Friday, October 24, 2014

News of the day

Venezuelan oil barrel reaches down to 75 USD a barrel. We are broke.

Rodriguez Torres, ferocious minister of security who had dozens of students killed and hundreds jailed is fired, when he tried to rein in the "colectivos", chavismo storm troopers. Yet, military balance in government remains unchanged.

Draw your own conclusions.


  1. This is odd. I can understand why you write venezuela is broke. But the Rodriguez Torres news is a puzzle. We know the cubans are trying to move towards chinese style capitalist fascism. This means venezuela, its virtual colony, would be headed in the same direction. But fascist capitalism requires its brownshirt cadres to be very disciplined. I think chavez went overboard and gave the colectivos more power than raul wanted. Now Maduro owes them their victory over the student movement. So that's it...the whole thing is crashing economically and at the same time it's politically out of control. The generals will win the civil war, I think.

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Conclusion: the 2015 'elections' will be unusually hot. Half of Chavizmo will try to get rid of the other half of Chavizmo, while fighting an opposition at the same time. Chavizmo will face ~75-80% opposition by that time, complicating the fight.

    It's not a fight they can win. It's one they may fight to a draw, but not win.

    1. You don't get it. Venezuela is a dictatorship. Any PSUV member who steps out of line will be in serious trouble. If you don't believe me, call Odreman, and ask him how he feels. The Opposition within the PSUv will not be like the student demonstrations.

    2. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Certainly. Out of whose line though? Miltary? Hardline communist ideologues? Collectivos?

      It's like a civil war, except it will happen within Chavizmo itself. The worst thing for Venezuela right now is for one of the many factions within Chavizmo to win over the others. While they're fighting each other, there is still a chance for a collapse of the regime and a regime change whose death toll wouldn't surpass the 3-6 month murder rate, and most of those would be Chavista party scum anyway.

    3. I believe Maduro follows orders from the Cuban dictatorship. And he does have the power to shuffle high level government officials, including military officers. The Cubans have their own separate network, as shown by the Mario Silva tape. This means the Cubans have power via Maduro as well as their own spy networks, and their ability to blackmail corrupt military officers and other officials. Therefore the "line" will be set by Maduro as dictated by the Cubans. Rebel factions within the PSUV (including the necromancers and other self appointed saviours which may emerge), as well as the colectivos and independent minded generals will offer resistance to Cuban dominance. But they will disappear. Literally. In the process we will probably see a lot of violence, sporadic high intensity events, and mass arrests. But the Cuban system is extremely well designed to handle these internal issues, and in the end they should consolidate their power over the regime as well as the brown shirt cadres (the colectivos).

      The idea is to put on a communist face while migrating to allow a well controlled foreign capitalist influence, and small, beaten down private businesses subject to arbitrary government regulations. Look at Cuba, and what they say they want to do there. Venezuela, being a Cuban colony, will mimic Cuba´s emerging fascistoid system. And this is why I think the opposition is bound to fail miserably. THey don´t realize the issue is resistance against foreign domination and colonization by a Cuban parasite. If they don´t frame the issue as one of indepedence versus subservience they have no hope.

      I also see a disconnected, fairly unpatriotic and politically incompetent Venezuelan diaspora which fails to see Maduro´s weak spot is in Cuba. If I may add, over the years I lived in Venezuela I sensed a lot of Venezuelan arrogance on this matter. I warned them this was coming, and they felt it would be impossible for weak little starving Cuba to take over Venezuela.

      And this still seems to be the mindset...the Venezuelans just can´t accept reality, they have been conquered, they will be forced to kneel to Cuban masters, and there´s little they can do about it because they won´t even internalized they have been colonized.

  3. Anonymous7:38 PM

    When even many people in the opposition criticize Leopoldo Lopez, I really see no hope.The same opposition is the party of its own undoing.I mean so few appreciate those who sacrifice and speak up.The Chavistas can fight till kingdom come...whoever wins will just be another mafia.firepigette


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