Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The first day of the New Assembly

This entry started this morning (see bottom for earlier text) but I decided to edit it and keep it up as a regular entry.

I am sorry to limit my comments on what happened inside the Assembly because I went to the support rally. In spite of the low speed of connections I did manage to have a full report, video included, of what that rally was. Considering that it was early January when everyone is on Holiday, considering that the regime close 4, FOUR, subway stations to force people to walk about 2 KM to attend, considering the threats, I think it was a very successful demonstration. Visit my Instagram account for pics and videos, in particular the police barrier at the end of the march, two blocks before the National Assembly. For those new to Instagram you need to click on the picture for full details and comments.  Better get used to it and open your account, it is the future of micro blogging by eye witness.

As for what happened inside. It was a mess, chavismo trying to disrupt and sabotage whatever they could, sending a drunken opening speaker because it was for the oldest elected representative to open the session and proceed tot he election of the chair, Ramos Allup. Expect more of the like.

On noteworthy moments.

Ramos Allup gave a good speech and made it clear that the opposition got the message, that the regime is going to attack the New Assembly and that they will fight back, including a legal, constitutional, electoral, peaceful removal of Maduro from office in the next 6 months.

Cabello withdrew the PSUV group because supposedly Ramor Allup violated rules. As if he NEVER violated any rule himself.

Cilia Flores, wife of Maduro and representative from Cojedes was asked about her narco-nephews in jail in New York. She walked away with a truly dirty look, first time a journalist was close enough her to ask for the question we all wanted to hear.

Things were said that chavismo did not like. They are not used at how democracy works.

Reuters got it right: Venezuelans used to years of monochromatic to ideological TV could not believe it when in cafes suddenly TV was live with opposition politicians speaking.  It is true, when I drove back home I saw crowds spilling out of cafes!!!!

So there it was for a first rowdy day. But that is that, the opposition is now in charge at the Assembly. There is still the question of the illegally annulled 4 seats. But as wee say in French a chaque jour suffit sa peine.

For those who refuse to get into Instagram

A video posted by daniel duquenal (@duquenal_at_vnv) on


I will try to go to the rally in support of the New Assembly. If I succeed I will try to post stuff on Instagram and/or twitter. Links on the right side of this page.

Then again maybe not: I just learned that the subway stations around La Hoyada have been shut down for "security" reasons, which means you need to walk a mile to reach la Hoyada.  They will try to screw us until the bitter end!

We are going for it anyway.


  1. Good luck and good on you for going.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Stay safe and good luck!

  3. I'm selling flags and juice at the hot corner.

  4. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I'd be interested in knowing what MUD intends to do about socialist policies pertaining to education, affordable food, health care, housing, workers and women's rights, etc. that were non existent or mere window dressing before the Chavistas were elected. If it attempts to dismantle them, how do they imagine the majority poor would react?

    1. They are all dismantled now, there is no funding for them and the people have realized all are lip service. Except the Chavistas who were hired for blind loyalty to allow corruption to run a muck. With that said the country will have to take some hard economic times ahead and if the regieme was smart would have walked away and let the next 4 years be ran by the opposition and crush in the next election. Oh wait they cannot as will all be in jail for their theft.

    2. Oh loooky! A chavista has posted a comment. They came back, just as the adecos came back to the N.A

    3. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Education? Are you referring to the schools that can't even fix the broken windows? Affordable food? Are you referring to the empty shelves in every super market? Workers rights? Are you referring to the hundred's of thousands that lost their jobs through the expropriations and closing of 170,000 businesses? Womens right's? Are you referring to the abandoned and abused women of Venezuela that can receive no police protection? Where more than 90% of the men that murder women never see a court room?

  5. As much as we can criticize Derwick Allup, the guy is really doing an excellent job dealing with the Chavista thugs. His experience, eloquence, good vocabulary and certain level of education (rare among Kleptozuelan politicians) is much needed right now. He's probably the best man for the job right now. Glad he's there. A CAPerez on steroids?

