Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From Electrodomesticonacht to electrodomesticowoche?

The country is in shock. Well, part of it anyway, the decent one to which I am sure I belong to. The other one, the chavista one and the "I cannot care less, dame lo mio", which is the stuff that electoral chavista majorities are made of, kept looting stores here and there, from Puerto La Cruz to Cabimas. For all the Maduro protest that he has nothing to do with the disaster he has started a stream of low burn looting here and there that he has only himself to blame. Furthermore, it is not that the regime seems unable to control the situation, it seems that the regime is unwilling to do so. Regarding the degeneration in values of the countries, well, we have Chavez to blame for it, turning the horror of the 1989 Caracazo into an acceptable chavista family values in 2013.

Maybe Daka was an "acceptable" target for a diverse assortment of idiots, but today it is clear that the small guy in your small neighborhood appliance store is also paying the price.  I have nothing to add to what I have been posting steadily since last Saturday. I am appalled, and even more, an expression I heard today "depresion politica" which I am sure readers need no help to translate.  What depresses me further is to read foreign accounts, even from my fellow bloggers that do not reside in Venezuela anymore and that, I am sorry to say, are not getting it.  But, then again, I am here and tonight words fail me anyway.

Thus I can only leave you with a fabulous Weil cartoon, again, more devastating than ever with an intended primitive child like drawing; and a video of one of the looting, in Cabimas, maracucho accent included.

"justice" "values" "democracy"


  1. Watching that video clip, I felt sick to my stomach. Venezuela is beginning to break down as a society.

  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    Venezuela has been a broken society for decades. It is a lost country where people prefer to live in poverty rather than work. Prefer to steal than work. Prefer to take handouts in exchange for their freedoms.

  3. De Ciudad Ojeda a Puerto La Cruz el tema es el mismo:

  4. It is bottoming out...When there, unfortunately the tragedy will be fully known. But then they will go up. And recover from a nightmare that started 15 years ago with empty promises to put heads on a platter and end corruption. Imagine that from the scenes and events from the last year. Tragic.

  5. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I have to wonder what these dummies who stole things will do when their 50" LED TV malfunctions and there is no store left to service it or to return it to.

    1. I can imagine that whether their appliance will malfunction in the future is the least of their worries. For now they have new item in their house which cost nothing, they ignored the rule of law and got away with it. For some, that would be a buzz in itself.


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