Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Media activities

Busy day, besides writing posts after posts.  Three interviews but one failed.

The one that failed was with the BBC because by the time I became aware of their request it was too late and git Simone else.

The second one was for the "Market Place" one of the US public radio system hosted by Kai Ryssdal. You can hear it here. Not only about politics.... They like to know about ground zero stuff.

The last one of the day is just done and was again with the Cuban exile in the US, those conservatives for which I must be now their favorite Liberal, my friend Silvio Canto. You can listen to it here. And I did talk a lot as these people are simply in shock about what is going on here....


  1. Daniel, nice interview with Kai Ryssdal. He's probably my favorite NPR host since he really does try to get an in-depth view of not just business, but people. I hear the Frenchman in your voice :-)!

  2. wow my favorite show! marketplace! congrats Daniel! i cant wait for all your interviews to be posted for downloading

  3. I've been listening to the Silvio Canto interview (little less than half to go!). Again, good interview, and I like Michael Prada-Krackow; he seems to be a very intelligent young man, with good insight into the issues in LatAm.

  4. Daniel, the marketplace interview was the best I've heard from you, over the many years. You were ON!! More subdued but as insightful, or more, was your presentation during the Canto interview.

  5. Daniel,

    I'm a long time reader, even if I seldom comment -I think I have made one or two intervention since you started writing.

    Good interview! The balanced and calm approach did the trick.

    Marketplace has a huge audience (me included), your interview reached many many people.

    Thanks for your continued blogging, including the ups and downs.


  6. Anonymous11:01 PM

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    1. Had you bothered to come up with a penname and maybe I would have cared.


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