Thursday, May 02, 2013

Life in the era of Youtube: old 1999 video shows the early brutality of Maduro

Oh dear....  People are unearthing stuff in Youtube and this one is a little gem, showing a younger Maduro beating up a Representative in 1999.  Plus ça change et plus c'est la même chose.


  1. terrance rogan3:01 PM

    my mother has a better right cross than Maduro, and she just turned 80

  2. Anonymous3:08 PM

    That Maduro was a thug, confirms that he is still a thug today. Same old, same old Maduro.

  3. In Maduro's defense he was not the aggressor but the victim. Deputy Nicolas Sosa cowardly whacked Nicolas Maduro from behind when he was sitting down.

    Also Maduro cannot be much of a thug, he fights like a girl.

    This video shows it better:

    You can also see a scuffle between deputy fosforito and Cesar Perez Vivas.


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