Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mario Silva and our daily abjection

So, apparently, this week scandal in Caracas is an illegal wiretapping of a conversation between Mario Silva and some Cuban G2 operative. The good thing about being away and writing on it late is that, well, I am not really that affected and El Universal put all of its links in English as I use them for this text.

This being said, what to think about that mess?

First, Mario Silva, the infamous director of La Hojila, that show who was an expanded version in worse of "Schwarze Kanal", is of such un-trustworthiness that for all what I know he may have been the one setting up the tape and he released it to take a few down with him if he felt himself falling. I mean, the guy that has smeared so many people with illegal wiretapping is going to fall for one?  Not to mention that I understood that in Today's Venezuela no one from any side talks of such matters at such lengths.

Second, did he say anything new?  Is there anything that readers of this blog did not know about Venezuela that was a novelty in Mario Silva confession?

Chavismo is bitterly divided? Check!
Diosdado Cabello has a huge fortune? Check!
That he is the most corrupt in Venezuela? Check!
That Maduro is a wimp that does not control anything inside chavismo? Check!
That too many in chavismo would like to dispense with democratic forms? Check!
That we are a Cuban colony? Check!
That [...fill in the blank...]? Check!

We all knew what Silva mentioned. And to hear it confirmed by one of the main and most rotten agents of chavismo, to tell you the truth, is of little comfort for me. Because we all know that nothing is going to come out of it, that our only consolidation is that Venezuelan TV has made a quantum leap forward in quality with the "temporary" suspension of La Hojilla.

We are left with the hope that the inside wars of chavismo are as bad or worse than what Silva told the Cuban and thus the end may come sooner than later.  Meanwhile we are left in the contemplation of the utter abjection of the regime.

PS: to add insult to injury Silva showed a delayed antisemitism in blaming the Mossad, Israeli secret service for the "fake".  As if Israel did not have more important problems to deal with than Mario Silva.....


  1. margareth2:14 PM

    I wonder how did the Oposition get the tapes, and more tapes to come?

  2. Ronaldo3:30 PM

    Can a forensic voice analysis be performed to compare Silva's voice on the tape to his voice from hundreds of TV shows.
    Silva appears to be the only person that says it is fake. A little more evidence might convince him to say otherwise.

  3. Charly3:41 PM

    Finally, we seem to have rid ourselves of one of the most hated crawlers of this country. Will he come back? If he does let us just hope it is in the form of a future Danilo Anderson.

  4. This link says that the recording is indeed of MS, according to an analyst:

  5. Ronaldo7:31 PM

    Thanks nicacat56. Thus, Mario Silva is a liar again. Nothing new here.

  6. I had to look up the meaning of abjection.
    I like this definition: the release of spores by a fungus.

  7. margareth10:22 PM

    Thanks understood me.....;)

    1. is there something I missed ?


  8. It wasn't an illegal wiretapping. Apparently Silva was "reporting" on the political state of affairs within chavismo to a high level G2 officer. They talk about making the recording (on Silva's end) during their telephone conversation. Somebody leaked it electronically to the MUD. I think that this is much more important within chavismo than outside of it. I don't think that Silva released it. It is far too outside of the PSUV talking points for his - or anyone's - comfort. It blows up the whole concept of party unity. Apparently there is going to be some follow up material next week.

    1. "Somebody leaked it electronically to the MUD. I think that this is much more important within chavismo than outside of it."
      I totally agree. My feeling is that it is 'military/intelligence' on the inside who (in the Chavez-vacuum now) also want to embarrass and show up the Cuban angle which they appear to oppose. Who else but those in the military/intelligence would have access to such audio.

  9. Anonymous5:11 AM

    I'm sorry that Venezuela is the way it is right now. I'm sorry for the 49% but I think the 51% are getting what they deserved. The only good news is that, in these times of twitter, facebook and the like, this joke can't go on for much longer. I'm sorry that decent people have to go through this but at least it will be a fresh reminder of the evils of socialism for the whole world.

  10. Anonymous8:09 PM

    The motiv because Mario Silva was giving all these information to G2 explaines the end of the audio. He seems to be negociating about a health treatment of his doughter, acompanied with her mother, by guess in Cuba, but shurely out of Venezuela. So even this praising "journalist" don't trust in the health system in Venezuela under the PSUV.


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