Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tweet of the day

Last night I was writing about laws voted that displease chavismo. Here is the tweet of the National Assembly chair, Ramos Allup.

The unconstitutional thug law firm gathered past midnight preparing the annulment of the central bank reform and amnesty law, as well as first draft of High court reform

Such is the rush of the TSJ that they cannot even pretend to follow normal legal decorum and in a rush they are trying to make up rulings that will make no sense, at least legally and constitutionally. But give an excuse to Maduro for propaganda.

The problem with that strategy for the regime is that it cannot keep annulling everything parliament sends its way. At some point the legal crisis will be such that the country will enter into utter paralysis as no one will sign any deal with the country, no matter what.
Note: observe that the Chair of the National Assembly is calling the TSJ thugs (malandro, no exact translation but that is what it means, street thugs, without any racial connotation US style). The partiality of sides make it possible that Ramos Allup tweet raises hardly an eye brow. So low as fallen the political discourse in Venezuela....

Just imagine Obama calling Scalia a scoundrel, or Bush calling Bader Ginzburg a bitch. I thought so....


  1. Sure, and just imagine the U.S. Supreme Court declaring something unconstitutional without hearing any arguments.

  2. Try this tweet about the Supreme Court decision

  3. I personally think the amnesty law is a mistake. Chavismo is on its way out and they probably will go when el pueblo blows up with so much injustice. An amnesty law will tie the hands of the opposition when the time comes to settle accounts. That plague has to be neutralized whatever it takes so that they never raise their ugly head again.

  4. Why will the govt implode. So many examples in the world of very similiar situations as Venezuela is going through and they all are still going through it. Currencies worthless, countries broke, incapable of managing anything yet all still exist. People barely survive yet their dictators run fixed elections and carry on. The NA is powerless and not a lot more intelligent then Maduro. Have no clue how to recover their country, to win over the people.

  5. The are more than "malandros" at the TSJ, and elsewhere. Malandros are indeed street thugs, usually with poor education, drug dealers or petty thieves, sometimes even murderers.

    No. These are white-collar criminals, top-notch Thieves, not just street thugs. They get Huge Bribes for Chavismo, PDVSA money. They sold their souls for Money, just like the Sebin, the Police and the Corrupt Military.

    They follow Cabello's instructions because they get PAID huge amounts.

    Let's call a spade a spade. A thug a thug. And a white-collar embezzling Thief a government Thief.

  6. People keep talking about "ineptitude", or leftist ideologies, and crap. But Chavistas are not really that "inept" they sure know how to launder money and cheat on the Constitution, quite adept at lying to the uneducated populace, quite adept at perpetuating themselves in power and get rich, aren't they?

    And "ideology"? Pleaaaauuuse... They are the biggest Capitalists, in love with money, fancy cars and multiple apartments. THAT is why they lie, cheat, and pretend to be "socialists", with the usual populachero BS, para "el pueblo"..

    So no, not that inept, they know what they do: exchange controls, precio justo, political prisoners, BCV, international alliances, "imperio" "guerra economica", it's all part of a carefully planned Castrista design to remain in power and STEAL as much money as possible. They know what should be done to fix the economy, even a 12 y/o highschool dropout could figure that out. They know what true "socialism" should be.

    But they are simply Liars and Mega-Thieves. As simple as that.

  7. Sledge I agree totally. I might add they know how to beat the people into submission. The boil a frog slowly trick and he wont jump out of the pot. And as I have said this model wirks all over the world. They have massive drug cash inflow and oil generates enough to keep all levels of corruption operating and once oil prices come up will enhance the model.
    As I have said many times on here the opposition is to blame for this succeeding. They have let their own selfish power hungery needs stop them from winning over the masses. This regime was about to be revolted on and thrown out when the opposition got involved in the peoples protests and made them political stopping 70 percent of the people from joining in. To me the regime has been the more competant of the two. With all the wrong the regime is doing to the people the opposition still does not have the peoples support.

    1. Exactly, the boiling frog effect is part of the sinister Castro-Chavista plan. Chavez started by promising "free enterprise" and business oportunities, with a reasonable measure of "socialism" para "el pueblo". The he started to tighten the screws, slowly but surely, more and more repression, then "expropriaciones", and , little by little firing and eliminating the opposition, cleansing the military, and surrounding himself with crooked chavista thugs. Loyal to him. This took time, and the "pueblo" did hardly notice. They were showered with gifts, a few viviendas and false promises.

      The boiling frog trick worked to perfection. Slowly they started to strangle independent media, exchange controls, bought out the CNE, PDVSA, Corpoelec, and killed most of the private industry. They kicked the best, educated professionals out, most of us, 1.5 Million GONE for good from Kleptozuela. Massive brain drain. Then you impoverish the population even more, make them dependent (world record 37 "ministries, about 7 Million public employees, enchufados), emprison the students and top political opponents, rule through fear and extorsion, y listo el pollo. A carefully concocted plan, orchestrated by their Cuban masters.

      The opposition was indeed slow to react, and often divided, made many mistakes, but this type of Kleptomaniac Criminal Regime exploits mainly the general, massive Ignorance of "el pueblo". They brain-wash them, from early school days, 60% of "el pueblo" still adores Chavez, that gives you an idea of how "smart" or "wise" or "educated" they really are..

      Now they control 4 of 5 of the main government powers, all bribed and putrid to the bone. They control the guns, the 5000 "generals", the crooked police.. and they will try to steal the 2019 Presidential elections with Chavez's Smartmatic, rest assured. (they didn't care about the laughable "parliamentary" elections, part of the boiling frog plan).

      When necessary, if the people finally get pissed off and hit the streets, they will tighten the knot even more, send the Guadia Nazional and military out, and repress the crowds again. It's gone be ugly, violent and bloody, before they are forcefully kicked out. No one is gonna resign of leave peacefully. They risk Jail, extradition and loss of their stolen millions.

      Meanwhile, I gurantee you that the muddy MUD is being Bribed too, by PDVSA and the Chavista thugs. Aristobulo is working his magic.. Most of the MUD deputies will be bribed, bought out,or at least silenced, threatened and extorted. That's why they don't get anything done, and we're already in April 2016. Nothing. Nada. Except getting rich too, many in the MUD. (Nothing new, remember AD y Copey? Most of them corrupt too)

    2. Anonymous5:25 AM

      Ash Skinner and Sledge seem to be chavistas, in disguise here. Whoever puts chavista numbers at 60% are for sure chavistas. Chavistas are a mere 10 to 20% of the population today and are dwindling. Ash and Sledge, go get a life, or better, please figure out which country you will go to with all that hush money, because you would have a tough time finding a place to hide. GOOD LUCK!

    3. Anonymous i hope your assumptions are not a reflextion of your IQ. Obviously you have not read many of my or Sledges posts. To come up with your belief says a lot about your intelligence since everythi g I have ever posted has been anti Chavista.

  8. This is very interesting, Juan Carlos Abreo CI 12051695

  9. Hence my belief that the AN should bombard the country with laws and changes which they were elected to pass and enact....Eventually the people are going to get more and more angry at the TSJ and Maduro, (if that is even possible) and blame them for obstructing changes and circumventing the Constitution.

  10. I see Mr. 52% of Fraudamatic fame aka We Con You, concern troll is talking to himself again. Meh.


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