Friday, April 19, 2013

"There is a coup going on against me! I am off to Lima" #MaduroIsAnIdiot

Back from work I am slowly catching up with today's event. Since I have to work I cannot report on them so I must settle for a comment at night. Well, there is one that I cannot wait further to share with you. Maduro has been saying that there is a fascist coup developing against him (more on that later). He is planning to send Jaua, the foreign minister to an urgent meeting of UNASUR tonight in Lima, Peru. Capriles tweets that he is considering going to Lima. Maduro tells Jaua to get off the plane and he travels himself to Lima that he must be reaching as I type. There goes the coup argument....

What is wrong in this picture? First, if there is a dangerous coup going on, YOU DO NOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY unless you are leaving for exile. Since Maduro is not leaving for exile (otherwise why would his "security" forces operate the huge repression they are doing these days) we must conclude that the Tweet from Capriles had him run least, indeed, the UNASUR summit were to receive Capriles which is normally out of protocol. No coup here, nothing to see, keep moving.

Second, that a UNASUR decides to gather before travelling for his swearing in, certainly worries the regime sick. I mean, Maduro wants to swear in tomorrow and he is travelling today for a meeting, coming back already tonight for a ceremony tomorrow?  Gimme a break.....

Never mind that Capriles also tweeted this:

where he says that he has informed haed of states of the of the repression carried on by "Madurismo" {sic}. Very clever, splitting Maduro from Chavez!!!! Giving them an excuse not to support Maduro because he is no Chavez....

Conclusion? #Maduroisanidiot #Madurolosttheagenda
PS: I have no high hopes from UNASUR as the democrats and right wing have demonstrated many times that business is all that matters and in the bottom of their hearts they despise Venezuelans fro nouveau riche, wasteful caribeños.... but one can always be surprised, the more so that Madurismo is really way too clumsy.


  1. kernel_panic2:42 AM

    Daniel, from your tweeter I saw you weren't aware of the increase in the REP.

    From the 2012 results (available at )

    Número de Electores escrutados. 18.854.935

    And from the 2013 results (available at )


    So, 18904364-18.854.935 = 49249

  2. Michel Garcia3:22 AM

    I think Maduro is going because of 2 things: one is that there seems to be 3 groups in UNASUR, those that accepted Maduro as winner, those that don't, and those that accept him as "nominate winner"; the second reason is that most of them (from all 3 groups) have said they don't see any problem with a re-count of the votes (like Correa, that said he accepted him as winner, but wonders what's the problem with a re-count).

  3. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Correa is just covering his ass. He was the first to endorse maduro when he was illegally appointed interim president. Maduro returned the favor by implying that pdvsa would lean on chevron to pressure them to settle on the bogus case in Equador before ramirez told him they couldn't do that, once again maduro showing his ignorance and speaking up when he should be shutting up. No wonder chavez trusted him because he is incapable of thinking for himself, which makes him the perfect stooge to follow orders from havana.

    Correa made that statement thinking that there would be no recount allowed. Correa knows completely what problems will come if the recount is allowed. Equador may want to look into the results of their recent election.

    In the mean time, Argentina's streets are full tonight with protests against christina's participation, beating pots and pans just like here...Pretty cool.

  4. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Daniel, regarding your PS comment, I believed always that Unasur didn't get involved because they were against interventionism. I never perceived that there was really any other greater motivation. For example, one of the biggest complaints most Latin Americans have of the USA is its historic propensity for intervention. Perhaps they don't like it until they need it?!

  5. Michel Garcia6:29 AM

    It's different UNASUR and the US, the US is a sovereign State, while UNASUR is an international organization. Just like OAS and the UN, their intervention on internal problems of their members is expected (otherwise you're not a member, which is completelly up to you.).

  6. Milonga6:35 AM

    I just love Capriles. "Maduro went running to Lima thinking I was going there". No pot banging tomorrow, lots of music!! Salsa! Willy Colon's Mentira Fresca. Downloaded it and play it all day round. He has shown to the world the fascist government of Venezuela, with the help of pitiful Maduro. Instead of being himself, he tried to imitate Chavez and died during the intent. His cadena when leaving to Lima looked like a Borat film. It was really funny, he made a disgrace of himself. Not even him believes in him. Well, let's sleep over tonight's news. Ballots will be 100% audited. It's probably a trap, but it has made Capriles win as well as his supporters. No matter what, the truth is already out. Good night and sleep well!!!

  7. What all of this shows is that Capriles has the initiative, and that Maduro is reacting to Capriles' moves. The move from Cacerolazo to Salsa? It continues to demonstrate that Capriles is calling the shots, and the people are following him. His legitimacy grows with every order carried out by the people. Every time he forces the Regime to react to his moves, it reinforces in the minds of the public the weakness of Maduro and his fascist cronies.

    These types of peaceful revolutions have their own time-line. The Opposition is the majority, but the Chavistas (Maduristas) need to be thoroughly discredited. The firing of State employees was perfect for us. Little by little, we chip away at the legitimacy of the regime and disillusion its supporters. But, this is a process. You cannot expect the Chavistas to change their minds overnight. They need time come to grips with the new reality. And make no mistake. The Opposition needs the Chavistas. Capriles cannot inherit a country that is divided and succeed. So, as frustrating as it is, be patient. Capriles knows what he is doing.


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