Sunday, May 11, 2014

The morally uptight revolution

Long time readers of this blog will remember that I often wrote that on many aspects the bolivarian pseudo revolution is a mere look at the past, your basic reactionary movement. This week they reminded us again how morally uptight they also are, Victorian to the core but without the work ethic or basic honesty.

Let's start with a latest high court decision that sexual advertisement should be banned from newspapers, and that Reggaeton songs should be censored on radio. I am certainly not a prude but there is certainly a case to be made that some norms should exist as to how sexual advertisements (read: prostitution) should be handled in the newspapers available to general public. But banning ads outright is not going to work, it never worked to control prostitution, anywhere. The more so in Venezuela, a country of easy sexual mores, skimpy attired women where virgin teenager girls dress like experimented whores of other countries; where after 15 years of chavismo, more than ever, a woman's value resides in that a man wants to fuck her. Period.

The offensive ads were apparently published 5 years ago, that is how long it took the TSJ to reach a verdict. That is in itself highly suspicious, the more so that it is directed a newspapers that have a not insignificant portion of their revenues from classified. For example El Universal even started putting pictures inside their small ads of the alleged escort offering her, or his, services. Interestingly, if the pictures of the women seemed rather unrealistic for the Venezuelan market the ad pictures for the men offering services for men looked more plausible, though nearly all claimed 20cm. And if you doubt that this is yet a way to push the general censorship agenda, the TSJ also ordered to investigate the existence of prostitution rings behind these ads: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling prostitution is going on here!” . There is no doubt that at least one of these ads will be found to be connected to such a ring and that at some point a newspaper will be punished for not having investigated each and every ad folks placed. I suppose that the TSJ will also want newspapers investigate all the scams from used cars, inadequate housing and what not.

For reggaeton I will not come to its defense: it should be banned purely on aesthetics grounds. But that is another story.

The other puritanical moment came from Rodriguez Torres, the security minister, during the tearing down of student camps a la "Occupy Wall Street". Apparently the man is shocked because in addition of all the alleged war booty he found, there was "promiscuity and social shame". The term he used is "bochorno social" which in fact does not mean anything in Spanish but can be suggestive of socially embarrassing conducts as I tried to translate. I will start by noting that the term would be much better applied to the intense corruption we are subjected by the regime.

The thing is that Rodriguez Torres is appalled that at night in these camp sites with plenty of vigorous youngsters there was more going on than political protest. And that must be reason enough to suppress them. I suppose that Rodriguez Torres having spent his life in military barracks with all sorts of sexual repressions, usually vented out through homophobia or machismo, never had much time to wonder about what is it to be young. And since he was fired from the army as a coup monger he was too busy organizing thug gangs to support Chavez to visit a psy and work out his sexual frustrations which are more obvious everyday.

The fact of the matter is that the bolivarian fraud is turning more repressive, more conservative, more uptight by the day, just as it happens with most revolutions which after having destroyed institutions suffer from the lack thereof and thus turn to easy placebos like sexual repression. Ask Reinaldo Arenas how the Castro revolution went fast from his liberator to his oppressor. Do I need to remind the readers how often I had to write against the homophobia alive and well inside chavismo? Or how in the purest machista style women are used to do all the dirty errands of the regime?

To finish I retake an old cartoon of Weil, ever so actual. Remember he drew Chavez with a military boot for head. Chavismo is reactionary in every sense.


  1. Dr. Faustus5:12 PM

    Daniel's writings on August 13th last year....

    "Or you can go to Noticias 24 who carries in highlight the words he used:
    Responde, homosexual. Acepta el reto, maricón. Reply, homosexual. Accept the challenge, faggot [actually a much worse term in that context]
    Es problema de ellos (los dirigentes de Primero Justicia) lo que hagan con su culo, pero tienen que ser serios It is their problem [PJ] what they do with their ass, but they have to be serious.
    Then it was the turn of Disodado Cabello, sounding more moderate after the attacks of Carreño but equally as obnoxious, equally as homophobic in defending himself against homophobia. Again, yet another product of low educated barracks "

    An idea. Perhaps the news media, and especially Hollywood celebrity, should be made more aware of the government's homophobia. When confronted with these facts what would be the response of Penn? ..of Glover? ..of Golinger? ..of ANY liberal Hllywood celebrity? Just look at what was accomplished by Jay Leno (and his wife) boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel as a result of the actions (Sharia Law) by the Sultan of Brunei? Stoning of homosexuals is now accepted as law. The hotel in Beverly Hills? The place is EMPTY now! (or soon will be...). There is a lot of power to this line of reasoning.

    1. Thanks for that reminder!!!

      But you know what? The people you list DO NOT want to read such things. And even if you were to tie up Penn and force him to listen to the homophobia evidence of the regime, he still cannot comprehend. Only when a chavista will kick his butt or renege on a promise can people like Penn start the road to enlightenment.

      The thing is that the people you cited are intellectually extremely light-weight who think they are hot shit. Penn beat up Madonna, we are told. Glover is really a B series actor and Eva Golinger law degree has yet to be fully verified and is certainly not from Harvard or Yale....

    2. Charly5:35 PM

      They likely would say that this is a lie spread by the evil empire. Then, in turn, decent Americans would have to boycott those PSFs.

  2. Anonymous12:44 AM

    [OT]maybe off topic maybe not. But it deserves to be told. In this article today (in German) we can read that one woman from Venezuela, working as a teacher in a Kindergarten in Vienna has been fired from her Job because she attended one march of SOS Venezuela in Vienna.

