Saturday, December 07, 2013

Electoral coverage by VN&V

This time around it is going to be very limited, if any. Here is why.

First, as already expressed in previous post, this election fails to hold the interest other elections had. Outside of other reasons mentioned next, it is not a crucial election, its role limiting itself at modifying the speed at which chavismo will keep degrading itself and the country along.  It is big bump on our road to oblivion.

Second, my life has been very complicated in the last semester. At least before when busy I could tune in Alo Ciudadano while I would do stuff at home. But once Globo went neutral last May there remained no airwave worth listening to in Venezuela, at least for the news that I try to seek.  El Universal is trying to start an Internet broadcasting but this is for the very privileged few that can have a reasonably stable and fast Internet. In San Felipe............  Thus I truly do not have all the info that I require to do detailed analysis, even if I were in the mood for them.  As a blogger with integrity I prefer limited exposure.

Third, being busier and less interested I have let my regular political contacts lapse some. Which does not help in mounting an election day coverage adventure of any type. The more so that I am a lone blogger with slow Internet, Skype handicapped.

Fourth, to a complicated life I must add that I had a major family loss which in addition was combined with my S.O. in ICU for 4 days. I was like shit for a the week where no post appeared.  Fortunately the S.O. is now out of danger and resting at home.  We did get something out of his stay in a heavy sedated situation: even though I am the political half he came out with what is going to be my favorite new political truism: "we were all wrong about Venezuela. The true nature of our country is not to be found in places like Caracas or Merida, but in sinkholes like Anaco, Moron or Tocuyito". When I digest the consequences of this moment of enlightenment I will write something about it for those who do not understand it.  But for those who had the misfortune to drive through these joints you may get it already.

Thus I have decided to stay one more day in Caracas and to drive back only on Sunday morning to vote in San Felipe with the hope of finding a clear way ahead of me and make it on time to vote (I used to be able to make the trip in a little bit over three hours, now it takes 4+ hours when all is clear and some week days it has taken me 7 hours). Which means that there will not be an "election day post", or at least not one starting until at least a couple of hours after I finally make it home, at best late afternoon.  Still I will have my smartphone on with Twitter so if I find or see anything interesting I will let you know when I stop at some rest area.

This being said, I will try to write some stuff tomorrow as there is plenty of lose ends left from previous posts and news. And then on to Sunday, may our dreams come true.


  1. Mercedes5:54 AM

    Siento mucho la muerte de tu ser querido y la gravedad de tu SO. Me alegro que ya esté fuera de peligro. Y agrego mis mejores felicitaciones para los dos porque dijiste que se casarían en el otoño y ya estamos en diciembre.

    1. Gracias Mercedes.

      Lo del otoño es para el 2014.

  2. So sorry to hear of your sorrows.I also am struggling with some of the same- so I can truly empathize.

    I am intrigued by your S.O.'s comment: "we were all wrong about Venezuela. The true nature of our country is not to be found in places like Caracas or Merida, but in sinkholes like Anaco, Moron or Tocuyito"

    Though I know those sinkholes well, I would love to hear his take.It often happens that someone who is outside the box can see what is happening inside it more than those of us mired in its memes.

    My bottom line thought on the matter:

    The most fearsome opponents are those who value nothing in this world that can be taken away.

    The best of luck always!


  3. Daniel, sorry about your loss and your troubles.

    Regarding your SO's truism, yes, I agree. Kepler is the only one among us who not only knows the sinkholes with a certain degree of credibility, but has been educating us, for years, on their importance, vis-à-vis general and political knowledge.

    1. Hey! I have written plenty about sink holes! And invasiones. And forgotten places.

      I live in one of them, a mild one certainly but San Felipe is not Pericles's Athens.

  4. Stefan11:10 AM

    I´m sorry about your loss and the illness of your S.O. I remember that you were very ill yourself four years ago, shortly before Christmas, weren´t you? Why has this always happen to you? From now on things will only improve, I hope. All the best wishes for you, your S.O. and both of your families.

    1. I had dengue, a common occurrence under chavismo who sends fumigation kits to Nicaragua rather than spray here at home first....

      And now, it does not always happen to me ;) It is all part of the risks of living in Venezuela and, well, getting older...


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