Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An example of economic failure

Going around I came in front of this shelf that hit me like a rock, reminding me how bad Venezuela has become.  See, after 14 years of chavismo we have no more toilet paper, no more corn meal, no more crucial   pharmaceuticals for cancer of HIV patients, no more X,Y and Z .....  And in France I saw that Royal Canin® display......

Yes, there is a specific type of dog food for the breed, including one for my dog.  In Venezuela, after 14 year of revolution the basics are missing for rich and poor alike. In France, when the rich can afford hyper expensive specific dog food I am pretty sure that the poor can afford toilet paper...  I cannot tell you how

 And for that matter, by the time I come back there may not be much dog food left.....


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    In some countries, a food shortage will cause a dog shortage. (for those countries that eat dog meat)

  2. That display makes me laugh for the wrong reason.

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    The sign in Havana's Zoo, before the revolution: "Please don't feed the animals".

    A couple of years later: "Please don't steal the animals food."

    ...a few years later: "Please don't eat the animals".

    In Cuba's latest zoo: "It's still crap, but it's the peoples crap now. Please use just 1 sheet, like El Commandante!"

    Goddamn, how humiliating it must be to have the national assembly order toilet paper...

  4. Boludo Tejano4:21 AM

    All that display means is that France is going to the dogs.


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