Thursday, May 02, 2013

On the road today...

... but Sylvio and Fausta managed to get me in Barquismeto for a quickie but goodie podcast.

See you tomorrow, when I am back in San Felipe and can discuss more of what is going on.
PS: Maria Corina Machado, the perverse evil aggressor of the totally unscathed chavista representative is having tomorrow morning surgery for 4, FOUR, nose fractures she got yesterday.


  1. Curiously coincidential, while diosdado's thugs were assaulting the opposition at the AN, raul's thugs were assaulting the Ladies in white outside the church in Cuba.
    Watching the deterioration of these leftist goverments in Latin America, I would argue that all have been to one degree or another influenced by the cuban's castros, I think and wonder

    I wonder if the people desire to be rescued? and what would each country be willing to accept to be spared?

    I would guess Argentina is at the brink of colapse and could be rescued by votes right now, so there is hope there so long people vote and CFK doesn't decide to borrows CNE "perfect" voting system.

    Bolivia and Evo's re-election trick of renaming the country, can work again and again, and so he can be considered a one term president as long as he keeps re-naming the country. But I don't think the mayority there is concerned nor has realized where they are heading...therefore they are not looking for a rescue.

    Ecuador, has a "well spoken" soft dictator and he still has some room to maneuver before the people realized how deep the cesspool is. I don't think corea is going to radicalize as chavistas, so based on prior experience I think a good mob could rescue itselft in Ecuador. They have done it so many times.

    So we get to Venezuela, as far as I see it, Venezuela has gone over the socialist clift. It was proved that votes are not going to rescue you, the mayority has realized they just took the plunge, political figures are being fed to the lions. There is only one thing left to the regime which would be public executions...I think they are coming, probably via "sicarios".
    I think the only way out is going to be a military coup, it will have to be armed people because you know there is going to be a lot of shootings. Venezuela is not going to transition towards democracy peacefully.

    So the question is: Will the colapse of Venezuelan ever get to the point where the people will be willing to accept a right wing military dictator?

    1. Well, they are having a fascist one today. Why bother with a right wing one?

    2. Orlando,

      Good questions to ponder.Also do the people want to be rescued, and would they come out and ask even if they did?


  2. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Maria Corina Machado is an extremely courageous politician and person. She stands up and speaks for all people of Venezuela. I pray that she heals and comes back with even more determination.

    Chavistas will be hiding under their desks when she returns.

  3. Boludo Tejano6:35 PM

    On the road today...

    Which reminds me of Willie Nelson singing On the Road Again.


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