Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Nothing better to start the week but a little bit of chavista blasphemy

In the "believe it or not" series. We learn today that chavismo has created its own prayer to Chavez. Let's start with the crossing.

In the name of Chavez, Maduro, and the sovereign "pueblo", we shall live and win

And then with a new and improved prayer to the Lord, the lord Chavez that is.
Spanish original as per Globovision:

Chávez nuestro que estas en el cielo, en la tierra, en el mar y en nosotros, los y las delegadas, santificado sea tu nombre, venga a nosotros tu legado para llevarlo a los pueblos de aquí y de allá. Danos hoy tu luz para que nos guíe cada día, no nos dejes caer en la tentación del capitalismo, mas líbranos de la maldad de la oligarquía, del delito del contrabando porque de nosotros y nosotras es la patria, la paz y la vida. Por los siglos de los siglos amén. Viva Chávez”.
Our Chavez, which art in heaven, on land, on sea and in ourselves the [male] and [female] delegates, hallowed by thy name, thy legacy come to us to carry it over to people here and there. Give us this day our daily light so that it may guide us every day, do not let us fall into capitalism temptations, and protect us from the meanness of the oligarchy, from the sin of smuggling, for us is [male] and [female] the fatherland, peace and live. For ever and ever, amen. Viva Chavez.

I do not know if this is a provocation, an excessively elaborated prank (I wish it so, make it be so My Lord) or if these people have finally reached the deep end. But if it is the later, well, you know.

PS1: there is a video of the woman leading the first official presentation of the prayer. It is not a prank....

PS2: and if this is not enough you may want to know that the regime is opening an investigation against TNT and its series Legend because for 19 second some guy mentions that Maduro is looking for a biological bomb against protesters. As if he did not kill enough of them with tear gas alone, crime, poverty, exile, etc.

PS3: and some more religio-politico imagery keeps appearing, from the utterly naive greek/medieval icon

to the outright idiocy with a sexy hunky blondish Christ in a racially mixed, towards the dark, country, still ahead of Chavez and Bolivar but for how long...


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I don't think the little friends will find the Chavista sign of the cross very interesting, because it isn't. By the way, the Lord Chavez's prayer was not written by a former Catholic, because it ends with "porque de nosotros y nosotras es la patria, la paz y la vida. Por los siglos de los siglos amén" Someone from a sect is advising the chavistas on anti-religion?!

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Communism is anti-religion! Ever was and ever will be.

    2. anonymous 2:12

      the point is not as to the success of such initiative. religions are not decreed, history books are littered of such failed examples. the point is that these people are becoming certifiable.

      and please, please, get a handle name. very annoying to reply to two anonymous....

    3. other anonymous

      some may argue that communism is actually a religion.

  2. Last night I was watching a TV show about Hitler and the techniques he used to gain popularity and get away with murder. These included the demonization of a segment of the population (Jews, gypsies) and political opponents (communists). He also built cult of personality and a quasi state religion. But what allowed him to build his power was an improving economy in the 1930's. The other factors were secondary.

    I suspect the individuals advising Maduro are intellectuals who studied history and have designed a strategy which builds on Hitler's techniques. These of course are tempered and more sophisticated. For example their ethnic cleansing policy involves encouraging the middle class to emigrate rather than put them in ovens.

    Given Maduro's lack of charisma they build their Chavez cult and demote Maduro as the Son. The opposition is demonized by inciting hatred and resentment. It's very sophisticated. And even though the economy is in terrible shape they hang on to power because they already have the military, the secret police, the judiciary, the National Assembly, and foreign support they purchase with petrodollars.

    This is why the better solution for those who can is to bend and leave. Fighting that dictatorship at this time is useless, Venezuelans lack the mental make up it takes to hit the streets and really protest in large groups, the repression is inhumane. Nobody gives a hoot outside....t's better to survive to fight at a later time.

    1. Enjoyed your well thought out comment, Fernando. Maybe it is better to bend falsely. Yet, for those who can, to remain. It would be hard for Maduro, in these times with people's access to their own communications, to commit wholesale slaughter and for it not be discovered. Secondly, the Chinese and Brazilians would be hard pressed to ignore that. As far as bending down to a false G, no god, many of us have done it before, only to accomplish the right things, which we had initially set out to do.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Add Homosexuality to Hitler's hit list!

  3. Charly3:06 PM

    We should fight back and teach the kids to reply to their prof: " va lavarte este....".

  4. Anonymous3:29 PM

    All over the world there is a tendency to worship human figures.Sometimes in a milder form ( like the worship of certified experts by certified experts)which also creates a horrified reaction -reaction when others have crossed their designated lines...or in Buddhism which is supposed to be secular , yet people are bowing down to public figures) and seeing them as Gods or demi -Gods.Even some of the honest Rimpoches who have some integrity left are telling people not to do that, by hey :

    * It's the people who insist *

    People want to rely on others to take away their fears.

    God forbid that some of us might find the simple cultivation of love in our own hearts a worthy goal.That would truly be heresy.

    The Chavistas know the power of dependent, lazy and fearful thinking, for it is the mark of the devil( hehe)....how easy it is to just pray to someone else to make the effort to put the bandaid on the booboo.And when the prayer is directed towards you( the government), the abundance will flow.



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