Sunday, May 04, 2014

The mythomania of Rodriguez Torres, when conspiracy theories run amok

I shall be brief: there are scarce explanations for Rodriguez Torres actions these past weeks.

The latest "boutade" of the Interior and Justice minister (security and police) is that behind all the troubles in Venezuela in the past couple of months there is a gigantic international conspiracy.  Lists of conspirators are being offered which, well, include anyone that does not like Maduro or the regime, or both, or R.T. or who knows what itches his rear end this day.

1) He truly believes that the chavista lumpen buys bait sink and hook anything he says.

2) He has no understanding whatsoever of what democracy and debate and conspiracy mean, truly. In other words, he is poorly educated.

3) He is desperate, out of ideas on how to control the country, the more so that chavismo is starting to settle inner scores through murders and what not as the recent Otaiza murder reveals. Scary stuff, the Otaiza thing, by the way.

4) He suffers of mythomania.

5) Or a combination of all of the above, he is a chavista after all.

Of course, I wonder if I need to remind the reader that Rodriguez Torres has no credibility whatsoever, that he is basically a criminal that pretends to be a dandy now. If you want more details read Diego Arria in Spanish doing a number on Rodriguez Torres. In other word, we can add perhaps a 6) item, that he is simply acting as a thug would do trying to keep control on his turf where he can practice his delinquent activities as he pleases. But I do not know how criminals think so I stick with the other 5 above which are in the realm of normal human emotions, not the chavista realm.


  1. Charly6:27 PM

    "Scary stuff, the Otaiza thing, by the way", Daniel, why is it scary? It is quite reminiscent of the case of Jesus Aguilarte, another one who was becoming a liability for someone inside the coupster group.

    1. But of course! Scary for THEM! We are already in trouble enough just for sticking our noses outside in the street to go buy for food...

  2. 1) He truly believes that the chavista lumpen buys bait sink and hook anything he says.
    Should read:
    He truly believes that chavista buys hook, line and sinker anything he says.

    1. It makes moire sense if there is some bait, no? But then again chavista lumpen may be that idiotized not to require even bait....

  3. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Thought you might enjoy this, Limey

    Coup - Words of the World

  4. It IS scary. How long do you think until they start shooting whoever they think wrongs them?

    1. Oh but it has started a while ago. Remember Aguilarte, Apure's ex governor shot in a fast food joint? This is how the mob operates and chavismo has been reduced to a mere mob organization.

  5. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Roddy knows it was Maria Lionsa and Pokemon taking vengeance for former Gral Baduel!


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