Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Massive pot bangging in Venezuela

I am pleased to report that Capriles petition of doing a long cacerolazo at 8 PM has been a major success. In San Felipe we started at 8 sharp and after half an hour we got tired and went home. And in the silence of our block we could hear the rumor from all around us!!!!!!  Even now, diner quickly dispatched and opening for a quick note, I can still hear stuff!!!!!  It has also been taken up by CNNE and NTN24 from Colombia who are showing it live in their screens.

Cacerolazo is that old habit of LatAm protest, the first major historical demonstration was the protest against the failed rule of Allende. This one had destroyed really fast agricultural production and thus homemakers getting upset about increasing food shortages started banging their pots in the middle of the street.

During the 2002 -2004 period cacerolazos were frequent but subsidized to brief occasional episodes. Tonight marks the strongest pot banging that I recall ever, and all because of the CNE fraud yesterday, conjugated with increasing food shortages.

There is no honey moon for Maduro whatsoever. He should be deeply embarrassed to have his first night as "president" marred by such a gigantic national protest. But he is a thug with zero scruples. I think he'll sleep alright until eventually he starts understanding that people putting up with the infernal noise of pot banging for at least half an hour mean business.

By the way, I got a personal satisfaction out of it. My neighbor is chavista but well behaved (precision intended). Still he has been bothering me at each election with his car covered with pro Chavez posters. Tonight the whole street, almost, was out banging and the poor guy turned off all of his lights.  Another one who I did not know was chavista (but suspected) stood in front his home looking nastily at us for a while until he gave up and got inside. And, oh surprise, a woman who voted for Chavez last year was with us pot banging.........  Now we all know who's who in our block.  This is what chavismo and fascism does to social structure. And they started, sorry. Remember Tascon?


  1. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the White House will issue an official response which should bring international scrutiny to what is occurring.

    1. samy ordonez5:45 PM

      me parece bueno hay que apoyar para hacer presion hay que defender los votos y la verdad maduro y sus secuases delincuentes,corruptos,ladrones,maquiavelicos,hay que quitarles la mascara a esos sucios,imbesiles que no tienen la mas minima decencia,mal hablados hay que seguir luchando a la calle pidiendo el conteo de votos arriba venezuela para delante

  2. Michel Garcia4:41 AM

    Here in La Pastora, in Caracas, it lasted for well over an hour. Friends at 23 de Enero told me it was huge there too, so much, that the "motomalandros" went out and started shooting to the buildings and people on the streets to make it stop; apparently, people just got inside when they passed, and got out again when they had left to other parts.

  3. Sigh, bang some pots and go home...just what the Cubans expect from El Bravo Pueblo. I know that you subscribe to the reality which is this...until the masses are willing to shed/give blood, banging pots is a hollow sound. It means nothing at all, like subscribing to some petition which will join the list of another 100 or so that must reach the President every week. The shit needs to hit the fan, and banging pots or subscribing to a petition isn't going to do the trick. So easy for me to say. Soy culpable pero eso no significa que no conosco la realidad.

    1. I think you do not give enough credit to Capriles and his team. Successful challenges always start by increasing the pressure. Or what do you want Capriles to do? Do a drive in shooting by the CNE offices?

      Capriles made today a powerful statment, that he asks his supporters for soemthign and they abide. Few leaders can do that.

      As for the petition, it does not cost you a thing and if it is big enough it will float above the others and draw attention.

  4. In maracaibo, i live in La Trinidad, started at 7:30pm and lasted until 9:15pm,although caravans and a few pots were still heard up until 10:30pm.

    By this hour, 11:05pm, a lot of my friends from the San Francisco Municipality (chavista) are saying that there's a heavy repression by the police dept (POLISUR).I've heard of 2 dead so far, nothing on the news yet.

    1. Oh yeah, there's also a ton of people still at the CNE HQ here in Zulia

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    perros del govierno susios.delincuentes.corruptos,animales,falta de educacion,imbesiles,


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