Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nelson Bocaranda confirms what this blog wrote in November 2012

In his Runrunes of today Nelson Bocaranada, regime prosecuted journalist, writes about an "incident" in Calabozo, Guarico State. Apparently the Colombian guerrilla FARC has set camp there and has started even shooting down security CICPC Venezuelan personnel that are investigating local crime. Meaning of course that the FARC in Guarico is already part of the local crime scene. Bocaranda also hints that when they discovered it was not local crime but guerrilla the agents may have been pulled back....

Last November, writing about the upcoming governor election I made a map as to how the importance of the result meshed with the interests of the FARC and chavismo to create a safe heaven for the guerrilla once the negotiations in Havana finish, if they ever. That is why the regime promoted Rodriguez Chacin, nothing short of a terrorist, to become governor of Guarico state. I have put the map again below and you can see that Calabozo, where Bocaranda describes the latest guerrilla activity is almost smack in the middle of my "refuge area".

See, it pays to read blogs, even for journalists like @NelsonBocaranda ...... :-)

PS: for details on the map and its why you need to go back to the original post.


  1. Daniel I am farsighted and the map looks fuzzy to me...does the FARC refuge extend all the way up to San Juan de los Morros and it looks slightly out of the Zone( not sure) ? I think I see Villa de Cura but don't see San Juan.


    1. You need to read the old post. And it is Calabozo we are talking about.

  2. I read the link to the earlier post.
    One thing to add is that people on both side of the border are Llaneros and speak with much the same dialect. Thus like people in the border states during the Civil War, many can move back and forth with ease. Having an easy to get Venezuelan Credula is better than a pass from Robert E. Lee!

  3. i know you are talking about Calabozo, but I am wondering if San Juan is within the zone that is called the route and refuge of the FARC....if that is in the old post I don't discern it.


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