Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When a president becomes certifiable: Maduro pre-loony-bin?

The Mardo thing is having deeper effects inside chavismo than inside the opposition.  After all, the apparent unity of the opposition, that no one, not even chavistas seem to buy the corruption charges against Mardo is having an unexpected tail spin. So I am pasting below the most recent tweets of @nicolasmaduro with a translation. [almost] No further comments will be needed for the reader to understand what I mean.

I am translating from bottom to top, of course, trying to keep the bad Spanish into bad English

I am asking for to the country to stand firm in the fight against corruption, it is disgusting the socity of accomplices that the opposition becomes to protect itself.
When it is evident the violation of multiple laws and the vulgarity in the handling of millions of Bs. that country we left behind [amen that I had to read it three times to make sure it meant anything before translating, Maduro forgets the billion dollars added up in chavista corruption, from PUDREVAL to X, Y and Z]
This country of the elite bourgeoisie making a mockery of laws and citizens cannot come back, let's get to the bottom with all. Let's be implacable.
The bourgeois media was responsible for the monsters of the [pre Chavez era], they protected them the saem way they are protecting the right today.
Corruption sunk the Bourgeois Republic [sic] [pre Chavez], today rot its decadent remains [ah! the revolutionary poetry!], that is what the whole world says. Corrupt right. [Let's observe that as a president of the republic he needs to justify his words on what the world is supposedly saying. The guy has no self esteem whatsoever]
Let's keep together defeating the vices of the Corrupt Bourgeoisie, with the inspiration of the Giant who showed the Way [sic] [with link to Chavez picture under the rain closing his campaign 2012]

Conclusion: either Maduro is certifiable or he needs to change the handler of his tweeter account..... Because the way the thing is written I wonder if Maduro even knows he has a twitter account.....


  1. It is absurd what Maduro is saying, but many Chavistas believe in absurdities.I hope this is not a way to prepare for the moment when the government will start imprisoning the opposition leadership for" corruption".


  2. Charly1:32 AM

    Abdalá Bucaram Ortiz anyone?

  3. Boludo Tejano2:04 AM

    Blatant lying like that has another term: stirring up the base. It is used quite often in the US. The truth of the statement doesn't matter: it is red meat that will get the base- in this case the Chavista base- all fired up. Maduro isn't being insane; he is just being a politician.

    1. Charly2:31 AM

      Boludo, a real politician cannot be that clumsy. I bet you that the Chavista hoi polloi will remain a pack of marshmallow.

  4. would Maduro's strong stirring of the pot, and Cabello's interview by Villegas, have anything to do -- en el fondo -- with the heat from the oppo, notably, questioning Maduro's authenticity through his inability to produce a birth certificate?

    1. and while I now take Willy Cochez with a grain of salt (although still find his tweets entertaining), I paused at this, not knowing if Cochez is stirring back:

      Guillermo A. Cochez ‏@willycochez
      Será cierto q alto gobierno y altos mandos militares han dado a @NicolasMaduro hasta 15 agosto para q muestre su partida d nacimiento?

      If true, that would certainly add to all the squirrelly behavior from Cabello, and loony-tunes anger from Maduro.

      I can only wish that the rumor were true.

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Do you think the Cuban run ID system will have a problem forging one, if his real one indeed makes him ineligible to be president?

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Maduro's behavior and pronouncements may be aimed at his own party, primarily to maintain his leadership credibility.
    He may feel he needs to enlarge on the class warfare meme, move it to new extremes, rhetorically anyway, though maybe in fact, to claim legitimacy as Chevez's inheritor.

    This is too funny.

  7. feathers9:40 PM

    Looks like he is taking about themselves. *plop*


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