Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The opposition challenges 2,320,490 votes of April 14 (15.4% votes cast, margin of victory 1.49% votes cast)

A few days ago Capriles challenged the whole election.

Today, there were quite a few voting centers which results of April 14 where directly challenged. In short, what the opposition demands is that the vote is repeated in those centers which are enough to not only reverse the result of last April but could give Capriles a better margin of victory than what Maduro claims (amen of the voters loss the regime has experienced in two weeks).

To understand what today means you need to understand that Capriles challenged the WHOLE election process, from the time it was called to the time Maduro was "proclaimed" in a rush.

What has been done today is a specific account of those voting centers that had unacceptable problems on April  14, problems that can cast legitimate doubt about the results in those centers (remember, from outside violence to the infamous "voto asistido" assisted vote). The opposition strategy is thus different: the judicial body is forced to look at the collected evidence, one by one, and explain why it accepts it or not. It is a lose lose for the regime's courts because if they say yes, Maduro will try to punish them and if they say no, not only the country will not accept it but all that evidence will travel ipso facto to international organizations that are more than certain to accept many of these. Exposing the lack of justice in Venezuela once again but in terms that truly can be understood overseas where unfortunately stealing an election is a graver offense than jailing Afiuni.

Do not be mistaken about the importance of today: while Maduro tries to buy legitimacy through contracts in a tour of Mercosur, the opposition renews its challenge, perhaps even legally stronger this time. Do you want to sign contracts with a guy that may neither have the time of the ability to fulfill them?  Maduro's improvised tour is fast becoming a major mistake.........


  1. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Without a doubt it will be dismissed, or in the best case they will only accept the challenges in up to 1.5% of the voting areas (where they will say there is some truth, but not enought to overturn the election, thus dismissing the revote as the results are still "non-reversable").

    My question on the article is the implication of this and why this is such a bad option for the government. I get that it will go to international organizations, but what prevents Venezuela from ignoring them?

    1. Michel Garcia12:09 AM

      Nothing and all. If it is taken to internationak courts, and the election is called to be fraudulent, anyone at any country member or an international organization Venezuela belongs to can openly request, legally now, for their country to start the proceedings to call for the democratoc chapter of those organizations; Venezuela could end being suspended from the OAS, MERCOSUR, and UNASUR, just to name the most obvious, and maybe even get diplomatic, commercial, and economic santions or restrictions. All that beyound the point Daniel mentions, what country is going to have businesses with a goverment you don't know when is it going to pop?

  2. kernel_panic11:53 PM

    "What has been done today is a specific account of those voting centers that had unacceptable problems on May 14"

    Did you mean "on April 14"? :p

    1. I have a futuristic vision. I know things to come may 14......

  3. Island Canuck12:17 AM

    They will do exactly what the courts are doing to Afiuni - nothing.

    They'll just defer, delay, anything to avoid making a decision.
    If forced I agree with the first poster.
    While I understand the need to do this it is just a time filler until we can take this to an International court.
    I've been hearing other rumours from highly placed sources.
    These steps are necessary to justify an eventual solution.

    Everybody just have patience.
    The end of this is in sight.

  4. Anonymous1:35 AM

    I hope the end is near, though for countries like Cuba it never really ended in fact, the Castro cancer as we see,ended up spreading to Vzla. I am really impressed by all the strengh of the opposition to take on the challenge ahead I do not believe for a second that international courts will do anything to stop Maduro and his group of thugs, lets not forget Rwanda. I believe that the only way to bring change to Vzla is the day the country as a majority takes the streets decided to not go back. The day everybody will be so fed up that there will be an unstopable wave demanding the change that the country deserves that is the day change will finally come to Vzla

  5. Anonymous 7-05 is correct IMHO. Capriles et al will go to the International court, large fees will be paid and the court will say, "it's your problem. sort it out" No one cares enough. Ultimately the populace will take to the streets because tbey will be so fed up with the insecurity and as my friend says "no electricity, no water, no food, no nothing" that apparently is everyday Venezuelan life. People elsewhere have taken to the streets for a good deal less

  6. Daniel, did you see this?


    Is that good or worse?

    1. Neither.

      First we need to be made official so we know exactly what to expect as far as being screwed.

      However any move that takes out luisa estela is an improvement. A minimal one but an improvement nevertheless. If it comes true it may signal the beginning of a division inside chavismo. Any reshuffle is about what to do with the "impugnacion" and it becoming clear that one group wants to go all the way in fraud and repression. The other group also but with limits.

  7. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Unfortunately they appear to have broken so many laws and made so many irreversible statements that they cannot give in now. It was all or nothing for these crooks, and they refuse to surrender. Things are only going to get worse and worse until the majority of the people are heard, which probably means a lot more violence. Just be thankful that the military is not very united and will not play the same role as in Iran, Syria, Lybia, Cuba, North Korea, Nazi Germany, just to name a few.

  8. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Side note:

    Not sure if true or when, but saw a post claiming 50 tons of Vz. gold is now, or has been in cuba. The longer this drags out, the more risk the piggy bank will be left empty.

  9. 1979 Boat People7:01 AM


    Venezuelan Bank Official Charged in NY Bribe Case


  10. Michel Garcia7:21 AM

    Remember that the impugnation goes to the Electoral Court of the TSJ; the President of the TSJ is de facto also the President of the Constitutional Court so, in a way, this is really not supossed to have any influence on the decission, besides the possibles "winds of change" and divission inside chavizmo.

    On another note, for Daniel:

  11. Daniel,
    Can you or any of your readers point me to a copy of the second "documento de impugnacion"? Or is it not publicly accessible?


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