from somebody in PSUV and the government, and only Maduro is to blame.For me, I just wish that the people could sack the Cuban Colonists and restore Bolivar's vision of beautiful Venezuela, La Gran Colombia.

  4. Pedro V Rocha7:54 PM

    The absurdity of that woman's comments is beyond ridicule, don't they audit 54% of the mesas immediately after the election? how could they do that without counting the paper ballots?

    But this brings me to another point, did they audit 54% of the mesas as is required? did they discover any anomalies? We don't know. All we have is Capriles' word but as far as I know zero specifics.

    I understand all the pre-election ventajismo but that is now water under the bridge, so why do Capriles think he can win a recount? what does he know we don't know and why doesn't he tell the world?.

    If the 54% audit went ok, what makes Capriles think he can win by counting the remaining 46% (Why bother counting the 54% already counted right?)

  5. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I don't know if the widely distributed photos of paper ballots being dumped are real or not.

    But, if there's nothing to hide...

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    "Venezuelan Legal System"

    Is there such a thing then?

  7. kernel_panic9:44 PM

    How democratic:

    Odalis Monzón @OdalisMonzon

    comencé a meter la lupa aqui en Vargas muchos que están en las Misiones Sociales e instituciones del estado tocando cacerolas no pidan cacao

  8. Michel Garcia9:50 PM

    More irregularities.

    According to the CNE website, in Carabobo, with a count of 99,96% of the "actas", Maduro got 610,403 votes and Capriles got 595,089 (15,314 votes less).

    However, Scarano, San Diego' mayor, says they have all the "actas" of Carabobo state, and that they show Capriles got over 80,000 more votes in that state (Carabobo) than Maduro.

    He also says they have reproted cases of military that just turned 18 years old voting and cases of people that were changed from voting center. The problem lies in that the CNE said they were going to use the same voting registry of october, so, no new voters were allowed, and no-one was supossed to have been changed from voting center.

    In view of this, he says that “This shows that it is also necessary to review the (voting) books to verify that the voters of 7-O are the same that excercised their (voting) right this 14-A" ("Esto muestra que también es necesario revisar los libros para verificar que los votantes del 7-O sean los mismos que ejercieron su derecho este 14–A”).

    He also wants to check on the time-stamp of both voting ballots and machines: "If at 6pm many empty voting centers were closed, why were machines activated, opened after that hour" ("Si a las 6 de la tarde se cerraron muchos centros de votación que estaban vacíos, por qué razón se activaron máquinas, se abrieron después de esta hora”).

    Full article in spanish:

  9. Anonymous10:32 PM

    "Pedro V Rocha"

    54% of select voting machines were checked (supposedly) immediately after the vote. That does not include opening boxes and validating 8 millions paper ballots against the machine data. The paper ballots have not been checked, and they do not want to check them. Makes you wonder why that box is there, or why money and effort goes into implementing the paper ballot collection system? Just another mirage of democracy? In case you missed it, tibesay stated that these machines are perfect, performed perfectly and they have not and will not open the boxes and check against the machines. She obviously wasn't talking about the 500+ machines that were broken, but then she doesn't have to explain herself to you, me or the rest of Venezuela. Somehow she is above moral and legal boundries, unquestionable and untouchable. Amazing.

  10. Michel Garcia10:43 PM

    This is a presentation (in spanish) that shows some disturbing data on the difference of results between the 1st. announcement and the 2nd. one.

  11. kernel_panic11:17 PM

  12. kernel_panic11:19 PM

    Also, this is interesting:

    "En la medida en que la Red de Observación Electoral de la Asamblea de Educación pudo ir recuperando los datos enviados por los observadores de las más de 550 mesas electorales en todo el país -proceso que fue interrumpido por el ataque que sufriera en su sede el domingo luego del cierre de los comicios-, la cifra de incidencias se ha incrementado notablemente.

    En el de las mesas donde los escrutinios no fueron públicos la cifra prácticamente se ha triplicado pasando inicialmente de 3,3 por ciento en la primera versión del Informe 3 a 9,3 por ciento."

    HT: Bruni

  13. Daniel, first, thanks for not retiring in sheer frustration with an electorate that 'doesn't seam to learn.'
    You could never keep yourself away from THIS. (Migraines included) I've been watching Globovision online with all the gaps of streaming - plus a very obvious Cadena thrown into Capriles's press conference yesterday. It is amazing how all the regime's actions are simply designed to hide the truth. Cabello shuts down debate in the National Assembly, Tibisey says the system is essentially "too perfect" to make a mistake or be manipulated, Maduro says I don't care what "your opinion" - 50% of the electorate - in his cabinet meeting and gets a rousing applause.
    Meanwhile the production values on the government propaganda that the private TV has to air are extremely good. I can see why some one that just watches VTV and Venevision would be deceived. I understand exactly why RTCV was shut down. There are very few public spaces where information of a reassuring nature can be found. There is nothing like a live press conference from Capriles for orientation in these critical times. And yet the govt blocks even this if it can.
    I have never seen in such a concentrated fashion the "total subjugation of all the public institutions". It is frightening. And to the degree that conditions on the ground turn more violent (by design or through frustration) this simply gives the excuses for the "Mano Dura." If this is not a test of fire for Capriles, I don't know what is.
    Thank god all of the sleazy Opposition politicians have already been bought off to jump ship cause now is when the MUD needs to be very compact and firm in its message. Finally, I must admit that in the midst of all of this anguish there is at least the satisfaction of engaging "the enemy" and hopefully showing it for what it is. Capriles is forging his leadership the old-fashioned way. I'm very proud of his handling of all of this to date.
    Good to have you here Daniel. This is definitely a "go-to" site in a crisis. Gabriel

  14. Anonymous3:14 AM

    So a recount is not possible because more people than these 5 douche rags would need to touch the ballots? Why would they only give Maduro a 1% win? They had to have known the people would not just accept this. "Tibisay!! you had four months and you could only get me just over 50%?!"

  15. kernel_panic9:44 PM

    The Sports Director of Zulia State firing all employees that voted for Capriles:



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