    The Ambassador himself wrote a letter, with pictures of the woman at the march, asking the Kindergarten to fire her. And - THEY DID! So from my point of view - I have been attending this marches here in my hometown in Germany regulary with my family, it means - someone sneaking around our marches and taking pictures should be carefull and take really good care of his / her cam / phone... I have seen them taking pictures here too.[/OT]


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hans, that's incredible! I wonder if there are laws in place in Austria that can help her?She should fight this with all her might if possible.


    3. Anonymous3:21 PM

      European national law is subordinate to Brussels these days. I am certain if she requests help there will be a number of Lawyers willing to make a quick buck, euro I should say. Seems so obvious that she will come out of this positively it makes me think there is something else to this story.
      Austrians have a habit of burying their problems, normally somewhere below the floorboards it would appear.

    4. I wrote to the Austrian government and will post their answer, if they answer, on my blog.

      Chavistas have been spying and bullying us for years everywhere here. The Belgian and Dutch police are very aware of them. Chavistas (also Colombian FARC guys and Chileans supporting the Maduro regime) have attacked Venezuelans in different places here. The police is now keeping an eye on those things. That's one of the reasons why we ask for protection but we are also going with cameras and noticing who from the embassy or what friends from the embassy can be following us.

    5. Chavistas built a nifty network for themselves, FARC, and Cuba in Chicago Illinois working like ants since 1982, guided by Cubans posing as conservative exiles who came over during th elate 1960s. Even their kids don't know, a la "The Americans." This is a pattern that keeps playing itself out over and over wherever minions of state cenetered absolutism, dominated by a meglomaniac's cult of personality, run to ground to subvert others they envy.

  3. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Reminded me of the Kaiser instructing the Austrians to declare war. They obliged and millions died.
    Don't you Austrians have cojones ? The woman should seek employment in the UK post haste.

    1. Anonymous7:31 AM

      As for ww i i think It was the other way round. During ww ii It was not keiser, but fuhrer; though i have to admit austrians seemed to be happy to follow His orders... At lest At First.

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM


  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Maybe OT, or maybe not:

    Alí de Jesús Uzcátegui Duque
    Tel.: (+43-1) 712 26 38

    Lunes a Viernes de 09:30 a 13:00 - 14:00 a 17:00

    Teléfono: +43 – 1 – 712 26 38
    Fax: +43 – 1 – 715 32 19

    Prinz Eugen-Straße
    72 / 1. OG / Stiege 1/ Top 1.1
    A-1040 Viena; Austria

  5. Daniel you're on fire lately!

    More about this AmbASSador, not your regular ambassador it turns out:

    "Fue el oficial enviado a rescatar al ex presidente en la isla de La Orchila. Por ello, fue premiado con el cargo de Director de la Inteligencia Militar (DIM)."

  6. With your permission Daniel,

    I left a comment on a youtube video on google's main page when you search his name,too bad it has 200 views but hopefully we can do something about this:

    Is there something we can do? A petition to the Austrian government to kick this man for this unethical,corrupt and discriminatory behaviour,as well as the Kindergarden people who actually did it?

    "This son of a bitch called a Kindergarden in Vienna to ask them to fire a venezuelan teacher, because she participated in one of the rallies called SOS Venezuela to support the protests in her homeland.
    Austria,don't let these men of terror,murder and corruption infiltrate your institutions."

    1. Aquí tienes el correo electrónico de la embajada de Austria:

      Yo les escribí con copia a un par de periodistas alemanes. Puedes escribirles quizás con copia abierta a un par de periodistas ibéricos o gringos o algo así, para que sepan que varios estamos pendientes. Gracias por buscar la información sobre su origen. En general o son milicos o son de extrema izquierda de hace tiempo.

    2. Gracias por el mail. Veremos que se hace.

      Con estos aires en Venezuela desde hace 15 años,y ahora con lo que se viene desde Rusia, uno piensa en que mundo le tocara vivir.
      Parecen una plaga

    3. Juan Crespo,

      Hay una bomba de tiempo creada por el regimen que aumenta su poder con cada represion.Tienes que leer " 1917 Anio de la Revolucion Rusa" por Roy Bainton firepigette

  7. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Yes, I think we need to spread the word, even if it does not help her anymore but it could be everyone living in Germany or anywhere else in Europe - or the world - since many people in many countries attended SOS Venezuela.


  8. Anonymous7:44 PM

    phew!... misread the headline as "The morally upright revolution" and thought you had lost it for a moment there Daniel ... then I reread title and read text and saw you had not lost your touch!

    Well done!

  9. Milonga8:57 PM


    I don't see anything happening to avoid these things happening and continuing.

  10. Latulla10:16 PM

    Last day!, extra, extra!

  11. PDVSA has announced it is selling another 5 billion USD in bonds, but it will not be registering them in the United States. For anyone that doesn't understand the significance of this announcement, in order to register the bonds in the United States you must meet certain disclosure and jurisdictional requirements, including subjecting the terms of the bonds to US courts (though not necessarily all US laws). This telles me that PDVSA already knows they will be unable to service this debt long term and thus the government is planning on defaulting while shielding PDVSA assets without being locked out of the international bond markets - like Argentina has been thanks to their default debt. Good luck to anyone that buys these!

    With actions like these, it really seems the government is running out of room to avoid rationing of all commodities as there is just no money left to pay for imports.


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