Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The hysteria of Diosdado and Tarek

The stupendous defeat of the regime two Sundays ago is just starting to unleash all demons within chavismo.  There are two little items that are worth noting.

Diosdado Cabello, the outgoing chair of the National Assembly has lot of reasons to worry about the incoming Assembly. Not only he will not be enjoying the privileges associated with the position but, lord have mercy on him, he risks to have his microphone cut when he starts insulting other representatives in what he qualifies as normal debate. If that was not enough he will have as a new colleague Rafael Guzman. This Rafael was 7 years ago the guy that studied all the improprieties that Cabello did during his lone tenure as Miranda governor from where he was ignominiously booted by Capriles (and forced to return to his native Monagas).  The very substantial dossier could never receive any legal examination because no tribunal would pick up the thing to avoid offending Cabello or Chavez, but Cabello himself as of 2010 made sure that the National Assembly would not even be aware of the existence of such dossier.

Now, in prime time, Rafael Guzman will be able to broach on the matter, something that should be enough to unseat Cabello from the Assembly and to get him a seat in a jail, independently of what the US does on his likely indictment on drug trafficking.

Tarek El Aissami is the very unhappy governor of Aragua state. Not only he is in the hot list of likely DEA indictments, but his state went from overwhelmingly chavista to a clean sweep by the opposition. Three years of him as a governor were enough to transform Aragua electoral landscape even more than the crisis changed the rest of the country.

This was rendered the more humiliating as one of the chief organizer in Aragua anti Tarek movement was the mayor of a small area, the lone survivor for the opposition loss two years ago, Delson Guarate. Since major players in Aragua had been neutralized (think Richard Mardo, Maracay defenestrated representative) poor Delson had to bear the brunt of Tarek attacks, These included a now famous battle over refusing to give the district of Delson the machines that are needed to pick up the trash so that the district would be the worst of Aragua. Of course, people are not as stupid as Tarek and the PSUV think they are and two Sundays ago they let it know to Tarek that his days in Aragua were nearly over.

But Tarek will have none of it and he instead  went to ask chavismo supporters to mass in front the National Assembly on January 5 to block access to the new representatives.... Certainly, after Cabello, our boy Tarek is in the top tier of people in serious need to be investigated for anything from racketeering to drug traffic. Probably even for setting soccer game results... Nothing would too low to stop the national assembly to take its seats.


  1. Te lo saqué por Twitter.

  2. Dr.. Faustus7:05 PM

    Forgive me for interrupting, but I just love Daniel posting again! As shown above, his insights are some of the best available on the net. One can tell that his spirits have been raised by the astounding election results. Well Done! Sorry, carry-on...

    1. Anonymous10:03 PM

      Bravo, well said Dr. Faustus.

      I lived in Venezuela for all of 2013 and as I tried to get my head around the crazy country I called home for that year, Daniel was the one who accurately described what I experienced day to day.

      If you want an authentic impression of Venezuela, just read Daniel's posts. The human quality, with all his ups and downs, is what makes reading his posts so insightful and enjoyable.


  3. Anonymous9:40 PM

    These two narco drug smugglers will soon be spending time in prison...who really cares what trash spills from their mouths.

    1. Anonymous3:49 AM

      I disagree that Tarek and Diosdado will be taken alive.

  4. As the opposition takes control of the country more Maduro, Cabello and Tarek types left in politics for PSUV the longer the memory of the people and the longer before they will ever get control of the country try again. Just take ALL their acquired wealth and take no action unless it looks like they may be gaining some power then unleash the charges they truly qualify for.

  5. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Don't miss the heads up today with narcotics indictments meaning Grand Jury has indicted and they will be unsealed shortly. More to come. Nephews in court Thursday


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