  6. Charly4:26 PM

    Ho boy, I had forgotten how much watching a National Assembly session could be so entertaining. I have had to go back to Canada once a year to figure it out. Now, starting today I get the show right in my bedroom, thanks Ramos Allup, the MUD (and to be honest Diosdado, he is proving to be the main clown with Caroña a close second).

  7. As an American following Venezuela's political doings perhaps someone will enlighten me...didn't Allup just lose his first confrontation? For days they promised to have all 112 sworn in,period. Now it turns out that only 109 MUD members were sworn in. His excuse? "Those others will come later".

    In other words, MUD just lost the most important first battle. No?

    1. I agree fully and still makes no sense to me as all media says they will only seat 109 of 163 which is good as they have 3/5th majority but striped them of their 2/3rds super majority. Yet 109 of 163 is clearly more then 2/3rds. And no media clarifies this.

    2. Okay I finally found a site explaining Venezuelan law and seems the opposition does still hold a 2/3rds majority of seated members and hence all the regular media is just wrong saying they were striped of it. It also explains the Veto the president has which just causes the law to be sent back to the NA for a vote in which the assembly just needs to pass with a majority and the law is upheld the Vito denied.
      Now my question for any of you intelligent people is if the Assembly gave the President decree powers over the central bank can they not by 2/3rds majority (REQUIRED TO GIVE THEM) not simply remove the decree? It would seem to me that if it has the power to grant it also has the power to remove them.

    3. Mark

      There so many battles ahead.... No Ramos did not lose today. He postponed it. IT was important first that he took charge of the Assembly. Then we will see.

  8. Just followed your Instagram.. I hope the AN gets right into undoing some of the worst damage done by the Regime. From an outsider point of view the TSJ is losing what little prestige or credibility it had abroad. People and govt's are in disbelief at their likely Unconstitutional antics. They will likely lose legitimacy soon. Didn't the MUD lawyer state the other day that around 5 of them were impugnated and must removed themselves from the whole decision making process regarding the "Amazonas Affair" ??? Why don't we hear more about the impugnation of the TSJ? Did it happen?

    1. Remember that all courts in Venezuela are in chavistas' hand, so the appointment of the new TSJ judges was illegal and unconstitutional, but they don't care.

      Hell, one of the judges auto-appointed himself, he was a member of the old AN and voted in approval of his nomination as a TSJ judge.

  9. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Great coverage Daniel! The YouTube Live concept has been a stroke of genius and a Godsend for the Opposition and Country in the time leading up to and during the election, as well inside the Assembly today. To be able to see what is happening both inside and outside the Assembly, along with rejuvenated press presence was as fascinating abroad as you described it in Caracas. To see the belligerence, ignorance and disrespect of the process by the supposed leadership of chavista will not only enlighten the Venezuela population, but the world and expedite their demise. To see their anger, frustration and incompetence was priceless. Not sure that I will get much done in the next few days, but will be great viewing and well worth it. Let's go for the Hat Trick manana or the next couple of days!

  10. Charly2:12 PM

    Lots of great moments yesterday. My personal take is that the act was open for everybody to see. No more hiding to carry out undemocratic no to say infantile acts.

    One query I have though. Someone got both Bolivar and Chavez out of the AN yesterday and yet, not a peep about this sacrilegious act.

  11. Boludo Tejano5:11 PM

    Cabello withdrew the PSUV group because supposedly Ramor Allup violated rules. As if he NEVER violated any rule himself.

    Godgiven's next move will be to denounce corruption in MUD. After all, the best defense is a good offense.

  12. Anonymous10:18 PM

    With the NA being illegitimate as Cabello himself proclaimed, isn't his diplomatic immunity thus done as well. Nice cue for the DEA to swoop in and ask questions later? Nestor says how many drug lords he arrested, but would guess just taking out the competition.


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