Sunday, May 18, 2014

Notes on Voluntad Popular, under siege

Just a short post to remind readers that the only political party that is truly creative these days in Venezuela is Voluntad Popular. Not that other politicians are not creative, such as Maria Corina Machado, but her failure at creating a solid party handicaps her a lot.  For example today Voluntad Popular promoted a march to defend gay rights in Venezuela, to demand the liberation of one of its activists, Rosmit Mantilla,  unjustly arrested on false charges. The event seems to have been small attendance by current oppo standards. I did not show up since it was my day to take care of the S.O.. But that is not the point.

The point is that VP is the ONLY party that dares to bring that subject to the forefront, that is not afraid to bring up topics that make other groups very uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the regime who started as a promoter of Human Rights in 1999 is now a mere repressive organization, duly fascist, and thus duly homophobic. And I can vouch personally that the regime actually puts hurdles in promoting any form of recognition to alternative expressions. I am not going to elaborate as I do not want to create trouble for some people because I know this blog is monitored but I have suffered how far the regime can go to block certain things that are fully granted in other countries.

Leopoldo Lopez is already forgotten by some people on the opposition who at best pay lip service, making him just one of the many political prisoners "so, really, why any special treatment" one almost believes is hearing. But he is not forgotten elsewhere.  You know, like the Kennedy School at Harvard University that gave him a special award this week. The award is given to notable alumni and Lopez is one. He acknowledged that, well, he learned the importance of dedication to public service, and good public service at that, in this hot bet of leftists Ivory Tower that Harvard is. I suppose that the fascist left thinks it is better to learn good governance à la Chavez in fascist backrooms and front room brawls. But I digress.

It is certainly a tribute to Lopez organizing skills that even from jail he is acknowledged and promoted, and even while he is in jail with limited communication his political party is able to keep active, creative and innovator. No wonder so many mediocre opposition politicians find common ground with the vile chavista ones to try to hide from view Lopez and Voluntad Popular.

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